Nude Piano Practice!


Here I am, sneaking up on Sachiko while she practices her piano - in the nude! Luckily I just happened to have my video camera with me. ;-) You can view a teaser clip of this video on her blog, plus if you're a member of her web site, you can see an extended, full nude version. You can see the original, full length, full nude video from which this clip came on her raw demo DVD, which also features her singing in the nude as well!

I'm pretty sure this is something you could only see from Sachiko, as I don't think there's too many other nude models who are also classically trained pianists. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 03, 08 | 3:57 am | Profile


I'd take the part about Asia Carrera playing at Carnegie Hall with a grain of salt, but it is common for Asian girls (even those who later chose to shed their clothes) to have studied piano at least at one point in their lives, as well as other musical instruments, as the Zenra Orchestra proves.

Posted by: CEC on Sep 03, 08 | 3:26 pm

Take the Carnegie thing with many grains of salt. First off, there's the small recital hall as opposed to the main hall. And she could have done a five minute bit as one of many others on the program. A way overrated achievement. Many highly forgettable amateurs and students have done it. Assuming I believe it at all.

The Zenra porn genre in Japan has women doing pretty much anything: ballet, taiko, drumming etc while nude or screwing. Nothing new there.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Sep 03, 08 | 3:47 pm

Sweet, that sounds like a challenge Doc. Then again, I'm always looking for an excuse to look for nude girls on the internet:-)

But seriously, there's plenty of clips of girls getting their brains screwed out on a piano. Does that count, or do they actually have to be playing the piano while nude?

Watching some of these clips makes me want to be a piano teacher!

Posted by: wylde8 on Sep 04, 08 | 3:06 pm

They have to be playing - the piano has to be more than just a prop!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 04, 08 | 8:18 pm

How about this one Doc? She's not asian, but she's nude.

Posted by: wylde8 on Sep 06, 08 | 3:16 pm

Holly Smoke!!
She's so talented, playing and ****** at the same time.

I should try that too, just have to learn how to play the piano first.

wylde8, you're the man today

Posted by: daznlover on Sep 06, 08 | 5:51 pm

I did subconsciously have "Asian" in mind, but by the rules as I defined them, I guess a non-Asian does qualify! You guys have put an awful lot of effort into trying to prove me wrong here. ;-)

Oh, and I am still interested in any clips of Asian women playing piano in the nude, if such exist. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 07, 08 | 4:42 am

No worries Doc. In this case, my extra effort benefits everyone!

Posted by: wylde8 on Sep 07, 08 | 9:57 pm