Tiara Lestar (aka Amara) in Playboy Spain

Tiara Lestar (aka Amara) in Playboy Spain

[A Message For Our Indonesian Friends (in Indonesian)]

It seems Tiara Lestar is hitting the international lad magazines. After her appearance in the Dutch Penthouse she is also featured in the Spanisch edition of Playboy.

I got an email from Adam Yurman from Pacific USA who did the photoshoot for both Penthouse and Playboy. Adam explains why there is a big difference between her photo shoots as Amara (for Pacific Beauty) and the more recent shoots for Penthouse and Playboy.

Hey Marco, cool to see so much interest in Tiara. Thanks for posting her.

Tiara and I have been working on developing her career for about one and a half years. The first shooting we did was somewhat casual and we did not know if there was going to be anything coming out of it. We had a not so great makeup artist and we just shot in a normal fancy hotel.It was almost a test rather then a shooting. Those photos were good enough to make the pages of the Thai, Penthouse but they went no further as much better things were to come we all knew. OK. and some went to my website Pacific Beauty as well but they were good photos, just not her best!

Second shooting with Tiara was better and we had a nice beach location in Phuket, Thailand. You can see bits of this shooting in the Dutch Penthouse as they are at the beach. This was the precise locatin where the Tsunami hit and the hotel's rooms on the ground floor facing the beach where we shooting were wiped away along with any people sunning there. Nice shots, bad memory. We shot there about one one month before the wave hit.

Then my agent called and said, playboy wants to publish her, you better shoot something good. So off we went to Tiara's home in Jakarta, Indonesia and then on to the mystical island of Bali. We went to the jungle and found waterfalls, lush green mountains and two of the best makeup and hair stylists money can buy. About this time tiara was gaining a lot of experience as a model and she was hitting a higher peek.

The photos were the best of anything we had shot and it was good timing because we had a hot customer waiting for them. She made the over of Playboy and the cover of my Pacific USA Calendar which I will post next month, September, on my website when the boat gets in with my shipment of calendars. I will write extensively about Tiara at that time but for now she is shooting constantly and has landed a major TV show in her native Jakarta, and is happy as can be bathing in the light of her new found stardom.

Me, I am off to find another one and when you see Jenny-O, I promise, sparks will fly! I do love my job.

Adam / pac usa

Posted by: thanirz on Aug 21, 05 | 5:37 am | Profile


Nice inside information Marco.
You can only get it at Asian Sirens!

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 21, 05 | 10:31 am

nice nice i love her

Posted by: GORILLARMS on Aug 22, 05 | 3:07 pm

I am a new member,and I am very impressed with the way your views and interviews are done. I have always enjoyed the beauty of Amara,she is hot.. thanks

Posted by: quinsey on Aug 22, 05 | 4:14 pm

i'm so proud of you...
go girls.. get the top..
i'll be support you..
i'm really surprise you did it..
yes that great pics.. you must brave tiara.. we must see the future.. we must open mind...
i know you're sounds so sexy.. so hot.. and so wise.. get the star ayu.. take it... take it babe..

my Yahoo Messenger ID : fzsllbs
i pray for you.. ayu..

Posted by: ferriz on Aug 29, 05 | 8:10 pm

Two thumbs up for Amara...!!! I luv ya so much, go Indonesian girl!
Kenalkan Indonesia di dunia luar biar ga "terisolasi" lagi :p

Luv ya

Posted by: angel indonesian on Sep 09, 05 | 8:50 pm

Hi Robin and Lee,
I am just explaining to you guys,the messages basically supporting Tiara being nude and go international. As we know Indonesian law is very strict of pornography. They try to isolate pornography stuff. But the people of course dont agree with that. This is modern age, everyone love porn, no exception. FPI (msg above) is trying to stop and kick off pornography, but actually they are bullshit, they love porn a lot.
So basically everyone here love Tiara, Go Tiara!


