Chrissie Chau


My apologies in advance for the low quality of the photos. This was the quality I found for most of her photography. What I am not going to apologize for is Chrissie Chau. Not only do I find her very attractive, but - at least to me - her poses in these photos are extremely sexy, and not something I see very often. A little bit of extra originality (or perhaps, less conformity), is always enjoyable.


Age: 24
Height: 5'7
Ethnicity: Chinese/Hong Kong
Located: Hong Kong





















Mainland Hotties article

Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 03, 09 | 4:48 am | Profile


cute pair of eyes... nice boobs.. just enough..

Posted by: ferd on Dec 03, 09 | 5:21 am

adorable. I can imagine at least 6 months of bliss before she gets on my nerves.

Posted by: redlaw on Dec 03, 09 | 6:11 am

Great abs, nice tits, long, slim legs, cute face - no complaints from me!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 03, 09 | 6:17 am

The first picture, and the blue toned photo are incredible.

Posted by: DrNo on Dec 03, 09 | 6:49 am

This is different. I like. Nice shots. Different poses. Very very good sir

Posted by: Basho on Dec 03, 09 | 7:31 am

Yeah - I actually much prefer these technically low quality but fairly realistic photos over the glossed over glamour photos we normally get these days.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 03, 09 | 7:58 am

Chrissie starred in a HK romantic comedy movie titled "Short Of Love", released in June this year, playing Lily, a materialistic girl who dumps her boyfriend coz he got no money. Below are the synopsis and trailer of the movie with Chrissie featured inside:

Posted by: mitosblog on Dec 03, 09 | 8:07 am

Very sexy all around. Beautiful woman and nice pics. Great post.

Posted by: knarf on Dec 03, 09 | 8:18 am

In some of her pics, she looks like Grace Park.(Only in the face though) Especially in the last couple of pictures. This girl is very cute.

Posted by: Denver11 on Dec 03, 09 | 8:46 am


Posted by: STRIPES on Dec 03, 09 | 10:45 am

For the first two minutes after seeing Chrissie, I had this crazy O-face going on. :o I would've felt silly if the wifey caught me. :)

Posted by: arf on Dec 03, 09 | 11:30 am

Quality. Proportional boobs and abs are a very nice combination, though huge boobs and abs aren't bad either.

#7 (black bikini on beach with sunrise behind) is the best of the group.

#3 is in a minisub for those who didn't recognize. I can even tell you which country its from, though they FedEx those things all over the world for jobs.

Posted by: The_Collector on Dec 03, 09 | 12:30 pm

i love her longtime

Posted by: nemesis on Dec 03, 09 | 1:10 pm

The first photo is my fav: cute and naughty at the same time. Those sexy eyes penetrate the camera in every single shot. This girl knows her stuff!

Posted by: IRIS Media on Dec 03, 09 | 3:02 pm

Gorgeous and naturally sexy. I'd guess she is a lot of fun in person!

Thanks TheCollector. I was really wondering what that was.

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 03, 09 | 4:14 pm

Effin adorable. A little messy with toothpaste, though ;-) Here, sweetie, lemme help clean you up...

Posted by: shoujobot on Dec 03, 09 | 4:26 pm

Fantastic Travis, an early Christmas present!

Posted by: Luke72 on Dec 03, 09 | 5:04 pm

absolutely adorable!

Posted by: Kabbala on Dec 03, 09 | 5:22 pm

thanks, next time put a bow on it!!

Posted by: blainefun on Dec 03, 09 | 5:28 pm

@mitosblog: are you sure that's the same girl?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 03, 09 | 7:45 pm

Surprisingly, I like her quite a bit. I didn't think I would judging from the first pic. Nice abs.

Posted by: wylde8 on Dec 03, 09 | 8:58 pm

Very nice, very!

Posted by: AsianWomenAlways on Dec 03, 09 | 9:33 pm

My kind of lady! *blows a kiss to her*

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 03, 09 | 9:34 pm

I found a bunch of pics of her a few months ago but never looked at them. I really need to stop being so busy.

