Mariko A


To quell the masses, here is Mariko A, also from Met-Art. Her photos have better lighting. Once again, if someone can find the stats, please post them below.

There are like... 10 more Met-Art girls that I may post sometime this year.




















Galleries: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Posted by: TravisStroup on Apr 13, 09 | 5:53 am | Profile


Travis, I like this one.:)

Posted by: Denver11 on Apr 13, 09 | 6:46 am

Perhaps we could have something a little more subtle for the front page image, such as Mariko_A_2.jpg or Mariko_A_10.jpg.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 13, 09 | 7:23 am

she's pretty

Posted by: Quyen on Apr 13, 09 | 7:24 am

Perfection! Forgot about her thanks for the reminder T!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Apr 13, 09 | 8:06 am

She is fairly pretty. I think she's great from the waist up - her body's nice and trim, and she has a nice boob job and great hair. So I really wish the photographer would focus his camera a little higher more often, instead of being obsessed with the one part of her anatomy I find (very) unattractive. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 13, 09 | 8:57 am

Now this girl is a great find. Her body is very taut and proportionate. Plus, I love her dark, long hair. She takes some great shots. Delicious.

Posted by: wylde8 on Apr 13, 09 | 9:17 am

Now!!THAT'S what I'm talking about!! There is little to crit about this beautiful Asian..whatever her ethnicity. Agree with Doc: MetArt's photographers' preoccupation with the pubic area is distracting. Fortunately..the galleries provided by Travis also feature many other fetching poses. Mariko sets a very high standard for Asian appeal.

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Apr 13, 09 | 9:58 am

YES (!)

Posted by: STRIPES on Apr 13, 09 | 11:16 am

Thanks for this one, she's perfect. I agree with the other posters here.

Pretty face, great figure, just the right amount of muscle tone, pretty hands and feet, beautiful hair.

It's such a pleasure to see the model photographed in many different poses and from many angles.

Although I like to see a vag pic now and then, this photographers excessive focus on her's goes too far. Takes away from the otherwise absolute greatness of the model and pictures.

As NightHwak says; "she sets a high standard" Actually, it's all of us that set the standard.. Mariko meets them.

Posted by: Keyser Soze on Apr 13, 09 | 11:35 am

MetArt provides a huge quantity of naked ladies, I agree. But the quality of the models and photography varies from Excellent to Rubbish!

They have one photographer, I forget his name! Who has produced some really great, GENUINE Asian Beauties that are not American/Hawain/Asians.

Not much GENUINE Africans.

I have been a commercial photographer for 30 years, published worldwide. As a freelance, I am used to rejection!

Sent a submission of studio shot Pattaya Agogo girls to MetArt and receiveved the following reply:

"What is pro about this???
They all look like cheap hookers.

Look and learn...

"2 Pages of average thumbnails attached"


Eugenie at MetArt"

Having studied the limited number of Photo contributors to MetArt, I can only assume that MetArt is a 'Freemasons like club' for the few!!

Posted by: abwphotos on Apr 13, 09 | 11:58 am

Current Age 21
Eye Color BROWN
Hair Color BLACK
Height 162 cm
Weight 50 kg
Breast Size Large
Measurements 92/64/90
Country Japan
Ethnicity Asian

Extended Bio
My name is Mariko. I'm 20. I like to dance and to go to rock concerts. I am pretty good at martial arts. I play the guitar and write texts for my own songs. I draw very well, that's why I've chosen a job of the tattoo master. I simply adore my job. I like extreme photosessions. Once I was photographed sitting on the bike. But it will be interesting to mention that the bike hanged with the tires up! It was horrible but very exciting. But when I come home, I am kind, tender and a nice girl. I like it when someone takes care of me.

Posted by: Harjot on Apr 13, 09 | 12:18 pm

When did a B cup become large?

Posted by: johnnie on Apr 13, 09 | 12:35 pm

I'd say she's a C.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 13, 09 | 12:49 pm

Nice Travis. She has a nice p**y.

Posted by: azngurlluvr on Apr 13, 09 | 3:16 pm

Fascinating. I find her face exceptionally unnatractive. This is where I don't understand, there are a million girls who's face looks like this in the San Gabriel Valley.

She does have a hot body, but that face is killing me. She's all yours, guys...

Posted by: slackerking on Apr 13, 09 | 3:52 pm

Yaay no pubes! She gorgeous too...

Posted by: Breeze454 on Apr 13, 09 | 6:25 pm

I like that she is nekid

Posted by: AsianPlayboy on Apr 13, 09 | 7:35 pm

I simply don't understand guys who find feet attractive and spectacular vulva's unattractive. They are weirdos and will not be invited to any of my parties.

Mariko's vulva gets an A- in my book. Yennie Hoang, for comparisons sake gets an A+.