Tiara's supporter

Posted by: angel indonesian on Sep 10, 05 | 7:05 am

Thanks angel, but I hope people can understand we have to take responsibility for what is said here, so we'd really appreciate it if everyone could post in English.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 10, 05 | 7:17 am

And what are al this anti nude people doing on this site anyhow?! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 10, 05 | 9:15 am

WOW, Awesome Pics but Unbelieveable. I couldn't believe that an indonesian girl do this nude pic. Hows her family reaction to this these her nude pictures? I believe that she had changed all information about her. But finally people still can find out about her. Why is she doing this? Is this all about"DOLLARS" If she doing this stuff in Jakarta, i bet she will going to jail or so:D I wish Amara can make Indonesia famous here without being naked. At least use brain not body. But whatever is it, that's her choice and she did make millions bucks by this job!!!!!! Why not go ahead like Jade Marsella? Dasar Lonte !

Posted by: indogirl on Sep 10, 05 | 1:00 pm

Hey, I just got a deja vu from all the comments Sung Hi got when she posed nude for Playboy. This is exactly the same now with Tiara (aka Amara).

Anyone from Indonesia who can explain what's going on in Indonesia at the moment? Why is she popular since a few days? Magazine? Newspaper? Television? Who mentioned that she was in Playboy?

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 10, 05 | 1:08 pm

I mjust agree with Lee on this one. It's starting to annoy me... English should be the language for this site so everybody (who is smart enough to speak or learn English ;-)) can follow what's being discussed.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 10, 05 | 6:46 pm

I beg for everyone who wants to post their comments. Please..please.. write your comments in an educative language. Show the world that we are not a barbarian country. If you cant, so please, just write your thoughts/comments in your own diary or just keep them for your self. If your english ability is inadequate, please dont be afraid to try. Everybody make mistakes. We have been abused as a snag country, so please dont make it worse. I love you all !!!

Posted by: Sweethana on Sep 11, 05 | 3:23 am

Good point Sweethana, I really appreciate it!

Fortunately there are also many people from Indonesia who at least try to write in English and also contribute to this little community (thanks again to screen). My mother language is also not English (I'm Dutch as some of you probably know) but at least I try to conversate here in a language that most people understand. I'm sure it's not perfect but most of the people accept it.

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 11, 05 | 4:06 am

Dear Marco (Robin, Lee and other non Indonesian),

I am sorry your posting have been filled with people speaking Indonesian. Perhaps I can explain the reason behind this phenomena. In the past few days, Tiara story has exploded into the mainstream media and some of those media actually refer to your website/blog. Some of these are the bigest newspapers in the country where the readership may not be able to speak english well. If you would, please do not delete those comments. Trust me, your site are valuable to show how there are people supporting Tiara in Indonesia as there may be a firestorm against this girl soon. We all need to support her. You go girl!!

Posted by: boobie on Sep 11, 05 | 7:00 am

Hi Marco. I think you should read the comments from la-girl to see the problem with these Indonesian posts - we would not tolerate somebody posting this sort of thing in English. And what I can read is clearly abusive - freedom of speech is one thing, but abuse is another.

We absolutely should NOT block Indonesian IP addresses - that would be both discriminatory and unneccessary. However, if I start deleting non-English comments I think people will eventually get the message - and the longer we leave it the harder it will be to put a lid on this.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 11, 05 | 11:50 am

hiya .. yep i think so, tiara's face more likely as sung hi lee ... and i love both ...

Posted by: screen on Sep 11, 05 | 11:51 am

It's not just that I want to silence people who say indecent things, I just want to be able to read the comments. So ENGLISH should be the language here at Asian-Sirens as it's also THE ONLY accepted WORLD language. If people don't speak it, that's their problem...

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 11, 05 | 12:59 pm

Marco, I wonder how they managed to register for the site if they don't know how to read English? I agree with Robin that maybe someone (one of the participants) should create a safe place for this Indonesian language discussion to continue and we can provide a prominent link to it. Also, it might be helpful if one of our bilingual Indonesian visitors could provide some Indonesian text that we can add to the end of the Tiara Lestar entries or maybe something short at the beginning of each entry as well. I was thinking that a full translation pasted at the end of each Tiara entry might be appreciated by our Indonesian visitors. Just some ideas!

