Koreans are hot!


Editorís note: This is a guest post from Candyman.

Iím sure that there are readers here that already know this, but for those who donít I have some breaking news: Koreans are hot!!!!!

I always knew that Koreans were hot, but I never took any time out to find photos of them until recently. I always spent my time searching for pics of other Asian women. A few months ago, I lost the passion that I had for photo collecting and was doing other things. I was on the verge of giving up everything I was affiliated with in regards to Asian women until I became a moderator over at ScanLover Forum which rekindled the passion that I had for photo collecting and Asian women.

Soon after, I started looking for more images of Japanese women because I have been disappointed lately with the quality of photos coming from America and with the models not being all that hot. These days it seems like all you have to be is Asian and you can be a model which should not be the case. Just because someone is Asian doesnít make them a model. Once my eyes were opened to how hot the Korean race queens are, I was hooked and wanted to share my revelation with the world. I got to thank drilla for opening up my eyes and introducing me to some really hot Koreans. Readers already know about Hwang Mi Hee who was previously featured, but I also wanted to share a few more that have caught my attention.

Ji Yoon Mi

Song Ji Na

Jo Sang Hwi

Park Eun Kyung

Chae Young In

Seo Ji Hae


My Flickr Page for more Koreans: www.flickr.com/photos/sugarandstryfe/sets/72157605736938877

More Hwang Mi Hee:

More Korean Chicks:

ScanLover Forum:

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jul 04, 08 | 10:30 pm | Profile


I must agree.Of all the women from the far-east...Korean women are the gold standard.
I've dated/bedded enough Korean women that I've even picked up the language a bit.

"ah e poyo" (phonetic mangling ;->)

Posted by: STRIPES on Jul 04, 08 | 10:58 pm

What is the far-east..there's like 3 (Asian) countries -_-. In that case I beg to differ STRIPES. And Korea-koreans living in the country-out of all Asian nations get the most plastic/cosmetic procedures done annually. It may be Japan, but I highly doubt it.

Posted by: 1201 on Jul 05, 08 | 12:24 am

Wow...that's like an overload of hotness with those pics above. Goodness gracious.

Posted by: arf on Jul 05, 08 | 1:45 am

You just found this out? Haha! Yeah, there's a lot of plastic over there, but look at the results!

Posted by: chile149 on Jul 05, 08 | 2:16 am

Agree wholeheartedly! (I'm a big fan of actress Lee Tae Ran.)

Posted by: Curtis G. on Jul 05, 08 | 2:45 am

I'm OK with results of the Korean obsession with cosmetic surgery.Usually turns out rather well...except for that ROUND EYE procedure.They can stop that any time now.I don't see that operation so much these days as back in the 90's.I think it's because they realize that their natural born eyes are a big part of their desirability. Other than that...nip/tuck/enhance all you want!

Posted by: STRIPES on Jul 05, 08 | 3:09 am

Korean woman are so very HOT . . I love BoA Kwon she a very good singer and dancer

Posted by: OneOnOneOrg on Jul 05, 08 | 3:23 am

They are hot but they are look so alike.

Posted by: luvmandy on Jul 05, 08 | 5:13 am

You really should take a look at Lim Ji-Hye, she's hot, real hot !

Posted by: Sh1n on Jul 05, 08 | 7:19 am

It's a real toss up between Japanese and Korean women on the hotness scale. I'd almost have to say that I lean towards Korean girls a bit more - but I think that's maybe because I have never dated any Koreans so there's an added intrigue/mystery I have yet to uncover (undress?). :-P

As per the plastic surgery comments, I could really care less about any kind of surgery as long as it's not obvious the work has been done.

Posted by: sevendeuce on Jul 05, 08 | 9:57 am

If you want more Korean chicks (Korean race queens, Maxim Korea photos, Lee Ji Woo, Im Jye He, Kim Ok-bin, Hyori, etc.) and tons of Hwang Mi Hee, you can try:


Posted by: 0x229c80 on Jul 05, 08 | 12:04 pm

I believe with foreign interests our enthusiasm will bring attention which will bring diluted material leading to the lack of interest of the very subjects we are so interested in.

