Tiara Lestar (aka Amara)

Tiara Lestar (Photography: Adam Yurman)

[A Message For Our Indonesian Friends (in Indonesian)]

This months Dutch Penthouse magazine features 13 great photo's of 23 year old Indonesian beauty Tiara Lestar. (All photo's by Adam Yurman). You can find the 'quick-and-dirty' scans of the Tiara Penthouse-pictures (only for members) here.

Pick up a copy if you can get your hands on one. Penthouse says that in the Far East she is considered an international supermodel; the new Naomi Campbell. If this is true, why can't I find more about her with a simple Google search? I only find that she is on the cover of the Pacific USA 2006 Wall Calendar (which odd enough is not yet mentioned on the official Pacific USA site).

Tiara's motto is 'Shocking Asia'. She goes all the way, posing completely nude, which in some Asian countries is still not allowed. She also walks the catwalk in fashion shows. If anyone has more info on this girl, please comment.

Tiara Lestar (Photography: Adam Yurman)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Aug 16, 05 | 8:50 am | Profile


Where did you get these pics from Robin? I must say they are very sexy!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 16, 05 | 10:33 am

Dutch Penthouse, Lee! It says right there.

Where you too distracted by all this beauty to actually read the text? :P

Posted by: Pixelchaos on Aug 16, 05 | 12:11 pm

i believe the pics are from Pacific Beauty the link is above. Click on Adam Yurman.
or this link

she's billed as Amara at that site.

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 16, 05 | 8:20 pm

she is hot 2 def........wow

Posted by: GORILLARMS on Aug 16, 05 | 10:59 pm

When I asked where Robin got the pics from, what I meant was where did he download them from. I can't find these particular pics on the Pacific Beauty site.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 17, 05 | 3:18 am

I scanned them from the Penthouse.
Will scan them all, and put them in the Members section soon.

Yes, I checked the Pacific Beauty link and Amara = Tiara! 'Naked Reflections' looks from the same serie. So she uses different names! That makes it difficult to find out more about her... who knows what other aliasses she uses...

Posted by: Robin Hood on Aug 17, 05 | 4:36 am

Thanks Robin. For some reason I find the Penthouse pics a lot more attractive than the Pacific Beauty ones - perhaps they held on to the best ones.

That's also her in the banner for Pacific Beauty that Marco put up on the home page (what a coincidence!), but for me she doesn't look anywhere near as attractive in this pic as she does in the Penthouse photos.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 17, 05 | 4:49 am

Yes the Penthouse photo's are quite good. Soon you will see them all ;-)

Indeed, I did not see that! I am not really looking at that banner anymore ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Aug 17, 05 | 5:00 am

A few Amara pics here:

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 17, 05 | 9:49 pm

Thanks for starting this group! Putting pics there should help to keep my bandwidth cost under control. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 17, 05 | 10:10 pm

please hurry and post those Playboy photos we need to see them!

Posted by: misteramazing on Aug 19, 05 | 1:18 am

You'll have to wait until he gets back from Vietnam - and I believe they're actually from Penthouse.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 19, 05 | 8:59 am

They are indeed from the Dutch Penthouse and Tiara Lestar is the same model as Amara (the girl on the promobox for Adam's Pacific Beauty).

Will see if I can post the remaining photo's of Tiara's Penthouse pictorial early this week!

Posted by: thanirz on Aug 20, 05 | 2:52 pm

Just uploaded the quick-and-dirty scans of Tiara (for members):

Posted by: thanirz on Aug 20, 05 | 8:02 pm

This is an interesting example of how a small difference can make a big difference when it comes to model shoots: same model, same photographer, but much sexier result than the photos on Pacific Beauty.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 20, 05 | 8:52 pm

Lee, just got an email from Adam about the big differences in both photo shoots. You can find his comment here.

Posted by: thanirz on Aug 21, 05 | 5:42 am

I noticed a comment from Lee about Tiara's photoshoots which I wanted to add to. The "sexier" and better photos that Lee saw in Playboy are a result of about one year of hard work developing a young gals hidden talents. And now those photos are also available on Pacific Beauty. I guess the Internet can create a sort of Time warp that no one can tell the begining or the end of. All of Tiara/Amara's photoshoots get published at Pacific Beauty but I guess the better ones came later as she gained experience and confidence and bigger budget photoshoots.


Posted by: Adam Y on Aug 26, 05 | 2:48 pm

Interesting info Adam - thanks!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Aug 26, 05 | 9:27 pm

thanks bro..at last indonesian girl join the club....

Posted by: abby on Aug 30, 05 | 10:45 am

Hi Mr Adam, Can I know the biography of tiara.

Posted by: nuno on Sep 02, 05 | 2:20 am

Well I cant wait about Indonesian people reaction knowing the fact that finally we have a model shoot in Penthouse.

Beware of FPI, hit first talk later . . !

Posted by: mandd on Sep 08, 05 | 10:51 am

i really really surprise indonesian women can be a nude models, the girls isn't beautiful yet, but not so bad lah...................
Indonesian have alot of girls with a good breast and a beautiful nipple.....