Posted by: badboy on Sep 11, 05 | 1:16 pm

Good thinking badboy. Now we have to find this bilingual Indonesian visitor ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 11, 05 | 1:18 pm

Im from Indonesia & Im agree if U want to delete those non english / indonesian messages. Its very abusive messages & Im quite irritating how they show that they support or didnt support her. At least they post in a good language, properly good manner. It just like a flamewar between whose supporting her & whose not. Im very ashamed my self how my own people act like that. Please forgive them & teach them how to post a massage in a better way, at least. Either supporting or not, I guess we are here to makes friends not enemy ... esspeacially between own comrades :P. And apologizes if someone misunderstand what im saying, coz I just starting to learn English as well :)

Buat temen2 dari Indonesia ... ayo dong posting suport atw menentang dgn cara yg beradab, dgn bahasa yg bagus & santun. Disini bisa ketara lho image kita org Indonesia kaya apa ... Ayo jgn mau kita dianggap oleh org luar sebagai bangsa yg cuma pintar caci maki.

Posted by: yodaskywalker on Sep 11, 05 | 1:20 pm

Hi yodakskywalker. Good that you are learning English. And thanks for your thoughts on this issue. Maybe you should be our translator ;-)

(The second part of your comment I did not get ;-))

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 11, 05 | 1:25 pm

It just Im asking my fellow friends from Indonesia to post in good manner & proper language, so other people (foreigner ??) will not think that we - Indonesian people image- just post messages in bad/abusive language :)

Bout being a translator ?? Well here I didnt have dictionary that include abusive words :). Should I translate that words too ?? Just like when u read -sorry- "son of a bit*h" or "fu*k" or "d*ckhead" ... I cant find anywhere on dictionary :P Thanks for the offer...

Posted by: yodaskywalker on Sep 11, 05 | 1:43 pm

Hi Yodaskywalker, I don't think that Robin wanted you to translate all the comments but rather to provide us with some Indonesian language text like what you wrote to put into the beginning of each entry about Tiara. It would also be helpful if we knew of a safe/unbiased discussion board where the Indonesian language discussion can take place in a civilized manner and then we can provide a link directly to it.

Posted by: badboy on Sep 11, 05 | 1:51 pm

finally find my signature pic

Posted by: screen on Sep 11, 05 | 1:51 pm

how about that sign bro ... :)

Posted by: screen on Sep 11, 05 | 1:54 pm

i think i can help for anything about indonesian info specially in indonesian mags or photography ...

Posted by: screen on Sep 11, 05 | 2:02 pm

Awww yeeeeaaahhhh ... thanks for the reply, actually Im still ashamed if my English is bad or worse ... that u all will misunderstand & didnt get my messages :) Thanks again ...

Anyway ... I came here from Indonesian forum too u know. Someone there put this link so my friends could se how Tiara look like. Coz there we cant post nudity pic, violators will get warning point (WP) & in the end will get banned. That include abusive word / messages. I cant post the forum link here , coz I dont want my friends think of me as a "rat", but I try to contact the admin there to get permission :)

And I agree about the "English Comments Only" Rule ... at least I can learn English better :)

Posted by: yodaskywalker on Sep 11, 05 | 2:15 pm

Im out of here.
This forum is becoming undercontrol and full of humiliation. Sorry guys, but this is why I live out of the country (indo) for good.

Lastly, thanks guys for Tiara's pic. its fabulous. I've printed out and i hang it on the wall.
My friends might think im les, but swear to god, Im straight...he..
Looking forward for the next pic.
Bravo asian-sirens!!

Posted by: Sweethana on Sep 12, 05 | 2:28 am

Sweethana, we will start today with deleting all non-english (and Tiara) bashing comments. I truly hoped people could discuss here in a more educated way but unfortunately I was wrong.

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 12, 05 | 2:37 am

Hi, I am Indonesian. I think you should hire a translator because there are some realy bad language/curse posted by some irresponsible people here. And there are also some sensitive comments about religion. Basically they are divided into to those who support Tiara and those who don't. I believe they are well educated but some just don't have manners and are very rude (this applies for both sides).