I think the same thing has happened with Anime here in the US, its being picked up by more and more places and many new productions have Anime-like qualities but its not where near as good. Leaving me to create a sub category I call crap-me and most enthusiasts today probably couldn't tell the difference or have a distaste for what I call quality.

One of the things that drew me into Asian Models were the pictures themselves. They were not the tired old poses of crotches, weird legs spreads and huge fake breasts (although I do like breasts) in bed rooms, created picture areas and heavy retouching. They were vibrant colorful shots of women in bikinis on beaches, forests, old Japanese style houses, springs,etc etc. Something that you were guaranteed not to open Playboy or Penthouse and see. There were no look at my crotch shots, with you want my crotch looks on their faces.

Unfortunately I find now that its all too common to find "models" in settings that you'd see in any pron film or any nude magazine or semi-nude on stands right now. The models are lame, the settings are lame and the pictures and models have been retouched until it would sell.

Posted by: bigstusexy on Jul 05, 08 | 12:06 pm

@bigstusexy - In my opinion, photos of Japanese models tend to have lame settings with bad lighting, but Korean photographers take photos with good color, outfits, and background.

Posted by: 0x229c80 on Jul 05, 08 | 12:22 pm

I don't discriminate. I don't love Korean girls any more or less than most of the asian women. Having said that, I still think their fantastic.

Posted by: wylde8 on Jul 05, 08 | 12:32 pm

Remember, the girl that got all this started was Korean, Sung Hi Lee.

Posted by: Denver11 on Jul 05, 08 | 1:13 pm

a couple of Park Eun Kyung animated gifs



Posted by: Zamscan on Jul 05, 08 | 1:45 pm

Thanks for sharing those GIFs! They are so cute

Posted by: 0x229c80 on Jul 05, 08 | 4:59 pm

The last picture, 서지혜 (Seo Ji Hye), is not a racing girl. She is a mainstream actress.

I am unsure if you did not mean to imply that she was a racing girl or simply did not know it, but please do make this correction.

Posted by: korking on Jul 05, 08 | 7:29 pm

All beautiful women.

I used to date a beautiful (and smart) Korean-American woman (med school student). A real sweetheart!

With that said...

Candyman, SEVEN pictures of beautiful women, in your post. NONE of them nude. Dude? :#)

korking, there is nothing in the post that suggests that all of the girls included (or Seo Ji Hae, in particular) is a race queen.

OneOnOneOrg, can we agree that BoA is beautiful and not the worst of the Asian Siren singers? "Very good"? Well, compared to most of her young, beautiful Asian sisters, that might be true.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Jul 05, 08 | 7:59 pm

"There were no look at my crotch shots, with you want my crotch looks on their faces." Oh boy! That was funny. :) I think, judging by the way the comment sounds...maybe, and I said maybe, Asian-Sirens ain't the right site for bigstusexy. :) (smiling) Butttt...I'm not a physician or anything unlike the sorts. Hey...it's all good. Them ain't fightin words or anything. Just seein what I'm readin. Cause I personally love the...you want my crotch faces...asian girls make. SLURP :)))

Posted by: arf on Jul 06, 08 | 4:19 am

Candyman, great guest post! I hope to see another in the future or possibly joining the Asian Sirens blog team. I am glad to hear that Korean women helped rekindle your passion for collecting photos of Asian women. It would have been a loss if you had left the scene since I always enjoy reading your comments.

Posted by: badboy on Jul 06, 08 | 10:58 am

I can usually spot Japanese girls, but in looking at all these pics of Korean girls, I really can't distinguish them from Chinese girls.

Posted by: CharlesDarwin on Jul 06, 08 | 5:52 pm

Seo Ji Hae... saw her in 사랑해 (saranghae // i love you) drama recently. i really enjoyed the show, though I didnt find her that attractive as opposed to her costar (who played lee young hee // 이영희).

anywho... i love koreans.

ps. i thought i saw you over there at scanlover, mr candyman!

