Asian Cyber Girls at Playboy

Just checked what I've missed this year at Playboy but guess what? Only two Asian models were featured as cyber girl of the week (or month). Shannon Lea was cyber girl of the week in January and Yen Hoang was cyber girl of the month in April. What's going on at Playboy? Where is Kim Mizuno?

More info on Shannon Lea can be found at her official website

As far as I know there is no official website for Yen Hoang. The Playboy spread of Yen Hoang can be found at

Posted by: thanirz on Jul 10, 05 | 11:18 am | Profile


I think you're missing Brandy Grace. Cyber girl for Feb 14, 2005.

Posted by: dvs1 on Jul 14, 05 | 1:18 pm

Yep, you're right, American-Korean Brandy Grace was cybergirl of the week in Februari.

Found some nice pictures of her at

Posted by: thanirz on Jul 14, 05 | 1:37 pm

I saw Kim Mizuno on Friday at Comic Con. I mentioned that you had just relaunched Asian Sirens. He said to send him an e-mail (he said he still has the same e-mail address).

Posted by: badboy on Jul 16, 05 | 4:24 am

Hi badboy, will definitely contact Kim. It's a long time ago that I spoke with him (and many others in the business). It's good to see that many of them still remember asian sirens!

Posted by: thanirz on Jul 16, 05 | 6:37 am

Yumi Lee was cybergirl of the week in November of 2004, 1st week of Nov. I believe. Hot photos, not sure if Kim Mizuno was the photographer though, my guess is probably so.

Posted by: bmoney on Aug 19, 05 | 1:35 pm

PB Exotic Beauties 2007


not high quality, it's only a 9mb file in pdf


includes Iris Jinger Santos
she has appeared in Penthouse as Jinger Santos
here's some pics of Ms. Santos

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 07 | 9:58 pm

Lauren Sughihara

appeared in PB Exotic Beauties 2007 above.
link above is dead, here's a new one
9mb lo-res zip

here's a 20 pic photoshoot from which a few were used for the magazine above.
4mb zip

Posted by: Zamscan on Nov 20, 07 | 1:42 pm

Oh Miss Santos is so nice. So is Miss Sughihara. Lovely...Lovely...Lovely.

Posted by: arf on Nov 20, 07 | 10:12 pm

arf said it all. Great pics of both ladies :)

Posted by: daznlover on Nov 20, 07 | 10:38 pm