To my fellow Indonesians:

Boleh-boleh aja berkomentar, tapi tolong dong mulutnya dicuci yang bersih sebelum ngomong. Silahkan adu argumentasi untuk mendukung ataupun tidak mendukung Tiara, tapi tolong lakukan dengan santun.

Posisi saya: netral.

To: Robin, Lee and Marco,

I think you guys better delete those non-english comments. Let them post in English. I think most of them can do that. I f the can't, the can always ask they english speaking friends to help them. But they should learn the language to get out of the box. My English is still far from good, but at least I want to learn it and most important, I can communicate with other people. Cheers.

Posted by: rabbit_owl on Sep 12, 05 | 2:48 am

All non-English comments are deleted and the related usernames are on a gray list now. As soon as one of them will post in Indonesian (or any other language) I will put both the username and IP-adress on the blacklist.

See also the disclaimer on the bottom of this page!

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 12, 05 | 2:55 am

i never post any full indonesian comment but only once half english and half indonesian comment, but my comment is deleted? but i saw some of half languange didn't being deleted, but i argree only to post english comment

Posted by: komanz on Sep 12, 05 | 3:12 am

Komanz, please let me know which comments should be deleted as well and we will check them asap!

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 12, 05 | 3:25 am

The rude comment for tiara is coming from indonesian people that disagree for the nude action of tiara at one of the popular magazine with detail info that she is really indonesian girls.

Maybe,if Tiara performing is only at one of a nude sites and not at Play Boy Magazine or to act at playboy without info that she is coming from indonesia, There could be no comment at all.

To know a girls naked from indonesia at one of popular and available magazine is making many of indonesian people being ashamed.
Should we proud or ashamed for her?

(wawan-indonesian that still confuse between proud or ashamed)

Posted by: wawan on Sep 12, 05 | 3:50 am


I know decision has been made to delete the non-english comments. I wish you would reconsider that. Look, your site now has been published in at least three newspapers in the country and things will heat up for our girl. Any comments supporting Tiara will help her one way or the other. The decision is yours, but let me propose this: I will translate every Indonesian comments that made it to this site without interpretation whatsoever so you know what is being said and any abusive ones can be deleted. I can only do this once a day. Tiara has made a breakthrough most indonesian models can only dream of. I am willing to do this if you can be patient. Keep in mind, for every posting made it here, I am sure there are 10 more people viewing.

Posted by: boobie on Sep 12, 05 | 3:51 am

i think we all agree now tiara is the most famous girl in asian sirens, because you can see how many comment this achieve got in one day, it is true, your web are famous, local magazine and newspaper are talking about tiara lestari and comments in this website

Posted by: komanz on Sep 12, 05 | 4:22 am

Hi Marco. Obviously I've been in favour of removing these comments, but I think it might be too heavy handed to blacklist people for posting in Indonesian at this stage - obviously not all the comments were inappropriate or abusive. Also, I think we should do a post informing people of this rule, preferably with an Indonesian translation - rabbit_owl, could you do this? Once we've done that I guess we can start blacklisting people for not posting in English.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 12, 05 | 8:33 am

Well... honestly I am mix Malaysian and Indonesian here... The only thing i could say is... Most of Indonesian are lacks of education since the economic growth in Indonesia wasnt good.. I hope you forgive them.. as I have Indonesian blood as well... not all of them are a bad guy.. it just probably they quite shock? surprise? happy? I dunno LOL... I am one of tiara biggest fans actually.. therefore i would like to say "U ARE GREAT TIARA"

well I hope with this site, Indonesian people will learn how to accept western cultures and be an open minded... Tiara is indonesian and she accept western cultures... so support her guys..

It is nice to be here and post my opinion

Posted by: royal_angel on Sep 12, 05 | 8:48 am

cool man

Posted by: taz on Sep 12, 05 | 11:38 am

Thanks for your offer , Lee. But, I don't think I would have the time to read all the comments everytime they are posted. There will be quite sometime before I do that and eventually some
bad comments will stay posted and will upset some people. I would love to help out but I just don't have enough time. Hey, why don't you guys just hire a fulltime translator since now you have many Indonesian visiting your site.