@above poster. it takes skill and exposure.

some of my favorites while i'm at it:
한가인 // han ga in
김태희 // kim tae hee
이효리 // lee hyori
so many more... dont hesitate to ask!

Posted by: jdrevenge on Jul 06, 08 | 6:26 pm

@ dean... porn industry in korea is thousands of times smaller than that of japan.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Jul 06, 08 | 6:27 pm

I got to tell ya that it is not easy writing an article to have up on Asian Sirens. I always knew Koreans were hot. I watch a good amount of Korean films with hot actresses in them, but for some reason I never took any time out to look for pictures of Koreans until recently. Yea there is a prevalence of plastic surgery, but who cares. Plus I canít tell who had surgery and who hasnít, so there is no point in me worrying about it. And itís silly to tell someone not to do something that will make them hotter since the results are awesome. So Iím all for it. If the doctors there were butchering women left and right then I would be against it.

Kwon Boa is yummy. I found out about her when I was in Japan. Iím not into her music, just her.

I donít think foreign interests will water down material since it is so exclusive and itís not something that you can really export. So I donít see this going the same route as Anime which now stinks.

I wasnít implying that Seo Ji Hae was a race queen. Iím just saying that the Korean race queens were the ones that really got me back into photo collecting. I added her because I think she is so damn cute. Sung Hi Lee was one of the original ones that got me started into all of this back in í03. And she is still hot.

I wish I did have some nudes but not many Koreans in Korea pose nude. Plus there isnít much of a porn industry there. But these chicks donít need to be nude to appreciate how beautiful they are. And there are a lot of hot ones that I didnít mention; I just gave a couple of the ones that I am into.

And thanks for the comments. Iím glad I didnít leave. I love what I do. Now I am at the point where I am doing too much and thereís not enough time in a day. But I was close to giving it all up and disappearing. I canít do any full time writing but I can do an article here and there, but lately there isnít much news and some sources have stopped writing, so itís getting harder to find something to write about. But if I find something interesting, I'll write about it.

Posted by: Candyman on Jul 06, 08 | 11:44 pm

Thanks Candyman, great job! :-)

Posted by: NorthMan on Jul 06, 08 | 11:47 pm

I agree Koreans are the hottest....that's why i married one:)

I would say that it doesn't hurt to look but if you were married to a Korean girl you would know that is NOT true!

Posted by: fencerider on Jul 06, 08 | 11:53 pm

Even though I married a women from the Caribean I have always thought Korean women were in the upper ranks of the highest average looking women. But then recently thanks to this site and just general googling around I realized that a significant percentage of the under 45 women from Korea have had work done.

Even so from my personal experience of living in a high student population area, I have always noticed that the Korean exchange students male or female tend to be better looking than the Japanese or Taiwanese.

Funny side story thats related slightly to this subject, in my travels I once met an American expat who worked in Tokyo and who was a little below average looking white dude. He claimed to have ten Japanese girlfriends back in Tokyo. I said to him that I have always found the Japanese not quite that appealing. His response was that the exchange students tend to be below average. I thought about it and it seems to make sense but they still represent some kind of average.

The American born and raised Koreans are also usually somewhat better looking than the Japanese or Chinese raised here.

Ironically enough I have never really dated for very long any Korean women. I think maybe two. Thats only one percent of all the women I have hung out with total. And those two I only hung out with a couple of times. The other thing I noticed was that Korean women seem even more materialistic than all the other Asians. Or is that just out of my statistical sampling?

Posted by: rotaryseven on Jul 07, 08 | 4:34 am

^Korean americans are materialistic, much more so than actual koreans.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Jul 07, 08 | 12:28 pm

Of all Asian women Japanese and Koreans are my faves. It's hard for me to have to choose between the two... could I possibly have one of each... haha!

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Jul 07, 08 | 6:39 pm

I just love asian woman. I can't make up my mind.

Posted by: hugh on Oct 19, 08 | 8:17 pm

soon ji na (animated gif)


Posted by: Zamscan on Feb 28, 09 | 12:14 pm

That gif is awesome. Song Ji Na oozes cuteness. Thanks Zam.

Posted by: Candyman on Feb 28, 09 | 11:20 pm