Christy Kee (Wiyona Chan)


This is Christy Kee. She is a model at The Black Alley as well as several other Thai adult websites under the name Wiyona Chan. Stats are slim, as usual, but photos are plentiful - also as usual.


Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand


















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Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 30, 09 | 8:08 pm | Profile


very nice she's making my mouth water

Posted by: nemesis on Nov 30, 09 | 8:28 pm

You do a fine job Travis

Posted by: mdt566 on Nov 30, 09 | 8:49 pm

Great boob job, great face. All good thigns about Christy.

Posted by: daznlover on Nov 30, 09 | 9:49 pm

Prettier than most from Black Alley.

Good job, as usual, Travis.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Nov 30, 09 | 10:42 pm

Nice girl except her skin is a lil plastic-looking.

Posted by: Asian Panty Lover on Nov 30, 09 | 11:12 pm

I'm not usually into Thai girls but I like this one, something about her face appeals to me. The rest of her is more than acceptable.

Posted by: Hakka Guy on Dec 01, 09 | 1:12 am

One word....Yes! Pretty girl........Although she could be clean shaven :)

Posted by: panar112 on Dec 01, 09 | 1:37 am

Does it get any more perfect??? Natural all around. No flaws, beautiful!

Posted by: geminiman on Dec 01, 09 | 1:42 am

Once again Travis, you have made my heart skip a beat and put me in a good mood. This girl is so hot...even the Doc is sure to like her.

Posted by: arf on Dec 01, 09 | 3:43 am

I wouldn't bet on it, arf. Of course, he might say that he does just to prove me wrong....

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 01, 09 | 4:05 am

Natural? No. Her breasts don't move when she changes positions. They are absolutely fake.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 01, 09 | 7:10 am

Absolutely, positively fake, but they look great if you ask me, as does the rest of her I must say. Quite a nice little package! Looks like arf was right. :-)

As for the plastic looking skin, that is of course due to excessive touch-ups. Sadly, that might indicate some nasty surprises in real life.

Oh, and at last we know who our Black Alley banner girl is!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 01, 09 | 8:12 am

I'm going with REAL. The bush is definitely REAL.

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Dec 01, 09 | 9:26 am

Like it a lot.Especially pic #3 with just that perfect hint of nibble-worthy "baby fat" peeking over the bikini at the waistline.Yummy.
Good find T.

P.S. why does "bush" only look good on Asian babes?

Posted by: STRIPES on Dec 01, 09 | 10:47 am

Pretty girl, no stupid tats, nice bush. Good find, Travis.

Posted by: ProfAbe on Dec 01, 09 | 11:18 am

Pretty cute girl, looks better in some pics than others but she's quite good overall.

Posted by: slackerking on Dec 01, 09 | 2:33 pm

i cant find any videos of her. i've seen her in some of the ads in this site haha. she's great. especially in the first pic and

Posted by: pander on Dec 01, 09 | 3:08 pm

perfect. a beautiful girl that doesn't think shaving of the bush makes her look BETTER! : )

Posted by: afrancis on Dec 01, 09 | 3:33 pm

Some of the pictures remind me of Danica McKellar from 'The Wonder Years'.

Posted by: Elric on Dec 01, 09 | 6:06 pm

ProfAbe, she has some tat, check gallery 3.

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 01, 09 | 6:28 pm

See looks like a friend of mine :P This just made my day. Thanks

Posted by: ohteddy on Dec 01, 09 | 8:07 pm

These Black Alley girls are just my style. Christy is really beautiful even though she's not my favorite Black Alley girl. Awesome post Travis.

Posted by: wylde8 on Dec 01, 09 | 8:08 pm

That girl has a pretty face.

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 01, 09 | 8:20 pm

It's nice that her boob job is a reasonable size in relation to her body. It looks as if they have photoshopped someone else's boob onto her in pic #4.

Posted by: Luke72 on Dec 01, 09 | 10:10 pm

That's just the shadows providing greater contrast.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 01, 09 | 10:12 pm


> i cant find any videos of her

Here you go:

As usual, found using

2 solo vids. 720x400 resolution.

FYI, it was the search for Wiyona Chan that turned up the results. Search for Christy Kee did not.

Posted by: DrNo on Dec 02, 09 | 12:23 am


thanks a lot. that search engine is kinda offensive lol but good shit. i found better image results looking for christy kee on google tho.

Posted by: pander on Dec 02, 09 | 2:38 am

She has got some nice b-b-b-boobies... haha! That's all I'm gonna say!

Posted by: FlipnIrish on Dec 02, 09 | 4:14 am

I tend to hate the kind of pictures posted by pander, some of which look like they were made for a nearsighted gynecologist. But do they possibly capture the level of modeling within which this woman belongs? She is pretty, but I dislike her fake plastic doll-like body, especially the breasts.

