Misa Ozawa


Something clever, something clever, something clever... I got nothing. Here is 小沢美紗, better known as Misa Ozawa. I have no idea if I like her or not. Pretty much depends on the photo. Some yay, some nay. Many below.


Age: 22
Height: 5'4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Tokyo






















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Posted by: TravisStroup on Jan 29, 10 | 4:31 am | Profile


maybe a little more expression would be more appealing...but it not a nay worthy aspect....

Posted by: badnews on Jan 29, 10 | 6:12 am

Misa has a similar resemblance to another JAV actress called Miho Maeshima, who used to be my favorite.

Miho has larger breast and I wonder if Misa has any connection with Maria Ozawa since both have same surname?

Posted by: mitosblog on Jan 29, 10 | 6:14 am

I would bet a great deal that Misa's name is fake. Also, I presume that the names of almost all JAV actresses are fake (just my guess) and I have reason to believe that they often use the names of already famous JAV models to garner more attention.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Jan 29, 10 | 6:28 am

I think it's safe to say her boobs are natural:-)

Cute, but in some of the photos she looks like she's in anime.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jan 29, 10 | 6:57 am

love the curve :)

reminds me of my wife's figure maybe 5 years ago.

i like....

Posted by: mabaitroy on Jan 29, 10 | 7:35 am

I like the tight body, nice face and makeup, small boobs but very nice looking and left/right balanced. And she has nice smile. Bad photos are photographer's fault :P

Posted by: VX on Jan 29, 10 | 7:50 am

Very nice body (except of or the usual buttlessness), and she's definitely pretty enough. I think she would benefit from a visit to my surgery though. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 29, 10 | 8:12 am

Oh yes - the JAV names are all fake.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 29, 10 | 8:13 am

She's gonna get a liking from me.

Posted by: arf on Jan 29, 10 | 9:07 am

I really like Misa, and think she looks fine in almost all of the pictures.

I'm not a big fan of the blond hair, but for her I will overlook it.

Also, while I'm not one of those guys who freaks out over a little pubic hair, she could use a trim. It's a bit unkempt. I'd even volunteer to help her out with that. :#)

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Jan 29, 10 | 9:14 am

Lovely natural body--for which her cute little titties are perfect.

Posted by: knarf on Jan 29, 10 | 10:04 am

Very doll like and as you say, some pictures yay some nay, but on the whole I think yay.... but only just :)

Posted by: Mzungu on Jan 29, 10 | 11:02 am

Very nice, tight body...agree with Wingsfan19 that she does look anime, but maybe that is what she was going for? I can't tell...

I saw a lot of that in the Rupungi (spelling?) district of Tokyo...it's like the cartoons come alive!

Very natural, very nice...and no peace/victory sign! She is hot.

Posted by: French on Jan 29, 10 | 11:23 am

My apologies Mr. Lee. I will make all my comments consistant with the thread.

What wonderful boobs.
MMMM I would sure like to arrest her.
I wonder if she can endure my questioning.

Posted by: invest1 on Jan 29, 10 | 1:28 pm

pretty perfect face....but she's way too skinny....

Posted by: Quyen on Jan 29, 10 | 2:58 pm

She is beautiful and natural... I love those little titties and her hairy pussy. She is a great example of a beautiful asian girl.

Posted by: addictedtoasians on Jan 29, 10 | 3:00 pm

yes yes yes please!

Posted by: AZN Phan on Jan 29, 10 | 3:58 pm

She looks so yooooung.

I feel like a Phebophile

Posted by: knifepoint on Jan 29, 10 | 4:31 pm

What is with Jap girls and hairy va-jay-jays? Her eyes are creepy in some photos like she is wearing those big eye contacts. Like from that movie The Grudge... And too skinny, boy like. I like looking at healthier looking women with bigger bubbs.

Posted by: kimsoo on Jan 29, 10 | 4:52 pm

so hot but has to smile a bit more

Posted by: ..... on Jan 29, 10 | 7:25 pm

Oh my, she's just ridiculous. That super petite body and pretty face are very much to my liking. I don't usually like the Japanese girls as much as other types of asian girls, but this one really does it for me.

