Sena Ayanami


Sena Ayanami is a 24 year old AV model that had her birthday just 2 weeks ago. Happy birthday Sena. There are 19 photos below, and though this post is dedicated to Sena Ayanami, the final few photos feature her with another model named Yuria Sendoh who is 23. Someone else can feature her in the future if they like.


Age: 24 (12/13/1984)
Height: 5'1
Ethnicity: Japanese





















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Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 30, 08 | 3:29 am | Profile


Kawaii for sure, both of them!

Btw. check out this test:

Asian ethnicity test,

Posted by: AsianPlayboy on Dec 30, 08 | 4:40 am


The big brown eyes get ya everytime!

Posted by: Sefu on Dec 30, 08 | 5:20 am

A fine figure of a young woman.

Posted by: Basho on Dec 30, 08 | 6:33 am

somehow she reminds me of leah dizon..maybe the poses. but yeah i like her! not so much the other girl

Posted by: melodylee on Dec 30, 08 | 7:59 am

Are you sure she's Asian? Just saying...and being a wise ass.

Posted by: darklighter1 on Dec 30, 08 | 8:54 am

took the test (once!) and guess what? :-)
Congratulations - you have completed Asian girl ethnicity quiz?. You scored 5 out of 5. Your performance have been rated as 'Unbeatable'

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 30, 08 | 9:02 am


Posted by: Breeze454 on Dec 30, 08 | 9:49 am

She's okay but not for me. She does remind me of Leah Dizon, but compared to her Leah is much more sexier since she has more meat on her bones. As for that Asian test, I don't know how they can have Jenny Chu as just Vietnamese and be correct when she is Chinese/Vietnamese. That test is fail.

Posted by: Candyman on Dec 30, 08 | 10:47 am

Face 10 (way too cute)
Breasts 10 (i love her nipples)
Body 6 (i can count her vertebrae)

Posted by: tmghaueny1 on Dec 30, 08 | 12:47 pm

I'd feel like such a pedophile hanging with these girls.

Unlike most of the models on Asian Sirens, these 24 YEAR OLDS look too much like 15 year olds with overly fantastic/satisfying breasts.

I think I need to go lay down for a bit.

Posted by: Flashpoint on Dec 30, 08 | 4:34 pm

As long as they over 18 and look like them...I'd deal with it.

Posted by: darklighter1 on Dec 30, 08 | 5:34 pm

Wow! Very nice. I can't get enough of women who look like that. The girlfriend is nice, too.

I will have to take "the test" later on.

Thanks for posting, Travis.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Dec 30, 08 | 6:34 pm

Some videos here:

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Dec 30, 08 | 7:32 pm

She is sweet. Love that look. The AV stars look like they want it so bad unlike the cynical American porn stars

Posted by: ProfAbe on Dec 30, 08 | 8:14 pm

Sweet indeed! a little japanese cupcake.

Posted by: arf on Dec 30, 08 | 11:25 pm

An absolutely delicious feminine treat.

Posted by: Spartan on Dec 31, 08 | 8:51 am

Hmmm those are fake right?

Posted by: melodylee on Dec 31, 08 | 10:23 am

Yes, I believe they are fake. But very nice! :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 31, 08 | 10:36 am

She is really cute.

Posted by: luvmandy on Dec 31, 08 | 5:49 pm

Very fake. Mighty fake.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 31, 08 | 6:53 pm

They're both very cute. I'd love to see exactly how good of friends they are.

Posted by: wylde8 on Dec 31, 08 | 7:57 pm

Truly the best model featured here on Asian-Sirens in a long time. Sena Ayanami is definately added to the list of my favourites, not a girl I'll forget soon. Her face is flawless, her breasts are artificial looking but very nice (a bit big but it sets her apart), and her body overall is just stunning.


Posted by: jdrevenge on Dec 31, 08 | 8:53 pm

And very nice butts as well.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jan 01, 09 | 4:35 am

Hey guys,

Since my Asian Ethnicity Quiz was taken over 5000 times in a few days, I am now working on putting together version 2 with more hot girls and more difficult choices, I have a suspicion the quiz was a bit on the easy side for some on here ;-)
Anyway, I will let you know when its ready!

Posted by: AsianPlayboy on Jan 01, 09 | 3:53 pm

That test was fun. Just take into account the chicks who are of mixed ethnicities. That was my only issue with it.

And Sena has some really nice tits. I'll probably turn into a fan of hers once I see more of her AV work.

Posted by: Candyman on Jan 01, 09 | 8:41 pm

Also, HarryP, graphis pics are a bit too much of a giveaway. ;D

Posted by: jdrevenge on Jan 01, 09 | 9:24 pm

I would most definitely love to have this girl as my girlfriend or significant other. :)

Posted by: arf on Jan 01, 09 | 9:46 pm

Very fake, very sexy tits.
Nice body, slim yet some well defined curves. I'm all up for her, I like Sena.

Posted by: daznlover on Jan 01, 09 | 10:17 pm

I'd have to agree with jdrevenge. Sena is absolutely stunning. I will be watching her videos many times over the next few days.



Posted by: sevendeuce on Jan 01, 09 | 10:49 pm

I'd like to have this girl as my insignificant other ^_^...

Posted by: Asian Panty Lover on Jan 01, 09 | 10:53 pm

Ditto. :)

Posted by: arf on Jan 02, 09 | 12:20 am

Very nice, I like the second one better though. Both of them together is better still.

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Jan 03, 09 | 4:45 am

All very lovely. I wonder why Japanese boob jobs seem to be so much better than American ones.

4/5 on Harry's test BTW.

Posted by: Combover on Jan 05, 09 | 10:41 pm

See here - maybe I should put a permanent link to this article in the lefthand column! :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 05, 09 | 10:46 pm

Ah, very informative.

I got a Charlie Sheen on the breast test in that thread too, which I was quite pleased about. Probably something to do with my love for booze, coke and hookers.

Posted by: Combover on Jan 05, 09 | 11:17 pm

How did I miss this one?
Cute as hell with great breasts, thank you ;0)

Posted by: redmel on Jan 08, 09 | 9:24 am

Dr. Lee, that's a great idea. Why not start a "classic posts" box.

Posted by: RandyO on Jan 08, 09 | 10:46 am

amazing~~so nice ,i like

Posted by: C&C on Feb 01, 09 | 9:05 pm