Susan Dumagan

Susan Dumagan

Check out Filipina/Chinese beauty Susan Dumagan! She is PB cyberclub cyber girl of the week December 2006 week 4.

Some facts:

Name: Susan Dumagan
Ethnicity: Filipina/Chinese
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date of Birth: 10/27/84
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105 lbs.
Measurements: 34B-25-34

Susan Dumagan on the web:
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Susan Dumagan @
Susan Dumagan @
Susan Dumagan @
Susan Dumagan @

Susan Dumagan

Susan Dumagan

Susan Dumagan

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 27, 06 | 7:13 am | Profile


its amazing so many beautiful woman. how do i start my own photo club? I LOVE TO TRVEL!

Posted by: luvallasiangirls on Dec 27, 06 | 7:54 am

Very cute girl - thanks Robin! But sadly, her web site is overloaded with Flash - just give us good old fashioned html and decent sized photos please!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 27, 06 | 8:19 am

Gorgeous girl and her name is so similar to my own (real one) and yet I look nothing like an Asian female...huh!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Dec 27, 06 | 10:00 am

Very pretty.

Posted by: STRIPES on Dec 27, 06 | 11:17 am

I've met this girl before... not only is she beautiful, but she is a very sweet person as well! For anyone interested her MySpace can be found here and additional pics for Dr Lee are here.

Posted by: larryarms95 on Dec 27, 06 | 11:45 am

Most Filipinas are sweet, larryarms95. If you hybridize a Filipina with any other race, that's the trait you want most in the mix.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Dec 27, 06 | 12:01 pm

Not bad. I enjoy her perky, REAL boobs.

But...I gotta tell ya...I'm gettin' pretty sick and tired of that godamn "mouth ajar pose"! Hey, ladies (and photogs), it doesn't look sultry or sexy -- it makes you look like a retarded hillbilly! And another thing...SMILE! What's more alluring than a hot asian babe smiling at you? That's one thing I'll give Tila, she smiles a LOT. Maybe that's why she's popular.

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Dec 27, 06 | 12:09 pm

I agree with K4K almost completely. Nice link, larryarms95, those pics make her look very nice.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Dec 27, 06 | 1:33 pm

I love filipinas. The eyes, the skin, the hard bodies, the shapes...
Yes, she could smile a bit more and have a non-flash site also.
She's a DOLL!

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 27, 06 | 2:27 pm


This is more reason to hate Playboy. This young lady would be stunning without photoshop, but those asshats go and make her pictures look like an oil painting.

Down With Playboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: CharlesDarwin on Dec 27, 06 | 5:05 pm

Yeah, good old Playboy...all about the fantasy.

She's got a great shave job, even if it might be PSed. :)

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Dec 27, 06 | 5:46 pm

Gotta agree with K4K (although I'd probably put it in milder terms!). When I first started shooting Sachiko, she tried to do the 'model pout', but I kept telling her 'that looks too fake, just smile and be natural, have a good time'. So she did, and when you can see the model's having fun, I think the viewer has fun too.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 27, 06 | 6:44 pm

Susan is a knockout. Those Playboy pics, while airbrushed within an inch of their life, are very nice.

It's nice to see Asian models with a natural look. No blonde hair and implants.

Posted by: ProfAbe on Dec 27, 06 | 7:52 pm

i love filipinas for there skin tone...cocoa...:) i think the look the photographer is going for is loose lips and available:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Dec 27, 06 | 9:22 pm

Susan is gorgeous. She could smile or shut her mouth. The "mouth ajar" look is a bit lame, but that's just a minor complaint that I have. I can look past that. My ongoing beef is with Playboy. I'd wish they stop the damn heavy airbrushing. But that's nearly as impossible as getting Bush to admit his Iraq policy has failed miserably. Oh well, down with Playboy!!!

Posted by: Candyman on Dec 27, 06 | 9:58 pm

Speaking of "down with bush..."


Posted by: Curtis G. on Dec 27, 06 | 10:26 pm

Check out her Model Mayhem site too, which has a few photos not seen elsewhere. One picture of her in a black latex sleeveless dress is particularly notable.

Yeah, Playboy layouts are so stylized that they make a natural beauty like Susan look more plastic then, well, a piece of plastic.

Posted by: QueensGirlsRock on Dec 28, 06 | 1:34 am

I too am pretty disgusetd with Playboy's re-skinning it's girls. Here's an example - the first shot is from the behind the scene video - the second is one of the photos that appeared in the magazine:

Doesn't look like the same girl, but it is!

Posted by: mikepa on Dec 28, 06 | 7:24 am

Thanks for the extra links ppl. I've put them in the post.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 28, 06 | 8:27 am

Same reason why Hollywood is scared of HDTV -- flaws!

Wouldn't be surprised if Howie Mandel actually looks better than Brad Pitt or Rosanne is actually hotter than Tia Carerre. (Nah!)

Remember, porn et al, is all about fantasy, NOT reality. But it would be nice to have some realistic fantasy images instead of plasticized.

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Dec 28, 06 | 11:23 am

Yeah, when pics are this plasticised, they have no value as fantasy for me. I want to be able to imagine I'm looking at a real girl, not a doll! :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 28, 06 | 6:24 pm