Posted by: wylde8 on Jan 29, 10 | 9:42 pm

Onsen is a big part of Japanese culture. I'd say it's probably the main reason a lot of young J girls still don't shave downstairs.

Misa Ozawa is pretty but I can walk out my front door and see J girls as good looking and better (I'm not exaggerating). There are so many hot girls here in Japan that Misa wouldn't stand out from the crowd.

Posted by: Sir Wankalot on Jan 29, 10 | 10:19 pm

I live in South Korea and I see hotter outside my front door as well. ( i live next to a college :P )

Posted by: Valinith on Jan 29, 10 | 10:35 pm

I live in the dead center of Georgia, USA, dead being the key word here, and I do not see anything hotter than this outside my front door. :(

Posted by: arf on Jan 29, 10 | 11:55 pm

coming back with another post, this girl is absolutely one of the most gorgeous girls who's been on this site.

Posted by: AZN Phan on Jan 30, 10 | 2:16 am

Where in the crack is LawBoy these days? Hope he ain't gone to the white side or something. :)

Posted by: arf on Jan 30, 10 | 3:21 am

Misa is definitely gorgeous. Nice tone body as well.

Posted by: Asianwebmodels.com on Jan 30, 10 | 4:02 am

what a coincident :) hey arf..i am still here but mostly on FB now :)
btw..she is very nice, young and taunt:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Jan 30, 10 | 4:24 am

Everything I see on Miss Ozawa looks good. I am curious about her teeth. The condition of smile she has can be a dealbreaker.

Posted by: Elric on Jan 30, 10 | 7:05 am

I like the wet/moist look in first picture and some other ones also. A bit skinny for sure but hey, that can be nice sometimes.

As for seeing hotter girls outside my door, I'd say most large Chinese cities that I've lived in or visited have plenty of girls totting around as nice as this young lass.
Go down to Sichuan province though (hottest women in China no doubt) and I'd say this girl would be even considered a little run of the mill.

Posted by: Shuai Ge on Jan 30, 10 | 7:10 am

We need to save arf:

We need a separate post about where in the world are the best examples of Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Cambodian, Chinese, etc BOTH within those countries and outside of those countries.

For example, saying "California has a lot of hot Chinese girls" would not be as helpful as saying "Vancouver's Chinatown neighborhood has many classic and pretty Taiwanese and Chinese women".

Another example, a friend of mine always raves about the "coffee shop girls" on Westminster Ave in Southern California...booking my flight now...

-Save Arf Committee (SAC)

Posted by: French on Jan 30, 10 | 12:42 pm

French, this sounds like a great idea for a new travel book series entitled "Eye Candy Around the World: Asian Chicks".

Posted by: myrke on Jan 30, 10 | 1:25 pm

I like her a lot and she looks like a twin to a co-worker of mine. Such a nice slim body and pretty face. Would be nice to see a full smile.

Posted by: onegameref on Jan 30, 10 | 2:49 pm

I'm not convinced there's more fake than her name. She looks like a Real Doll.

Posted by: JoeBlough on Jan 30, 10 | 4:55 pm

hmm, I thought her stage name was Mao Ozawa.

Posted by: kevguud on Jan 30, 10 | 5:03 pm

Sir Wankalot & Valinith are missing the point.

How many of those girls walking by your front door are nude, or at least willing to shed their clothes and have their picture taken? Aye, there's the rub.

Put a camera in the Tokyo Ginza District, or Seoul Gimpo, or in the old town of Shanghai and you'll see tons of Asian women equal to or better than many on this site. Sit at Venice Beach outside LA, or on South Beach, Miami and the lion share of young women would be eligible for centerfold status. Likewise, remove the makeup and photoshop and camera angles and many of these girls might just blend into the crowd.

Now, when the girls outside your front door start showing up au naturale - be prepared for much of this group to show up and watch the parade.