Posted by: Errol Flynn on Apr 13, 09 | 8:08 pm

For Mr.SLACKERKING: YOUR face,SIR, is "exceptionally unattractive"!! You have insulted every Asian woman in the San Gabriel Valley:"...there are a million girls who's(whose) face looks like this...".

Perhaps you would care to modify your careless drivel?? If not: You join the ranks of SoCal 'riff-raff' that plague this overcrowded beachfront of wooden shacks inhabited by egocentric under-achievers destined to NOWHERERSVILLE!

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Apr 13, 09 | 8:38 pm

No, I really don't care to modify my drivel. In case you've never been here, girls like her are everywhere, thankfully there are at least as many that are hotter, or more beautiful, sexier etc. etc. to me. Obviously lots of people find her delicious and that's what's great about this site, everyone gets what they like here. If you'd been following along at all, you'd know there is a constant disagreement about this type of girl vs. the import girls.

I'm glad you find me exceptionally unattractive, I'd be a little worried if you didn't. The second half of your rant I don't get at all, I don't live in Malibu I live in Pasadena but I'm sure it made sense to you.

Posted by: slackerking on Apr 13, 09 | 9:17 pm

Alright guys, let's keep it cool - everyone is entitled to their opinion. There are those of us who like real Asian girls (like myself), and there are those who like the westernised ones, like slackerking. I don't share his taste, but he is entitled to it.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 13, 09 | 9:24 pm

Having said that, I do think her makeup could have been a lot better in many of these shots, so she doesn't look as pretty as she could in them - it seems MET doesn't have much experience making up Asian girls. I think they finally nailed it in the swing shoot though.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 13, 09 | 9:28 pm

Holy Mackeral...Mariko is just what I was hoping to see tonight on A-S's. It's all just so right for me. Especially them legs and vulva.

Posted by: arf on Apr 13, 09 | 9:41 pm

I can't see what SK doesn't like about her, I think she is gorgeous and vaginatastic!

In other news I'm moving to San Gabriel Valley.

Posted by: darklighter1 on Apr 13, 09 | 10:27 pm

What's out there? Curious.

Posted by: arf on Apr 13, 09 | 10:32 pm

im sorry but i dont find her attractive either

Posted by: iceman24 on Apr 13, 09 | 10:45 pm

I just love the way she looks so happy to show us everything she's got. Oh yeah...and how bout' them legs and vulva. Nice. :p

Posted by: arf on Apr 13, 09 | 11:46 pm

Mariko Haiku:

Hi There Camel Toe
No Need to Hide in Them Jeans
Fresh Air Freedom Baby

There are a few photos I really like - the first one on her back in the white couch/chair and the one where she is upside down in the chair. Overall I don't find her overwhelmingly beautiful. Attractive yes...clean, yes...there is just something about her facial look that throws me off.

Posted by: sflonglegs on Apr 14, 09 | 1:30 am

What volvo? ;)
slightly cross-eyed :))
I would like to offer to suck her nipples back out!

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 14, 09 | 1:48 am

Her face is not pretty at all... it looks very manly.... i dont get

Posted by: ieatpho on Apr 14, 09 | 3:37 am

@Errol Flynn I was looking back at the Yennie Hoang page for the vulva comparison, all the shots were from playboy. I am pretty sure they edit out/trim protruding labia to "clean up" the shots, (my dad worked for the people that published Aus Penthouse and said that they do, ergo..). It was hard to tell from what was on offer here do you have better pictures? just so I can make a fair judgement ;)
Yennie is super cute!

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 14, 09 | 3:54 am

awesome..very pretty..but like doc said, from the waist up...just not use to looking at really really naked kitties :)) but i guess we need them ;) she looks a little bit like Sachiko?

Posted by: LawBoy on Apr 14, 09 | 4:16 am

Subtle like this?

or this?

Not, her face isn't spectacular, but I wouldn't go so far as to call her manly or butterface.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Apr 14, 09 | 4:28 am

Wow, I haven't been on for a very long time. Anyway...overall, I don't dig her only because there is something about her face that is unattractive. Her eyes look a bit mean; they don't match the rest of her face. I prefer a softer look. She looks good in some pics especially when her eyes are closed. Great body though and nice shade of skin too, very healthy looking.

Posted by: h0p3 on Apr 14, 09 | 12:30 pm

Pics 9 and 10...she has a long neck and so-so face. And I HATE saying that 'cause everyone has some beautiful features but the photographer didn't know what they were doing to pic the best of the model. This one just doesn't have a clue.

I'm usually not one to do the crotch-thang but this gal has a delicious looking vagina. I could spend my life in there; the same reason I don't go to'll be tha land of no return for me :O

Posted by: Chairman Kaga on Apr 14, 09 | 1:49 pm

Simply stunning...and she's pretty.

Posted by: FredF on Apr 14, 09 | 3:57 pm

very hot my girlfriend has the same pussy nice round walls

Posted by: ltlpup4me on Apr 14, 09 | 7:40 pm

They share a poon?

