Maria Takagi - Japan's Highest paid porn starlet


Porno world speads its legs and shoots out a few secrets. Read story here.
And here you'll find some info about Maria.







Posted by: Kanyer on Dec 17, 06 | 9:47 pm | Profile


What is 300,000,000 yen in $ ?

Posted by: STRIPES on Dec 18, 06 | 1:07 am

300,000,000.00 JPY Japan Yen = 2,543,672.82 USD United States Dollars


Posted by: NorthMan on Dec 18, 06 | 1:48 am

Lee, Robin: Something is causing the content on the home page to be center-justified instead of left-justified. Not sure why.

Posted by: NorthMan on Dec 18, 06 | 2:03 am

since she is a porn star....would it appropriate if i said i just had an accident in my pants? the good kind of accidents :)) wow she is super hot!!! she doesnt look like a japanese though..a little mixed with something...does not have the typical deer in the headlights look like a japanese actress. very very hot.....two thumbs up!
is that her price per film or per year?

Posted by: LawBoy on Dec 18, 06 | 2:35 am

Kanyer, please don't center the entire post, just the visuals. I fixed it for now.

And another thing, please try to include a little bit more written information in your posts. Just linking to all the information elsewhere is a bit too simple for Asian-Sirens! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 18, 06 | 6:29 am

Ohw, and to stay on topic: Maria looks hot ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 18, 06 | 8:25 am

Her whole body whispers 'tremendously sexy'... I can hear it from here.
Time to say: wow!

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 18, 06 | 9:48 am

But if you get closer you can hear her whisper, "Pay me...then you can do me!"

I'm all on board for this one. If Jenna can bring in US$15 million a year this babe is definitely worth the 2.5. She's probably dirty, too. ;)

LawB -- "...paid her 300 million yen -- she does, however, have to perform in 30 flicks to claim the full amount." = 30 million yen a flick (US$253,850).

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Dec 18, 06 | 10:11 am

There you go again, drop off the calculator. :)

Most women have a price, granted. But some women in the sex biz have lust, feelings and they have no price tag as condition. And that is priceless...

Sure she has a price, that's her job. I have a price for doing my job too. But she's HOT, that's what I hear in the whisper. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 18, 06 | 10:30 am

The other thing that makes Maria hot, besides the obvious, is that she does nasty things for all to see! :P Whereas the Helen Su genre...well, they...wear a bikini for all to see...for $20. Not quite in the $2 million ballpark.

The more hardcore the models are willing to go, the more their bargining power. Tit for tat. :)

Now THAT would be a duo for dvd! America's #1 pornstar vs. Japan's #1 pornstar! Oh, the possibilities! :P

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Dec 18, 06 | 7:39 pm 200g's for some boom boom..that is we can get it cheaper in Shinjuku:))
she is super hot but i think it is the pictures and angles..i saw some of her other pictures on JAV link and there she looks plain...? but these pix are super hot...the first pix and the last give me the shivers:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Dec 18, 06 | 9:56 pm

The last pic is a killer. I'd sign the papers for that pic alone. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 19, 06 | 9:09 pm

that's even more than US porn models make..

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Dec 20, 06 | 3:38 am

those BOOBS ain't real..but NICE though

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Dec 20, 06 | 3:39 am

She's nice indeed. I'm no fan of fake boobs but these are damn nice regardless. She oozes sexiness for me.

Posted by: onegameref on Dec 20, 06 | 8:20 pm

The main article is dated September 14, 2003.
I wonder who gets paid the most now?

Posted by: snoop23 on Dec 21, 06 | 5:37 pm

wow! I'd love to see more shots of her!

Posted by: JoeCool on Dec 22, 06 | 12:24 am

she is one of my favorites. not just another boring "kawaii" screamer. :-)

Posted by: newworks on Dec 23, 06 | 6:48 am

she is my best adult video star too she is very hot

Posted by: ltlpup4me on Apr 16, 09 | 12:29 pm

I can't find any porn featuring her:-(

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 17, 09 | 3:11 am