Posted by: rabbit_owl on Sep 12, 05 | 11:42 am

My mistake, Lee. I thought you want me to translate every comment. After re-reading your last post again, I just realized that you only want somebody to translate a post informing people about your new rule. That, maybe I can help.

Posted by: rabbit_owl on Sep 12, 05 | 12:20 pm

Yo Sweethana !! Where R u going?? ..... I think u & wawan, rabbit owl, angel & other Indonesian should stay & watch me Ha ha ha ...(well ... other than posting u'r own thoughts :) ) ... Im newbies here & someone should show me if im making some mistake with my English messages, so other people wouldnt misunderstand with what im saying ... pleaseeeee ha ha ha

As for Tiara, would she considering a breast implant in the future ... between her & Katie (Thai), the shape of her (Katie) breast is better :)

Posted by: yodaskywalker on Sep 12, 05 | 8:17 pm

Hi rabit_owl. I've just done the post informing everyone of the new rule. Would you be able to translate it for us?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 12, 05 | 8:54 pm

Hi lee, Let me try that. Just send it to my email.

Posted by: rabbit_owl on Sep 12, 05 | 11:59 pm

rabbit_owl, the message Lee would like you to translate is already posted here on the Asian Sirens site. Just click on that link and you will see the message that Lee posted.

Posted by: badboy on Sep 13, 05 | 12:07 am

now the forum finally clear from rude posts ...

Posted by: screen on Sep 13, 05 | 11:49 am

OK badboy, Ive already try to translate it. But if I made a mistake ... would u ask caramia or rabbit_owl to fix it.

I suggest to bold :

"...does not allow..." ,
"...enforce it..." ,
"...abussive messages..." &
"...remove all non-English messages."


Posted by: yodaskywalker on Sep 14, 05 | 2:10 pm

SHE IS HOT , BUT there are lots of other indonesian hot girls, but do not want to pose nude due to their conservative tradition, however things are changing...blame the western cultures and western TV shows which are corrupting their minds, but the MEN are hypocrytes so we are not complaining by the way ,This is nothing new , Jade Marcela, an Indonesian girl has been in many porn movies which were filmed in United States you can check her out in asian street hookers , too fast for love and many others, she also has a twin sister who is also in porn industry, her name is Naomi Marcela she is young and hot too, so Amara Tiara hype is nothing new, I have bunch of clips starring these twin Indonesian porn stars, they do everything, with anybody, black, white, lesbian,hispanic, not to mention anal...GO INDONESIAN WHORES !!! WE F****ING LOVE YOU !!!

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Sep 14, 05 | 3:54 pm

oh also if you want to check out nude photos of Indonesian girls go here : www.exoticazza.com , you will see that amara tiara's face is actually "AVERAGE" , especially for us Indonesian MEN ....she's got nice body though. I'd do her...he he

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Sep 14, 05 | 4:26 pm

good pose..you are a brave girl...i hpe the freedom will come in indonesia...FPI..you are a f**king shit..go tiara go indonesia lady..

Posted by: oddi on Sep 15, 05 | 3:56 am

Okay, this post is really on the borderline of acceptability - can we please avoid using expletives in this way. I don't like the FPI either, but that doesn't excuse this sort of language - we don't want this forum to again descend into the sort of abusive comments we had in the Indonesian language posts.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 15, 05 | 4:22 am

And I agree with Lee. People, please avoid using this foul language and keep it civilized.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 15, 05 | 5:54 am

Yes, if we get any more comments like this I will be deleting all of them - you have been warned. As gieg posted this sort of comment after I had already asked everyone not to, his comment has already been deleted. If he posts any more, his membership will be deleted, as will anybody else's who persists in posting this sort of thing.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 15, 05 | 6:04 am

Zero tolerance! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 15, 05 | 7:42 am

what a beutiful girl, bay the way she's an indonesian. i am from Indonesia too, who can help me ? iam fotografer and iam looking models who can pose like amara, but for free

Posted by: bergairah on Sep 15, 05 | 11:11 am

Well, goodluck bergairah. If you find any, let me know! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 15, 05 | 11:17 am

hi marco youre so brillian to post tiara,Im new arround.
I adore tia like godest' yes she is.!
but dont you think, she's better with her natural breast,so java, so indonesia, so solo.
marco, dont u agree? maybe weight training,fitness,or bench press is healty and could make breast more sexxxy? tell her marco.

