Japanese 3D sex doll animation

Japanese 3D sex doll animation

Although we usually don't show porn, I thought this interesting CGI animation movie would be okay to post here. So beware, don't click 'more' if you are at work! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jan 26, 08 | 10:48 pm | Profile


Dang! That was pretty hot.

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Jan 27, 08 | 1:19 am

I feel virtually dirty.

Posted by: Curtis G. on Jan 27, 08 | 1:25 am

Interesting with the CGI technology - but I have to admit I found the incest storyline disturbing.

Posted by: leprechaun on Jan 27, 08 | 3:53 am

other than the whole incest thing, that was pretty hot..

Posted by: Asiandreamland on Jan 27, 08 | 4:20 am

No anal? :-(

Posted by: Candyman on Jan 27, 08 | 10:11 am

Ha. I like the box of tissues on the bed frame...apparently, "brother" won't be need ing those or his dirty mags for awhile.

Posted by: malpaso on Jan 27, 08 | 5:38 pm

"So beware, don't click 'more' if you are at work! ;-)"

Also, don't visit this site at all at work. I don't think many employers would be OK with the boobs and bush on the left side of every asian-sirens page. Just saying...

Posted by: Optimus1 on Jan 27, 08 | 8:14 pm

you are sick candyman :) but i like it :))

Posted by: LawBoy on Jan 27, 08 | 8:50 pm

hey redtube is almost as good as uporn. :) is it wrong to be turned on by cartoons? doc? :))

Posted by: LawBoy on Jan 27, 08 | 8:52 pm

I reckon that as long as you aren't hurting anybody else, you can be turned on by whatever you want. ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 27, 08 | 9:08 pm

Only if it's Jessica Rabbit. :)

Posted by: arf on Jan 27, 08 | 9:10 pm

i think we talked about hobbits and elfs before doc :))

Posted by: LawBoy on Jan 27, 08 | 10:29 pm

oh yea arf...jessica wabbit was hot. anyone has porn of her? i'll pay for it :)

Posted by: LawBoy on Jan 27, 08 | 10:29 pm

I want to know who reads AS at work. I would catch a sexual harassment charge in a heartbeat. I was hoping to see some of this but it's cool. And RedTube is a pretty good site. I'm not much into cartoon/CGI incest, but I do like Latina maids who are dirty :-)

Posted by: Candyman on Jan 28, 08 | 9:36 am

very very interesting

Posted by: argent on Jan 29, 08 | 12:09 am

cartoon very nice. Storyline very twisted for my taste.

This is another I like from redtube!!!

Hope you guys enjoy this natural beauty

Posted by: BlueSeaMonster on Jan 29, 08 | 12:40 am

I'm still waiting for Team Ninja of DOAX2 to get into porn. Maybe this is a hint of things to come.


Posted by: Kimfucious on Jan 29, 08 | 12:48 am

It is pretty hot. I do wonder why the cartoon characters tend to have extra large boobs? I think if she looked more normal I would have liked it better. A little anal would have been good too.
I look at AS at work but I stop short of any porn films. Thats a no-no.

Posted by: onegameref on Jan 30, 08 | 11:54 am

I LOVE TECHNOLOGY! Anime characters are that much closer to being one with my loins... hahaha. Hey, I can dream can't I? Guys???

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Feb 05, 08 | 5:25 pm

wow...that was creepy

Posted by: buckazon on Feb 06, 08 | 3:34 am

nothing like taking a piss all over your classroom after you've had sex with your brother.
so glad i don't live anywhere near japan

Posted by: buckazon on Feb 06, 08 | 3:39 am


Posted by: UFO2 on Feb 10, 08 | 1:54 am

splat splat splat.. cute.

Posted by: InParties on Feb 21, 08 | 11:10 am

Enjoyed it actually. I don't know how true the stories are, but I've heard about stories like this. Even heard a story once where an exchange student was seduced by his home family mother.

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