TGS 2006 Booth Babes

TGS 2006 Tecmo Booth Babe

E3's ban on scantily-clad booth babes contributes to its decline. Good thing the Japanese are smarter.

A few days back, we featured cosplay cuties at Tokyo Game Show 2006. Now, enjoy the booth babes.

TGS 2006 Konami Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Hangame Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Koei Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Capcom Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Koei Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Hangame Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Ambition Booth Babe

TGS 2006 Neowiz Booth Babe

TGS 2006 11Up Booth Babe


Posted by: Mike Abundo on Sep 26, 06 | 10:32 pm | Profile


These chicks are so cute and hot. HOT CUTENESS ! Its funny how much different Japanese women are in appearance from Chinese women. Especially when they rock those short "try-and-see-my-panties" skirts.

Is it any wonder how the Japanese have made the import scene so hot - or sold so many video games. They really know how to market. SCANTILY CLAD WOMEN ROCK !

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Sep 26, 06 | 11:27 pm

Even their viral marketing is pretty damn advanced, unfettered by the hangups of prudishness or propriety. The Japanese sure know how to sell stuff.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Sep 26, 06 | 11:35 pm

Hey Mike,

Not sure where you're from but if in the States make sure to watch Attack of the Show tonight on G4 (check local times and channels). Their shooting in Japan all this week and tonight's ep will feature cosplay. Knew you'd love it bro!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Sep 27, 06 | 10:05 am

Thanks, darklighter1! I'm not in the States, so I'll watch out for it on YouTube. :)

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Sep 27, 06 | 10:10 am

Mike A., I guess you didn't hear about the removal of the Britney Spears ad recently or didn't know the Japanese cover up genitals in their porn or read that Japanese married couples have the least sex of most Western countries? The Japanese can match anyone's prudishness and hangups on sex. And they don't even have religion to blame...

Posted by: WestCoast on Sep 27, 06 | 7:22 pm

The Asian female's answer to infrequent marital sex is EXOGAMY!

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Sep 28, 06 | 12:11 am

While it's true that Japanese married couples have the least amount of sex of any G8 nation, it's because the couple lost interest (sexual and most likely general) in each other. While this is true (it certainly was in 80% of my colleagues), it didn't stop anyone from hitting the fuzoku joints (pink salons, delivery healths, soaplands, etc etc) as much as they can afford, and this aspect never makes it into any survey by Purex, Mercer, PWC, Economist, etc.

Remember this is a country that came up with the 'sefure' (sex friend) networks off Asobu, Mixi, keitai bulletin boards - where people electronically search for casual meetings either for money or just for kicks.

Posted by: graysilence on Sep 28, 06 | 12:22 am

I am always very skeptical of those 'who has the most sex' surveys. Let's face it, they could hardly be called scientific - they're asking people about something people rarely speak truthfully about. It's probably more of a reflection of how much a given country likes to say they have sex. Japanese are very conservative in public but very sexual behind closed doors - I suspect this 'least amount of sex in the G8' statistic has more to do with how much sex thay are prepared to say they have, rather than what they actually do have.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 28, 06 | 10:38 am

Yeah I know I have a TON of sex!...really...

Posted by: darklighter1 on Sep 28, 06 | 12:47 pm


Is there any data about sex and reprduction among Japanese women who are married to non-Japanese men (i.e. White Americans, Europeans, African Americans)

I'd like to see data about interracial sexual frequency and reproductive frequency.

I don't perfer Japanese women due to their smaller stature (Chinese and Korean women seem to be taller to me) but if I was dating one like the one at the top - the sex wouldn't stop and the babies would keep on coming.

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Sep 28, 06 | 4:32 pm

Such data would suffer from the same problem - you'd be depending on asking people, which I think is practically worthless when it comes to matters sexual.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 28, 06 | 10:42 pm

Maybe the Japanese Census would have those stats.

Posted by: Candyman on Sep 28, 06 | 11:31 pm

A selection of 6 thumbnail galleries of booth babes at TGS 2006


Posted by: badboy on Sep 28, 06 | 11:32 pm

The above is def true. Asking Japanese people about their sex lives is about as personal and insulting as you can get. People don't talk about it, they just do it!

Posted by: graysilence on Sep 29, 06 | 3:14 am

I think E3 also suffers from the same problem the RIAA has with CD sales, no its not pirating (alrightough I'd love to get my copy of some booth babes :P)

Its innovation and general interest in the market. No one likes to bring out their big guns here anyomore, its not considered the big stage to get attention. Not only that but the makret has been waiting on only a few things the project revolution to the least extent, the x360 and the PS3. Sony has been tossing around the same tid bits for years, the 360 is on sale and the project revolution is still only giving out somuch again and isn't play for power, its going for innovation but the reporters like to be power hungry (why?)

After that the software titles are mostly rehases remakes and sequals. I don't think there has been a new game type in a long time, there needs to be more than just graphics and sound innovation.

On the other non-game front of E3 its just another trade show.

I bet one could back in more reasons on whats wrong but these are mine! Mine I say!


Mike Abundo,

That second video in the link is outrageous! Says miny things but its funn as all get out thanks for the link.

Posted by: bigstusexy on Oct 01, 06 | 8:36 am

Glad you like it, bigstusexy! Also check out TGS06 babes on Flickr. :)

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Oct 06, 06 | 3:14 am

They are NOT conservative. What other Asian country holds a annual sex parade and have festivals to go along with it or whatever the hell it really is- whatever it is, it's still sick. They march around holding a giganto d*ck and they go far as selling d*ck shaped icecream cones. AND here's the messed up part, children are running around loose at these "festivals" eating these "icecreams" with pervs taking pictures posting them on the internet. Boy they sure do have a lot of money to waste on crap.

Did I offend anyone? Oh well, I don't care.
Oh and what exactly is this? Halloween already? LOL. Only the Japanese.

Posted by: shiine on Oct 07, 06 | 10:23 pm