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Lisa Praipis Thai Models

Inspired by the work of George Mann (a fellow Sung Hi fan and owner of Adult Asia), I started my virtual journey to Thailand somewhere in 1996.

On this page you will find some of the treasures I've found in the years after. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did and don't forget to send me an email if you've found a new treasure!

Print & Media

Definitely one of the best online resources is Formen Magazine. Unfortunately the site is damned slow but it's worth to wait. Some other good resources are Thai Penthouse and Imagine.

Formen; February 2001 Formen; March 2001 Formen; April 2001


Needless to introduce Adam Yurman but for many people it's less known that Adam lives most of the time in Thailand where he works, for example, for Penthouse. Many, many photos of Thai models are from his hand!

Shrimp is another well known photographer of Thai models. His work is less known in the Western world but I'm sure you have seen some of his characteristic photos.


One of my favorite Thai models is Jup Salakjit (aka Carlie or Lili Zhou). Her photos - taken when she was approx. 19 years old - appeared in various magazines and websites. FYI, there are two different models with the name Carlie featured by Bluebird. One is Jup Salakjit who has also gone under the name of Lili Zhou in some pictures for some reason. The other is Sirinya Saisirikorn another Thai model (thanks ap_nath for the info!).

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