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Francine Dee

Well folks, here is yet another wacky video of Francine Dee. (wmv). This time she is giving lessons on how to give a good...ummm...well, you'll see! I think this was copied from one of her member webcam shows. Enjoy!

Francine Dee

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Posted by: NorthMan on Feb 03, 07 | 1:28 am | Profile


If the direct link to the video gets blocked, the site where the video is sourced is here.

Posted by: NorthMan on Feb 03, 07 | 3:02 am

Hey, good to see you back Northman!

Posted by: thanirz on Feb 03, 07 | 3:04 am

Had to change the direct link tot the video file. Hotlinking is often not appreciated by the hosting parties ;-)

Posted by: thanirz on Feb 03, 07 | 3:06 am

Thanks Marco, I thought I'd give it another shot.

One change I see around here is border=1 is automatic...nice!

On the hot linking, yeah that crossed my mind...glad you fixed it.

Posted by: NorthMan on Feb 03, 07 | 3:14 am

boobs mice, fake but nic

Posted by: dartdude on Feb 03, 07 | 3:18 am

nice Northman!
I still think she went way overboard with that breast job, but still cute nonetheless.

Posted by: Asiandreamland on Feb 03, 07 | 3:39 am

although her boobs are tad too much and probably rock hard...this girl is hot and she has got the sexiest alvin the chipmunk's voice you will ever want to hear in your bed:))

Posted by: LawBoy on Feb 03, 07 | 4:25 am

Actually, Northman, you can thank me for that stuff - you will also notice that the pics have <center> tags automatically added if you tick "add pre and post formatting" when you upload. I got sick of having to do it manually for each post myself!

And yes, welcome back!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 03, 07 | 5:15 am

Northman! Good to see you post again! :-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Feb 03, 07 | 5:34 am

welcome back to the dark side Northman...great like her

Posted by: LawBoy on Feb 03, 07 | 5:58 am

I say: the force is strong with us! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Feb 03, 07 | 6:18 am

She's never done hardcore porn...and she's never done ME. In reverse order-I'd say those two things are the "final frontier" as far as what I'd like to see from her.

-missed ya' Northie

Posted by: STRIPES on Feb 03, 07 | 7:33 am

Yeah that vid has been making the rounds for awhile now. Don't know why Youtube won't put it up (no pun intended)...ahem...

Posted by: darklighter1 on Feb 03, 07 | 10:16 am

they're pretty big and solid aren't they!

Posted by: steviewong on Feb 03, 07 | 11:55 am

Youtube is too conservative for boobs.

I watched the whole video and I feel like saying something CLM-style! Fill in the blanks! :)

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 03, 07 | 12:23 pm

Still a huge fan of hers. Just can't get enough of Francine Dee.

Posted by: arf on Feb 03, 07 | 1:12 pm

Robin ...."bring me some more boobies you will" :)

Posted by: LawBoy on Feb 03, 07 | 10:20 pm


Please do not post such crude comments hotbytes - consider this a formal warning.

- The Doc

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Feb 04, 07 | 10:47 am

a little too much information dude:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Feb 04, 07 | 7:12 pm

Lee....I think some moderating is needed above! Thanks :-)

Posted by: NorthMan on Feb 04, 07 | 7:23 pm

Oh my.

Posted by: Curtis G. on Feb 04, 07 | 7:26 pm

This chick needs to do porn. Why is she wasting her talent on bannanas?

Posted by: zama202 on Feb 05, 07 | 12:47 am

Can you imagine what Peter North or Jules Jordan would do with this chick? Why don't these girls just conced that porn is their ultimate career goal and surrender to the dark side? Why resist?

Posted by: zama202 on Feb 05, 07 | 12:49 am

Resistance is futile....:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Feb 05, 07 | 2:56 am

ok, so, i am late with a comment...
does anyone have any links to photos of her pre-implants? those are hideous!

Posted by: oedipusrex on Sep 17, 07 | 10:50 pm

Bananas and cream...

Posted by: SherBo on Sep 26, 07 | 10:19 am

Here's a couple nice shots of Francine. Dee that is.

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 9:15 pm

Oooh ooh...and this one too.

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 9:18 pm

links dont work arfboy

Posted by: LawBoy on Dec 20, 07 | 9:50 pm

Really...they work for me on this end. I'm baffled.

Posted by: arf on Dec 20, 07 | 10:51 pm

man...i am SLOW!!!

Posted by: DuDe_InTeRrUpTeD on Jan 14, 08 | 11:31 am

seems like Francine got a slight breast reduction and more tatoos. but, i could be wrong


Posted by: Zamscan on Mar 01, 08 | 2:38 pm

Her breasts are smaller in this set. I have been hearing that she got a reduction but haven't see any sets of them until now. And I'm glad that she did get a reduction because I hated how absurdly huge her tits were. Now she looks great.

She did get some new tats too on her wrist, back and feet. She could have done without the trampstamp and the back tat, but her other tats are okay. I would have preferred no tats but oh well. Thx Zam.

Posted by: Candyman on Mar 01, 08 | 7:50 pm

Yeah, she did switch to smaller implants a while back. I was hoping her new boob job would improve her nipple position, but it doesn't look like it!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 01, 08 | 7:50 pm

Big or small...Francine Dee can do no wrong and will always have a place in my heart. :)

Posted by: arf on Mar 01, 08 | 8:54 pm