Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome appeared here before, when we discussed Jphotobook. In view of all the recent enthusiasm for Japanese, I thought I give her a post of her own. Yu Saotome was born in Kanagawa, Japan Aug. 15, 1983. She enjoys calligraphy.

Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome

Yu Saotome

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Posted by: RandyO on Mar 05, 07 | 9:17 pm | Profile


this woman is sooo naturally beautiful!!!!!

Posted by: codywrx on Mar 05, 07 | 10:08 pm

Thanks for the plug. Have new Yu Saotome links/pics. Will update her page this week. Stay tuned!

Posted by: japanophile on Mar 05, 07 | 11:11 pm

Actually, her breasts definitely do not look natural to me, and her hair colour obviously isn't natural either. But she is yet another Japanese cutie!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 06, 07 | 12:13 am

Giant ditto to Dr. Lee. She's adorable. That she has an interest in traditional arts makes her even more attractive to me.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Mar 06, 07 | 1:16 am

I would say the hair color down south is natural. And I will say, 'Yum' to those slim, lithe J-girls with a beautiful, hairy bush.

Posted by: InactionHero on Mar 06, 07 | 1:34 am

very, very beautiful!

Posted by: newworks on Mar 06, 07 | 6:34 am

i like her small nipples and big bush!!!

Posted by: Punsher22 on Mar 06, 07 | 12:00 pm

She has been top of my list for a long time.Thanks for the memory

Posted by: quinsey on Mar 06, 07 | 12:32 pm

I like it when they dye the hair with that colour. Just cute, not aggressive.

Posted by: daznlover on Mar 06, 07 | 7:40 pm

That is the biggest, blackest bush I have ever seen. It reminds me of a song...

Posted by: Curtis G. on Mar 07, 07 | 1:07 am

Nice find Randy!

Posted by: thanirz on Mar 07, 07 | 2:14 am

that's not bush..that's a wig

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Mar 07, 07 | 2:15 am

Apparently she is retiring and her last AV will be coming out this month.

And isn't Sao Tome a country?

Posted by: KC on Mar 07, 07 | 6:28 am

why do i see pepé le pew in some of these pics? =/

Posted by: yangbwoi on Mar 07, 07 | 4:14 pm

i love appraising sex beautiful girls, but i became silent while i see her,Yu Saotome.

Posted by: Ericpapa on Apr 18, 07 | 11:25 pm

Her bush isn't 1/2 as large as it appears. As is usual in Japan, genitals are censored, in this case blacked out. Look a bit more carefully. The lower part aint hair. I do enjoy the bushy j-girls. They seem to be disappearing (as to both!).

Posted by: luvjgirls on Apr 19, 07 | 11:23 am

Love the bush....

Posted by: SherBo on Sep 28, 07 | 10:47 pm