But I also love shots like these which are way better than most of the boring, photoshopped bs that's out there.

I'll leave you guys with an early Christmas present. Toodles. :-)


Posted by: Candyman on Dec 03, 09 | 10:12 pm

Thanks Candyman! This girl really is hard to fault I must say.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 04, 09 | 12:13 am

Her beautiful brown eyes are so mesmerizing and stunning. She could put you in a trance for hours.

Posted by: arf on Dec 04, 09 | 12:37 am

Chrissie is really a cutie. Now I am trying to figure out why I didn't really look at these pictures when I got them. Here I am looking for someone who's not Japanese to write about when I could have chose her. Oh well. Thanks Travis for bringing her back to my attention.

Posted by: Candyman on Dec 04, 09 | 12:40 am

Wow, a girl who seems to have universal appeal! I like the photos, like the girl, cute as hell, great petite Cantonese figure, early Christmas present for me! I love the way she projects her playfulness.

Posted by: Hakka Guy on Dec 04, 09 | 1:47 am

She a knockout, a perfect 10 in my books. Thanks for the introduction Travis!

Posted by: ohteddy on Dec 04, 09 | 1:56 am

I know I know, this is my third comment and second in the last hour...but to me, Chrissie has that classic beauty that will never get old. Just darling.

Posted by: arf on Dec 04, 09 | 2:18 am

About time! She's been on every poster in sight on Hong Kong this year and taken the city by storm. And for once the masses are right. Damn lovely she is too.

Here's a commercial with her in it...

Posted by: Combover on Dec 04, 09 | 3:44 am

Sorry, that was the making of the commercial, here's the commercial itself...

Anyway, there's loads of other live action stuff of her all over Youtube.

Posted by: Combover on Dec 04, 09 | 3:50 am

Like this...


Posted by: Combover on Dec 04, 09 | 3:56 am

Only one problem with Chrissie -- no nudity.

Okay, one other problem -- she's somewhere other than with me.

I just love her cleavage.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 04, 09 | 4:31 am

Those ads are hot! It feels very strange for a girl with mass market success to actually be as hot as she's cracked up to be.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 04, 09 | 6:29 am

count me into the chrissie chau fan club ::thumbsup::

Posted by: TheGermy on Dec 04, 09 | 6:35 am

All right, all right! I give up! Try as I may I get lost in those eyes.

Posted by: Drummerboy on Dec 04, 09 | 4:00 pm

@Wingsfan19 QUOTE: "Only one problem with Chrissie -- no nudity."

Don't worry, I'm sure there's a private sex tape in the making, so in another year she can have a public scandal to keep her popularity going strong. ;)

Posted by: IRIS Media on Dec 04, 09 | 5:28 pm

Search by her Chinese name:周 秀 娜
Zhou1 Xiu4 Nuo2

She's all over Hong Kong these days in ads for Slim Beauty. Very nice!!!

Here is the google image page for her:

Posted by: Jon on Dec 04, 09 | 7:54 pm

She seems very tall, check at 00:22

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 04, 09 | 8:08 pm

Good collection Candyman, thanks.

She reminds me of Reon Kadena. Similar sex appeal, body style (just better abs) and poses.

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 04, 09 | 8:16 pm

Great link, Arf. She is my dream girl.

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 04, 09 | 8:50 pm

I remember being in HK last year when her adds just came out. It was hard not to stop and stare at them... Luckily they were/are everywhere, so even as you pass one, another comes into view.

Posted by: Halapo on Dec 04, 09 | 10:26 pm

Official (?) Blog:

Posted by: wiredzen on Dec 04, 09 | 10:51 pm

Dreamy it is. She's a bit of a tease in this clip here.

Posted by: arf on Dec 04, 09 | 11:04 pm

Really fantastic.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Dec 04, 09 | 11:08 pm

Here you go daznlover. You're shot at 00:22. I almost feel sad I can't have her.

Posted by: arf on Dec 05, 09 | 12:23 am

Well not quite the same shot, but same short shorts and same long sexy legs.