As for looking like Sachiko I think you better get a stronger eyeglass subscription Lawboy.

Posted by: darklighter1 on Apr 14, 09 | 7:47 pm

I find her face just a touch too manly. In some pictures it's not there but in others it really stands out to me.
The body is good but the inverted nipples are a bit odd.
I'm not complaining though, appreciate the post, just offering a different opinion.

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Apr 14, 09 | 8:26 pm

I'll clarify-the second picture seems very manly while the last one on the swing is beautiful.

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Apr 14, 09 | 8:28 pm

Yeah - I think what is making her not look pretty in some shots is more the photography (and makeup) than anything else. When they get them right (such as the swing shoot), she looks quite good IMHO.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 14, 09 | 9:12 pm

I think that her face is very pretty when she's posed naturally or with a slight smile.

When she purses her lips together (like Zdenka Podkapova in many of her shots), it looks like a faked trout pout. That certainly doesn't help her face.

Other than that, me rikey long time.

Posted by: Harjot on Apr 15, 09 | 12:58 am

Wingsfan I think those links only go to the sign up page.

Posted by: Luke72 on Apr 15, 09 | 3:24 am

This girl just exudes sexiness - and she actually smiles (well, it's sort of a smirk I guess)! And what a body!

As per the closeup shots of her... well, "you know"... I'm a fan. ;-)

That said, she's definitely not a traditional beauty - but this is that sort of unique look that I've talked about in the past. She's not cookie cutter and she's available to convey real personality.

Great post!

Posted by: sevendeuce on Apr 15, 09 | 7:40 am

If I saw only the last pic on this page I would definitely say this is a transgender woman (with a great workout schedule and a fine surgeon, no doubt) based on her face. It looks so much like a guy's face in that photo I'd almost swear the face was photoshopped in.

Posted by: ahinama on Apr 15, 09 | 8:56 am


Posted by: Flashpoint on Apr 15, 09 | 3:13 pm

I almost choked after reading that one. :) Talk about the Doc still working here?

Posted by: arf on Apr 16, 09 | 2:36 am

Yep - that comment was too crude as well Flashpoint, and you've posted borderline comments in the past. I'm afraid I won't be warning you again.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 16, 09 | 5:07 am

Not a fan of this girl, I think it's the hair that kills it for me. One of the things I love about asian women is their hair which is usually beautiful and relatively (okay, very) straight. This girl's hair seems very unkempt, the length playing a major factor. Overall, besides the hair, she's -eh- okay. Nothing to write home about.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Apr 16, 09 | 6:01 am

That's interesting - I can see a few possible reasons why somebody might not like this girl, but her hair wasn't one of them (maybe the lack thereof down below).

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 16, 09 | 7:11 am

I do not like her hair much either. I would prefer to see her ears. And many of the photos where she has it in front of her body does indeed make it look unkempt. It is yet another reason why I agree with Doc that the photos of her in yellow are the best, because her hair is behind her body, and though her ears are still hidden you can see enough of her face that it is acceptable.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Apr 16, 09 | 7:39 am

Agreed, if I had to pick a set, it would be the ones where she is in yellow. :)

Posted by: jdrevenge on Apr 16, 09 | 9:05 am

Very, very nice - she rocks and best of all no hair!

Posted by: Spartan on Apr 16, 09 | 5:14 pm

Wow, she is preety good in martial art? What kind of martial art would that be? There is something hiden about this girl.
Very interesting but if we want to dig it, becareful with that.

Posted by: Niners on Apr 17, 09 | 12:29 am

There is a new gallery up:
here, even better than the others, and with lots of what Dr. Lee calls information. She is beautiful.

Harjot, where did you get the info? Is Met-Art the sort of place where the free galleries have high res shots that aren't allowed here but you have to get a premium membership for biography?

Posted by: randy4asians on Apr 17, 09 | 9:44 am

The eight galleries that I could find are bookmarked in one place at

Posted by: randy4asians on Apr 17, 09 | 9:59 am

As much as I like this girl overall, I really find the close-ups repulsive - they really are too much information! IMHO, she has one of the least attractive pubic areas I've ever seen - I'll take hair over this any day (even though I normally prefer clean shaven). Apart from the swing set, MET really doesn't seem to know how to make her up either - they make her eyes look sleepy in the other shoots.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 17, 09 | 10:33 am

I think her pubic area is AWESOME.

All that hair belongs on her head.

Posted by: Flashpoint on Apr 18, 09 | 12:30 pm

Wait... I was going to make a comment about how I didn't even notice that there were pics of any BUT her V-spot (yeah I read Cosmo, shut up!) but I couldn't really say it in a funny way so I thought I would just say: Having just seen the pics the only thing I remember about her face is that she is Asian (and I know this because this is an all Asian website)... haha!

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Apr 21, 09 | 3:40 am