Posted by: luvamara on Sep 16, 05 | 2:08 am

she is definitely one of the most beatiful asian woman in nude, well done tiara...or ayu.
It is just not used to Indonesian (our) community to see Indo girl pics posted in an International magazines... some are just jealous to her fame, but most of them are okay (these people make no comments). There's no reason for her to get depressed by these comments, she has all the rights to do anything including posing in Playboy, Penthouse, or whatsoever.... Just enjoy the fame and its publicity. She is hot and gorgeous!!!

Posted by: cool_dude on Sep 16, 05 | 5:42 am

Woman considered beauty not only by just georges look but also by her inner beauty. Tiara has all that. She has a sexy aura and exotic face. Tiara, don't be depressed by any comment from other's , they don't know the real you. Do whatever you like to do, and always do the best. Anyway, Tiara if you read this messages I send, could you be kind enough to write me an e-mail. I wait news from you, See ya

Posted by: ZhouYun on Sep 16, 05 | 11:04 pm

See.....you the best!! go get it girl!

Posted by: Ponkey on Sep 23, 05 | 6:18 am

love the pics, btw do any of you have access to the pacific beauty for amara aka tiara?coz there's a lot pic of her

Posted by: juggie on Sep 26, 05 | 9:24 am

I think you have to pay to see all the pictures on that site juggie ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 26, 05 | 3:35 pm

i know that :) but maybe there's free site for that pic.btw there's a rumor that playboy gona shot another indonesian girl

Posted by: juggie on Sep 28, 05 | 8:16 am

aha... well, I hope to get my hands on the Spanish Tiara Playboy soon... but it's still kinda vague.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 28, 05 | 8:20 am

i donot agree with royal angel who said that indonesian people is lack of education since down of the economic growth, come on we're indonesian not that bad..!!! grrrrr!!!
its just a few people who have an opinion and cannot say in a proper english.
sorry my english isn't so good either...

just wanna say. i do support tiara... what's beauty for? if it cannot be enjoyed.??

(just an ordinary indonesian man...)

Posted by: iliketomoved2x on Oct 01, 05 | 6:48 am

did she shave her pubes?

Posted by: vania on Oct 03, 05 | 5:43 am

What's all this then? Secretary for hire?
"She can work for you, go out with you for lunch or dinner, and something else under mutual agreement." Interesting concept...

Posted by: Robin Hood on Oct 03, 05 | 6:53 pm

For those of you who like Tiara and other Indonesian girl why not stay in Indonesia and marry Indonesian girls.
Why do such sins if you can get it HALLAL !

FYI: Just because we're Indonesian with east tradition we don't have whores.
yes we do we have so many whores, bitch etc.
Visit us !!

Posted by: AlfaMart on Nov 10, 05 | 4:49 am

We could do without the bombs though...

Posted by: Robin Hood on Nov 10, 05 | 9:11 am

I support fully for her reposition to comeback to Indonesia! You're one of our Country's big assest.

Posted by: behaha on Feb 26, 06 | 7:05 pm

Bravo Tiara. At least Indonesia has made its mark. When will Malaysia make its mark ? We shall await for Amber Chia who appeared in Playboy Indonesia and will also shoot for Playboy USA. Malaysia Boleh !

Posted by: resource95 on Apr 14, 06 | 2:38 am

// Comment removed because of non-english language.
Please read Asian Sirens comment rules under comment box. Thank you.

Posted by: reeze on Apr 28, 06 | 4:13 am