Posted by: arf on Dec 05, 09 | 12:29 am

Alrighty! I found her height - she is 5'7. I also added 3 photos because I wanted to =).

Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 05, 09 | 1:25 am

Holy Moly...Travis you're the best. :)

Posted by: arf on Dec 05, 09 | 2:54 am

Sweet mother....yea shes amazing!

Posted by: allasian on Dec 05, 09 | 4:34 am

Here is an article about her (in English):

Here is an interview:

Slim Beauty (the company) has some GREAT looking models!


Posted by: Jon on Dec 05, 09 | 7:31 am

Thanks arf, gotta love the legs.

So 5'7 makes her quite tall as I figured. At least for chinese standards.

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 05, 09 | 3:34 pm

Whoa, a ton of new Chrissie Chau fans since my last visit! NICE!

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 05, 09 | 9:21 pm

I approve.

Posted by: jdrevenge on Dec 05, 09 | 10:05 pm

A divinely exquisite woman. I could warship in her church seven days a week if allowed the opportunity to prove my faith so.

Posted by: Spartan on Dec 05, 09 | 11:36 pm

Are there more women like Chrissie in Hong Kong? Cuz I would love to hook up with a HK lady.

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 05, 09 | 11:49 pm

Incredible find!
Cute and seductive at the same time.
Where can I find a woman like her?? :P

Posted by: paranoyd on Dec 06, 09 | 3:43 pm

A success case here in AS. :)

HK marriage agencies: your call!

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 06, 09 | 5:35 pm


That toothbrush pic, with those beautiful eyes, is so inviting. Fantastic!

Posted by: Gooner on Dec 06, 09 | 8:54 pm

She really is absolutely delicious. Just thought I'd throw that in there. :)

Posted by: arf on Dec 07, 09 | 1:31 am

Oh yeah...I just slobbered too.

Posted by: arf on Dec 07, 09 | 1:34 am

OMG - it's unanimous!

IRIS Media: I prefer nudity when the subject agrees to it -- I don't approve of videos shot and sold by scum (ex)boyfriends at least not if they haven't already appeared nude. I might make an exception in Chrissie's case, though.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 07, 09 | 4:02 am

If Asian Sirens ever does a 'hottest ever' vote, this girl will do well. Hot damn, rare to see such universal acclaim. She deserves it too!

Posted by: Dongbeiyemer on Dec 07, 09 | 10:46 am

Chrissie is coming to Toronto this December. So if anyone wants to see her in person, you can take a look at this web page

Posted by: VX on Dec 07, 09 | 6:32 pm

Yeah BABY!

Posted by: EddyMaximilian on Dec 07, 09 | 8:12 pm

VX: That link isn't working for me.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 08, 09 | 5:25 am

Sorry, try this one

Posted by: VX on Dec 08, 09 | 7:07 pm

I'm in love!

Posted by: ..... on Dec 08, 09 | 10:50 pm

If the Wings are playing the Maple Leafs around December 27th, I'll have yet another reason reason to be in Toronto! Except for the whole lack of money thing.....

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 11, 09 | 3:29 am

Quite beautiful, with an exceptional body. She has a mischievous, sprite-like quality, which I find extremely appealing.

Posted by: Wraith on Dec 13, 09 | 3:10 am

After "Short of Love" movie, Chrissie starred in another HK movie just released in Nov 2009 titled "Seven 2 One" where she plays a convenience store staff being molested by her boss.

Short clip of Chrissie (in specs) getting molested by her boss here:

Poster, Trailer and Synopsis of Chrissie's new movie titled "Seven 2 One" here:

This is a chance for you to see her wearing specs!

Posted by: mitosblog on Dec 15, 09 | 3:13 am

awesome!! ni hao ma girl :))

Posted by: LawBoy on Dec 17, 09 | 4:18 am

You'd better stick to Viet LawBoy. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 17, 09 | 5:13 am

Or English. Hello, girl!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 21, 09 | 3:51 am
hot panda anyone?

Posted by: aeboi on Feb 03, 10 | 2:04 am