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Back to Asian Sirens They call them 'pitspoezen' in the Netherlands, but they are better known as Race Queens. Good looking girls hanging around on car shows and car races.

In Japan race queens are very popular and have almost the same status as (fashion) models and movie stars. You will find them on various magazine covers but they also have their own photobooks, calendars, and videos. Although I can't read one word Japanese, it's obvious that there are plenty of Japanese websites devoted to race queens. There are even some scanners who made special series devoted to race queens (e.g. S-Doll, JoScans).

It's funny to see that there are actually two periods wherein race queens became popular in Japan. The first one in the early 90's (the so called 'bubble economic period') and the second one after the mid 90's. Most interesting is to have a look at the girls who posed nude for the camera. Race queens from the first period (e.g. Noriko Endo, Naoko Iijima, Miho Suzuki) posed nude after they became popular as an actress, singer or TV star. It seems that race queens from the second period (e.g. Fumika Suzuki, Rie Mashiko, Mihoko Sunouchi) have to pose nude before they will become as popular as the girls from the first period. I wonder how many of them actually will survive in show business.
- thanks to Saisi Mamiya!

Mihoko Sunouchi

Name Mihoko Sunouchi
Nicknames Mipolin
Date of Birth April 3, 1976
Place of Birth Nippon (Japan)
Etnicity Japanese
Measurements 165cm; 83-58-85cm
Definitely one of the most beautiful Japanese race queens imho is Mihoko Sunouchi. She was race queen for Kanagawa-Crinic Stellar racing team in 1996, race queen for Auto Tech Stellar racing team in 1997, and commercial campaign girl for Suntory "nama" beer in 1998.

Mihoko is also featured on different TV variety programs, and has her own photobooks (Get Closer, Body Squall), video and calendar. Just check the selected links below if you are interested in her pictures!

Mihoko as beer campaign girl

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Mihoko Sunouchi 1999 Calendar (not active anymore)

Mihoko Sunouchi Video (not active anymore)

Please send an e-mail to ThaNirz if you run a kick-ass Race Queens website, can fill in some of my gaps, or just can tell me something more about Mihoko Sunouchi, thanks!


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