Fifi Buntaran


Fifi Buntaran is a model from Indonesia. All of her photos look the same. Oh well. I have nothing interesting to say about her, so for fun you can try to guess her age and her height from the above picture. It is not a trick question, I simply don't have anything else that will make this post interesting.


Age: 29
Height: 5'7
Weight: 110
Ethnicity: Indonesian
From: Pontianak, Indonesia











Posted by: TravisStroup on Apr 07, 09 | 4:19 am | Profile


Unusual looking... but cute.

From: poto-artis-indonesia.blogspot. Fifi Buntaran was born on October 4th 1979 in Pontianak, Kalimantan. Fifi Buntaran is an Indonesia Model. She is 170 cm height and 50 kg weight model.

Posted by: redlaw on Apr 07, 09 | 9:26 am

Dang..what a shock, this girl is from my city.. She's cute..
Pontianak is a small city with less very less photo models.

Posted by: hardsoft on Apr 07, 09 | 10:53 am

wow she's stunning

Posted by: Quyen on Apr 07, 09 | 10:56 am

I'm ready to see Fifi's fufu!!! :D :D

Posted by: AsianBoobMan on Apr 07, 09 | 5:00 pm

This girl is Drop Dead gorgeous

Posted by: muggs on Apr 07, 09 | 5:46 pm

i dont know... she has a great body... but theres something about her that doesnt do it for me

Posted by: iceman24 on Apr 07, 09 | 6:47 pm

much more attractive with the lighter mascara in the first couple shots. The heavier makeup gives her a clockwork orange look.

Posted by: redlaw on Apr 07, 09 | 7:30 pm

hot but not cute enough

Posted by: ..... on Apr 07, 09 | 9:12 pm

I am with Iceman, her left eye has a slightly heavier eyelid which is more noticeable in some photos. As she ages I think it will become more pronounced. For me she is just OK

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 08, 09 | 3:09 am

that's funny, she does look exactly the same in every picture. She's beautiful though.

Posted by: slackerking on Apr 08, 09 | 4:22 am

Fifi Haiku:

Come Fifi Come Here
Yep Same Look No Matter What
Stay Fifi Stay Here

She is striking. Stunning eyes.

Posted by: sflonglegs on Apr 08, 09 | 10:32 am

Love the red bathing suit. She's great looking, they eyes specially.

Posted by: daznlover on Apr 08, 09 | 8:14 pm

fyi, she did an ad appearance few years ago for man's suplemen product (a kind of viagra, but this one is liquid) called Irmax. I think she was the right icon :) Oh yeah i heard she did some type of aerobic to enlarge her boobs!

Posted by: dyner on Apr 10, 09 | 2:24 pm

Love those Indo girls!

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Apr 10, 09 | 7:39 pm

Let's dig deeper about Indo girls. Beautyful girl from Indo not only form Pontianak.
But I think she is not pure of Indo, preety enough.

Posted by: Niners on Apr 11, 09 | 2:26 am

I'll get you my preety. HaHaHa! :)

Posted by: arf on Apr 13, 09 | 12:03 am

not beauty enough

Posted by: sagasima on Jul 17, 09 | 6:27 am