Korean Hooters Girls

Korean Hooters Girls

In January, the Hooters restaurant chain opened a franchise in Seoul, making South Korea the fourth Asian country with a Hooters restaurant. The other three being China (with three), Singapore, and Taiwan. Though most of the Korean Hooters girls may not fill out the classic orange and white outfits quite like their Western counterparts, they more than make up for it with their Far Eastern charms and enthusiastic service.

Korean Hooters Girls

Korean Hooters Girls

Korean Hooters Girls



Posted by: CEC on Mar 27, 07 | 4:22 am | Profile


Thanks Count D, very nice looking girls. One more reason to visit Seoul on my next R&R!

Posted by: Kanyer on Mar 27, 07 | 6:57 am

I visited the hooters in Singapore back in 2002 when I was there. Lot's of pretty girls there as well. Praying for a Hooters Okinawa next.

Posted by: arf on Mar 27, 07 | 1:03 pm

nice hooters.... i wonder if you can get happy endings ; )

Posted by: LawBoy on Mar 27, 07 | 7:55 pm

What about happy meals? Oh, thats at MacDonalds. :)

Very pretty almost all of them!

Posted by: daznlover on Mar 27, 07 | 8:04 pm

I wonder if I can order a Wendy's from Wendy?

Posted by: bonepile on Mar 27, 07 | 8:35 pm

I went to the Singaporean Hooters with my busty Filipina ex.

We were both thoroughly disappointed.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Mar 27, 07 | 10:54 pm

Hooters food is terrible - but that's a different story.

IMHO no place can be called Hooters unless they hire babes like Ourei Harada

Posted by: steviewong on Mar 27, 07 | 11:19 pm

The Shanghai Hooter girls weren't that good looking. I was there a couple years ago when it first opened. I think the Korean ones showing here are much better.

Posted by: shockr on Mar 28, 07 | 12:29 am

why hooters? you can go to message parlors in Philly chinatown and have "extra service".

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Mar 28, 07 | 2:13 am

Shanghai Hooters

Posted by: ozzie on Mar 28, 07 | 11:50 am

I was also three sheets to the wind when I was at the Hooters in Singapore, so I'm sure my beer goggles were at least two inches thick. Oh well! I got over it.

Posted by: arf on Mar 28, 07 | 12:10 pm

Awful food. For a few cents more why not go to an MP or strip joint?

Posted by: luvjgirls on Mar 28, 07 | 1:14 pm

Hooters is in Beijing now, opening this week.

Posted by: RandyO on Sep 11, 07 | 11:23 pm

Mike I read this thread before but only this time paid attention to your comment: "my busty Filipina ex." I'll give you the A-S classic challenge: how about posting a pic or two?

Posted by: Bubalabobo on Sep 11, 07 | 11:44 pm

Nah, she won't let me. :P

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Sep 11, 07 | 11:50 pm

Sounds like paradise. Beautiful Asian girls serving me in a Hooters uniform.

Posted by: Howie348 on Sep 14, 07 | 5:24 am

Wow...gotta those K-1 short shorts in the second pic..."know the toe!"

Posted by: japanophile on Dec 16, 07 | 6:37 pm

I think they should be called Nipples not Hooters

Posted by: SherBo on Dec 17, 07 | 12:13 pm


@SherBo: or "raisins" ;)

Posted by: tamuraerikolover on Jun 22, 09 | 4:04 pm

There are three now in Seoul now. They are getting quite popular!

Posted by: Ricky269 on Feb 08, 11 | 5:52 am