Posted by: dbldipper on Jan 30, 10 | 6:37 pm

Very nice, pity they have done there usual trick to blur out the flange area,very mixed standards ,its quiet acceptable to cover them in cum and watch them drink all the leftovers (Bukkake).

Posted by: bkksam on Jan 30, 10 | 7:17 pm

French: You're referring to "Roppongi" - a district in Tokyo famous for it's high level of gaijin wandering the streets and, of course, many clubs.

Having said that, I've always found that Harajuku was the place to go to see "anime" style girls in Tokyo. Some awesome cosplay there and many a gosurori (aka. gothic lolita).

Misa-chan is definitely a cutie and I dig her small breasts and uber-cute face. Part of me wishes she wouldn't bother with breast augmentation, but another part of me is curious to see the results as the Japanese are the best at it.

As for seeing better looking girls walking around town I must call shenanigans. I would be willing to bet that a lot of these girls people are referring to would not hold up to closer scrutiny.

bkksam: I have always found the blurring of genitalia highly amusing when, like you've mentioned, the results of bukkake are more than a highlight. lol...

Posted by: sevendeuce on Jan 30, 10 | 7:30 pm

sevendeuce and invest1: Did a search using the correct spelling of Roppongi and found this article:


Basically, it warns visitors to watch out as many drinks are spiked by the yakuza.

No matter where we travel to see Asian Sirens, we gotta be smart, i.e. think with the big head.

Posted by: French on Jan 30, 10 | 9:53 pm

Very sexy, petite but in some pics she's almost plastic. Still, beautiful and unreachable.

Posted by: daznlover on Jan 30, 10 | 10:27 pm

I like her face and her natural body (no implants for me...ever).

But she is a bit thin for my tastes. I like some curves, especially petite women.

Posted by: Strout on Jan 30, 10 | 11:27 pm

Finally decided for the positive. Sweet-looking face. Thin, sure, but doable.

for onegameref, looking for a smile.

Posted by: dbldipper on Jan 31, 10 | 12:26 am

I agree. She really petite, but I like her face. Really beautiful and sweet.

Posted by: Asianwebmodels.com on Jan 31, 10 | 2:42 am

French: not sure if my wife would want any saving to take place. :) I've seen a few hottie asians up in Atlanta, but it's a bit of a drive from my house. Nothing like when I lived on Okinawa. Also, Misa does have some pretty nice teeth which is always a plus.

Posted by: arf on Jan 31, 10 | 2:51 am

Not the type I usually like, but for some reason I find her face especially appealing. Some of the pictures are pretty sexy too, so even though she has no body at all I'm still really liking her. Could really use even a minimal boob job, and she's got no butt at all but very nice smile and something about the way she carries herself. Another nice post Travis.

Posted by: slackerking on Jan 31, 10 | 2:59 am

I really love this type of diminutive "dollish" type of lady. A little grooming on the box and she would be enchanting.

Posted by: Spartan on Jan 31, 10 | 8:16 am

Hey LawBoy, just noticed your comment! Did you know Christine misses you? She showed us her pussy at last too. ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 31, 10 | 11:18 am

thanks dbldipper, she does indeed have a nice smile. love her sexy slim figure. why do they blank out the naughty bits? is it some decency law in Japan?

Posted by: onegameref on Feb 01, 10 | 12:17 am

I really don't care for her much from the neck up (face and especially the way she keeps her hair). In fact, overall, she's really quite unremarkable.


Posted by: jdrevenge on Feb 02, 10 | 12:30 pm

imo, this is an example of a body that only asian women can have naturally (i.e. without starving yourself) -- it's hard to find a woman of another ethnicity with a similar body type. we can certainly get really slender! i'm amazed :P

Posted by: christine on Feb 09, 10 | 1:52 am

This one's the best of the recent Japanese bunch, nice body for small boobs lovers, though her head does look a little too big for her body, change of hairstyle may be suggested.

Posted by: Japanese Girls on Feb 13, 10 | 10:39 pm

Misa is a total fox this American guy would charn her spoil her and marry her. Beautiful to the max!

Posted by: tmaninfl on May 06, 11 | 4:04 pm