Posted by: knarf on Dec 02, 09 | 11:41 am

I hate pussy close-up shots like that too, but I love barbie doll-like bodies combined with pretty faces. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 02, 09 | 8:21 pm

Interesting:) I've gotta say I love a good looking p and the only thing better than looking is well let's leave that to the imagination. She has a pretty nice package (overall) even with the 70's look.

Posted by: slackerking on Dec 02, 09 | 9:30 pm

I am with Slackering, I am near sighted so that may explain it, but I feel this type of shoot suits her and she does it very well.

Posted by: Luke72 on Dec 03, 09 | 1:10 am

I'm in for the close up shots too! :P So close you could almost smell the perfume they're wearing and soap they bathed with. When I'm 80 years old with eyesight fading, at least I can close my eyes and think back to all the pretty parts I used to could sees.

Posted by: arf on Dec 03, 09 | 2:49 am


> thanks a lot. that search engine is kinda offensive lol but good shit.
> i found better image results looking for christy kee on google tho.

The the search engine at is not designed for finding pictures. Google is far better for that, certainly.

It is for finding full length porn *video* hosted on free hosting sites like rapidshare, megaupload, etc.

If you know of a Google search method for finding those that works better than that engine, I would be keen to know it.

BTW, it uses Google's own "Custom Search Engine" service. All it does is limit search results to known forums and blogs that primarily post such links. That filters out tons of noise you would normally get during normal Google searches and sends you directly to the sources for free downloads.

There are many "raidshare search engines", etc which give you links directly in the search results, *but* nearly all of them do not include screen shots (which is critical if you ask me), nor is the source of the upload known nor is there a place for people to post comments regarding the upload. Those few search engines that do include screen shots do not cover as much topics as as

I'd love to be proven wrong though. I'm always on the lookout for better solutions.

Posted by: DrNo on Dec 03, 09 | 3:40 am

yes very hot i love the hairy bush

Posted by: ltlpup4me on Dec 03, 09 | 11:25 pm

And another gallery of her:

BTW, that tat is very unobtrusive and I wouldn't mind seeing it up close and personal.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 04, 09 | 4:02 am

Reminds me of Maria Ozawa in some of the pics.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 04, 09 | 4:12 am

Very hot! I'm not normally a fan of bush but I'm willing to let it slide here. Phenomenal, sexy face and tight body... there's very little here I can complain about - if anything! Not quite a 10, but at least a 9 in my books. ^^

And for the record, I'm a fan of the up close and personal gynecological shots. Never understood why a lot of guys can't deal with them. But what drives me the most are those guys who hate them who try to make you feel like a weirdo-perv for thinking they're hot...

Posted by: sevendeuce on Dec 05, 09 | 10:40 am

I love her sweet nipples.

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 05, 09 | 9:25 pm

A very tasty piece of eye candy to be sure. My mind is flooded with a cornucopia of ideas for experiences I would deeply relish to have with this enchanting woman. She just screams raging feminine sexuality - to me at least.

Posted by: Spartan on Dec 05, 09 | 11:30 pm,79ec484f6232564003ea.html

Posted by: Sir Wankalot on Dec 06, 09 | 1:36 am,8a63143339a780fd03ea.html

Posted by: Sir Wankalot on Dec 06, 09 | 2:02 am

Wings...that gallery was superb. I love her furry middle parts. And sevendeuce...the weirdo-perv comment cracked me.

Posted by: arf on Dec 06, 09 | 2:07 am

2 more vids. The website is in Chinese but all you need to do is type the code in the box to download.

Posted by: Sir Wankalot on Dec 06, 09 | 2:21 am

Sir Wankalot...thanks for making me do just so. Just kidding. Superfantastic vids though.

Posted by: arf on Dec 06, 09 | 2:48 am

If you like her. Let me tell you more information about her.

Her real name is "Weerada" and "Cherry" is her nickname but I don't know her surname. She's 100% Thai and now she's an actress a thai spot "Sin Mankong" insurance and be an actress for Thai movie "Poe-Tak".

She goes by many name like "Christy Kee" (The Black Alley), "Wiyona Chan" (Pee Asian and AsiaNude4U) and Pim Pimpilai (ThaiCuties).

Find some pics and videos of her here

Posted by: Siampost on Jun 23, 10 | 9:57 pm

always nice to get more info and be reminded of some of the past sirens! she is cute whatever name she goes by and some of the comments here are hilarious. I love this site :)

Posted by: Luke72 on Jun 24, 10 | 4:10 am

I have all her movies made. Softcore porn from Thailand starring Wiyona Chan aka Cherry Samkhok. e-mail for screenshots and dowload link

Posted by: EthiMediaEnt on Jul 20, 13 | 3:18 pm