Kat Gutierrez


As you know, I try to mix up the ethnicities of the models between posts so that everyone can find someone they like, regardless of taste. But in this case, I wanted to feature Kat Gutierrez because quite frankly I was shocked she did not receive her own post on AS by now. I thought she was fairly famous/well known in the Asian model community. But, better late than never.

She may be a big hit, she may not be. Still, she is very well known amongst online Asian models, so she deserves to be featured. Also, she has gotten consistently better looking over the years. Her early photos are my least favorite. These I really like, and it is definitely not just the photographer.


Age: 22
Height: 5'0
Ethnicity: Filipina
From: Los Angeles, CA



















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Posted by: TravisStroup on Mar 22, 09 | 12:50 am | Profile


Nice smile, but not really my type. Her earlier pics are more revealing but I agree that it's the least splendid. And I suspect that she's a lot older than 22

Posted by: kevguud on Mar 22, 09 | 2:14 am

My Goodness!!!...what a nice addition to my day. Thanks Travis. :)

Posted by: arf on Mar 22, 09 | 2:46 am

nice body...but don't like the face...

Posted by: Quyen on Mar 22, 09 | 3:15 am

I think she is alright, she has been a myspace 'friend' for a while and has some cute photos. It is good she does nude!

Posted by: Luke72 on Mar 22, 09 | 3:40 am

I was sure Northman did a post on this one ages ago, but when I do a search I can't find it! Hmmm...

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 22, 09 | 4:34 am

very bangable body and only 5', that would make for some good times for sure.

Posted by: AsianPlayboy on Mar 22, 09 | 6:46 am

She was in some horrific quality front page photo on a post where Northman reviewed some photographer. But she has waaay better photographs and is (at the very least) famous enough to get her own post, I think.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Mar 22, 09 | 6:47 am

Ah yes - here it is.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 22, 09 | 6:53 am

Exactly. Yuck. What kind of camera gives girls gray skin? The remaining photos that guy took are okay, but those first two... Anyway, I should probably save my annoyance for that thread.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Mar 22, 09 | 7:04 am

Kat Haiku:

Sit on my lap Kat
Bounce around and have some fun
We'll make too much noise

Slamming body even with the tats. Cute smile but there is something quirky about the looks she sometimes gives

Posted by: sflonglegs on Mar 22, 09 | 11:13 am

not bad but not great

Posted by: ..... on Mar 22, 09 | 12:43 pm

Kat is a roller coaster of fun, with those curves. Very hot, this was really a great post for this sunday. thanks!

Posted by: daznlover on Mar 22, 09 | 2:04 pm

She's so/so. Would be better without the tats, nice big fake boobs though.

Posted by: Denver11 on Mar 22, 09 | 3:12 pm


Especially with the glasses. I love women with the intellectual look who can take off their clothes and literally burst out of their underwear.

Posted by: Flashpoint on Mar 22, 09 | 7:11 pm

Come on, just putting on glasses doesn't give you an "intellectual look" - this girl screams bimbo to me!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Mar 22, 09 | 9:32 pm

I met Kat several times years ago. She's very sweet. I've always hated the boob job (as I always do), but she's a great person.

Posted by: Clint on Mar 22, 09 | 9:50 pm

This girl did a lot of porn shoots for the Asian Diva Girl site. Maybe even some B/G stuff.

Nice look but her surgeon must have been drunk. Her nipples are going in different directions.

Posted by: ProfAbe on Mar 23, 09 | 12:33 am

yeah i agree with dr.lee...I've seen her videos from her myspace...and the way she talks seem ditzy....

Posted by: Quyen on Mar 23, 09 | 1:53 am

Not the prettiest I've seen, but I love her proportions -- she's doesn't look like the typical 5' 0" model.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Mar 23, 09 | 5:17 am

I dig the Kat. And I agree with Travis she has gotten better over the years. She had alot of baby fat early in her career and has since toned nicely!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Mar 23, 09 | 8:58 am

The fourth photo is most certainly the best.

I can't stand over the top breast implants though, so that's as far as I'll go on this one.

Posted by: Mzungu on Mar 24, 09 | 6:10 am

She has been getting better over the years. It would have been nice if she didn't get implants or a better set of implants, but I am not bothered by it.

I love that Haiku. Keep 'em coming. And just putting on glasses doesn't give you an intellectual look, you need some clothes too.

Posted by: Candyman on Mar 24, 09 | 9:13 am

I like her big boobs even if they are googley eyed....more girls should be googley eye big boobed. I mean my first choice is 20/20 but if ya have to I can take one nipple lookin at me at a time.

Posted by: darklighter1 on Mar 24, 09 | 3:15 pm

haha darklighter!!!

Posted by: Faline Song on Mar 26, 09 | 6:21 am

Like it.She's looks 30 something.She could make bank doing Asian MILF porn.

Posted by: STRIPES on Mar 26, 09 | 1:20 pm

Stripes, agreed, she is definitely AMILF material.

darklighter -- Great Googly Moogly. And if you get too close, they could poke your eyes out:-)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Mar 27, 09 | 2:42 am

I've always thought the same too. Imperfect or out of round nipples and boob shapes have always been hot to me too.

Posted by: arf on Mar 27, 09 | 8:19 pm

Pictures went down in quality fast. And not even because of the ink. She looks like she could put on 20 lbs in a weekend in Vegas. And I agree she's not that young - but not as old as some are saying. But great implants and face.

Posted by: WestCoast on Mar 31, 09 | 6:36 pm

Definitely a MILF-in-training....
Delicious looking boobs. Even Darklighter can't turn down her delicious pair!!! :D
Incredible tight-looking kitty, if you're into extra friction!!!

Posted by: AsianBoobMan on Apr 08, 09 | 10:24 pm

This is the girl who inadvertently got me into glamour models. Thanks to her I've discovered so many more. But they say you never forget your first. I'd love to meet her some day. *Mwuah*

Posted by: Drummerboy on Dec 03, 09 | 2:12 am

WoW!...I totally forgot about this morsel of goodness. She'd make such a nice girlfriend.

Posted by: arf on Dec 03, 09 | 2:40 am