Posted by: sayangku on Sep 08, 05 | 1:53 pm

Just did some research and it seems Tiara is the second Indonesian model in Playboy and is by far the most searched model in Google Indonesia at the moment. More than 80% of the traffic at Asian Sirens these days is from Indonesia.

Hope some of the Indonesian visitors can explain what's going on there at the moment. Was she mentioned in a magazine, on television or what?

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 10, 05 | 12:10 pm

yes for sure, right now she's every where on newspaper and television in indonesia, before taken picture from playboy and penthouse...she was on many indonesian adult mag such as ME (Male Emporium), MATRA and FHM Indonesia, born October 10 1980 as "Tiara Lestari" not mentioned Tiara Lestar aka AMARA in Penthouse later, her hometown in Solo at Jawa Tengah, she's now living in Singapure and have boyfriend work as lawyer in New York's Firm Singapure branch,thats all i knew,hey keep tha good work tiara, we're indonesian people love you!!

Posted by: screen on Sep 10, 05 | 3:02 pm

Now we are talking!

Thanks screen that's the input we appreciate and can help us to find more about this beauty!

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 10, 05 | 3:07 pm

your welcome man ...
i've been read newspaper on last morning so i browse the internet looking this indonesian gorgeus babe for infos, picture and video ...

Posted by: screen on Sep 10, 05 | 3:14 pm

I just found some articles about Tiara Lestari on Indonesian websites. See for example:

Although I can't read it, I scanned the article and saw that Jodi Ann Paterson is mentioned as first Indonesian Playboy model.

Do you know if these Indonesian men magazine have websites where we can find more on Tiara?

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 10, 05 | 3:21 pm

yes .. Jody was indonesian mixed girl and was born in Balikpapan East Kalimantan, and you should check thez ME in www.memagz.com
POPULAR with www.popular-maj.com
SCENE on www.thescenes.tv
i think Tiara should not be at those webs anymore cause for old edition they may not include,but there so many indonesian girls you should check...
o btw ... where can I find Tiara's Penthouse or Playboys picture?

Posted by: screen on Sep 10, 05 | 3:48 pm

Nice to see my posting is generating so much response :-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 10, 05 | 3:50 pm

you're welcome and nice to know thiz site bro ... i've found from google

Posted by: screen on Sep 10, 05 | 3:54 pm

Thanks again screen! You can find the Penthouse-pictures (only for members) here:

I'm still waiting on the Playboy-pictures ;-)

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 10, 05 | 3:55 pm

I will definitely check these Indonesian magazines in more detail later.

I just found a Tiara at ME:

Either it is Tiara when she was much younger but more likely it's another girl.

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 10, 05 | 4:02 pm

yup ... so do i bro ... i'll keep watching and monitoring any info from thiz cute tiara ...

Posted by: screen on Sep 10, 05 | 4:02 pm

I say another girl.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 10, 05 | 4:23 pm

I guess this is another reason why we should enforce an English-only policy - it allows everyone to contribute to the discussion, and allows us to get the scoop! :-) I really think this is what we should do.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 10, 05 | 6:47 pm

Dear Marco (Robin, Lee and other non Indonesian),

I am sorry your posting have been filled with people speaking Indonesian. Perhaps I can explain the reason behind this phenomena. In the past few days, Tiara story has exploded into the mainstream media and some of those media actually refer to your website/blog. If you would, please do not delete those comments. Trust me, your site are valuable to show how there are people supporting Tiara in Indonesia as there may be a firestorm against this girl soon. We all need to support her. You go girl!!

Posted by: boobie on Sep 11, 05 | 6:56 am

wow thats what people said nice body.
go for it.

Posted by: taz on Sep 12, 05 | 11:42 am

Dear Everyone,

I only want to ask that I love Tiara's pix. I am a man and no doubt, I love her naked body. For Tiara, I love you. I wait your further and more atractive naked pix.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Posted by: geig on Sep 13, 05 | 9:20 am

request gallery miss tiara lestari nudes
thank's a lot

Posted by: anton on Sep 14, 05 | 7:38 pm

request gallery miss tiara lestari nudes, sent to my email foo@ iat.co.id, ok tks


Posted by: anton on Sep 14, 05 | 7:42 pm

I support you, Tiara !!! That's your carrier!! May you succees in your dream!!! I love you sweet heart

Posted by: pasolympia on Sep 15, 05 | 9:49 pm

Attagirl Tiara!! show them the beauty of Indonesian girl, we're so proud of u

Posted by: 123456 on Sep 16, 05 | 11:37 am

The Tiara gallery is here:
(but for members only)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 16, 05 | 12:03 pm

all i can say is WOW.... !!! keep on going,Tiara. I love you,baby!!!

Posted by: casanova on Sep 17, 05 | 11:00 am

that a great thing. youre about to improve the ablity of indonesia model to followed by you.

i wish i can see much more your pics. good luck of you

Posted by: Pandu on Sep 19, 05 | 11:27 pm

i love tiara.....
u r representative our teenagers!!!
make them...so proud with their body n beauty..

Posted by: yuyu on Sep 23, 05 | 10:14 am

whos will be the next tiara??

Posted by: 101101 on Sep 27, 05 | 4:26 am

Hi all,

This is Tiara Lestari. Answering some comments made on this site a while back.. Yes, I have been reading every comment on this site.

I just started writing a personal journal on the web.


Before anyone ask.. let me tell you.. this is really me :)


Posted by: tiaralestari on Sep 28, 05 | 1:06 pm

She's beautiful from Pertiwi..... !

Posted by: Die on Sep 30, 05 | 5:45 am

Really Tiara Lestari huh? Prove it :)

Posted by: Supernova on Oct 04, 05 | 1:00 pm

// this comment has been edited because of layout-problems (is there a php-wizard in the house?)

look who's blogging about Tiara:


Posted by: Zamscan on Oct 04, 05 | 2:12 pm

Yeah, eeeeh Miss Indonesia Private Secretary, I understand you want to promote your services, but don't you think once is enough?

Posted by: Robin Hood on Oct 04, 05 | 7:23 pm

Yes, I would normally delete multiple commercial posts as spam (and have done in the past). Don't overdo it.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 04, 05 | 10:14 pm

I agree. Very subtle Lee, taking out the 'p' :-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Oct 05, 05 | 5:17 am

Hubba hubba... I think that second photo might just be the sexiest thing I have ever seen EVER. Really makes you wonder what my British ancestors were doing wrong....

Posted by: gunboy on Oct 13, 05 | 8:48 am

Dear Tiara Lestari,
I'm support u in the my praise the lord. Someday we meet again.
If u need friend call me at +62816636008, anytime u can call me.
Jesus Blessing U and U'r Family.

Posted by: hermith on Oct 20, 05 | 9:58 am

Hi Robin,

Sorry for this little bit of self promotion :)
Those of you in Indonesia! Now you can call me.

Here's the number: 0809 118 0015*

Big kiss,

PS: It's 3420 from home, ProXL4000, Sempati4050. Same price as batagor :)

Posted by: tiaralestari on Nov 01, 05 | 12:35 pm

What's all this then Tiara? A new blog in Indonesian? What's there to call about?

Posted by: Robin Hood on Nov 01, 05 | 6:04 pm

Tiara, is that the way you want to make money with your blog?

To be honest, I don't believe in it for models. Your probably will reach some losers who loves you and want to call you. But on the other hand, you will lose credibility amongst most of your fans.

Posted by: thanirz on Nov 02, 05 | 2:09 am


You raise some interesting comments and as a reader of the blog it has been an interesting exercise especially when she asked for readers to ask a question - the usual questions were forthcoming !!!

As a means of self promotion a blog is an interesting way of reaching out and keeping people interested. Is it an different to asking people to pay to visit your website. This way she keeps it clean and free.

Perhaps more interesting is posting a telephone number on the internet and inviting callers. A novel response and wondering whether Tiara you would care to inform us how many calls you have received and of what nature.

This would prove your point Marco on the existence of the "losers" as opposed to the "fans"

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all those celebrating

Posted by: chalky26 on Nov 02, 05 | 11:51 am

Would be great if Tiara will tell us in the (near) future how succesfull her experiment is/was. Will ask her!

Posted by: thanirz on Nov 02, 05 | 12:29 pm


Judging by the blog nothing - it seems the novelty may be wearing thing on her side - mind you it is a difficult thing to keep up - was surprised on the phone number part. Curiosity nearly killed the cat there as nearly dialled the number !
Anyone dialled it ?

Posted by: chalky26 on Nov 03, 05 | 10:28 am

maybe it's an indonesian equivalent of of those 800 phones? (notorious lines that charge upwards of $3.99 per minute)

Posted by: Nik2 on Nov 03, 05 | 10:44 am

Nik2, that's a hand phone number.

Posted by: santabi on Nov 20, 05 | 11:55 am

I think the reason it's Indonesian only is that Tiara's English still isn't that great - although her blog does represent her and what she thinks, she certainly has some help with her English. I don't think this is really a misrepresentation, just a fact of life when you're dealing with models from a non-English speaking background.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 20, 05 | 11:24 pm

Hi, Tiara, i'm Igor from Samarinda. Nice job girls !!!!!! go for it

Posted by: igor on Nov 23, 05 | 11:35 pm

Cool =]

Posted by: r0b0t1c4 on May 11, 06 | 11:10 am

Guys, get Amara pics here:

Posted by: valhalla on May 30, 06 | 3:58 am

could you repost valhalla?

Posted by: Mangafan2 on Jun 06, 06 | 8:08 am

// comment edited because of lay-out problems.


Posted by: valhalla on Jun 19, 06 | 9:38 am

If u have any problem when download this file, you could send email to me

Posted by: valhalla on Jun 19, 06 | 9:41 am

This is my first attempt at such a blog. Seriously, after looking at her pictures, I personally think she has such a great body and beauty. I would love to see more of her pictures in the future even though she longer intent to pose as a model. Whatever you decide Tiara, I wish you all the best in your career.

Posted by: carpenter on Jan 24, 07 | 10:48 am