Saki Kozakura


I don't usually do notes on my lists. I probably should have, since it would help me filter through the women I like and the women I don't, but I didn't, and now with my list as big as it is, it seems pointless to go back and make changes. Yet for Saki Kozakura, I put a note that said "yeah." I don't know why. I think I must have made that note about a year ago. I don't know if Saki Kozakura is "yeah" worthy, but if the early 2009 me told me that I should feature her, then 2010 me feels like I have to, right?


Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan














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Posted by: TravisStroup on Feb 24, 10 | 8:50 pm | Profile


Not super naked, but naked nonetheless!

Great body, that's for sure. I like her cute little butt:

But she could trim that ass hair a bit.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Feb 24, 10 | 9:13 pm

Oh yeah Travis. You had to feature her. She's a pretty good little package.

Posted by: wylde8 on Feb 24, 10 | 9:35 pm

Very pretty...nice job.

Posted by: French on Feb 24, 10 | 10:02 pm

She's stunning! Great body and the boob job came out perfect. I wanna marry her. Well, sort of. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 24, 10 | 10:05 pm

That's a boob job? I thought they were natural? Man, am I really this clueless?

Posted by: French on Feb 24, 10 | 10:25 pm

Total boob job plus photoshopped. With that thin frame she'd be naturally very small, more like my girlfriend who has tiny ones.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Feb 24, 10 | 10:41 pm

Her nipple position is not quite right for natural breasts (which will always be roughly centred horizontally). It changes independently of the breasts themselves, while her breasts always retain largely the same form regardless of her pose. Both are indicators of implants - they keep the general shape of the breast roughly the same, yet move independently of the overlying breast tissue, which is why her nipples seem to change position on her breasts as she moves around.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 24, 10 | 10:55 pm

Why did you wait so long? :-) She's gorgeous, looks natural to me. If she's been airbrushed, well, if I meet her in person I guess I might be disappointed. I can live with that.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Feb 24, 10 | 11:00 pm

Definitely "yeah" worthy. I really like her eyes. If her teeth were fixed she'd be pretty much perfect. Her teeth kind of change the shape of her mouth, she looks really good in the photos where it isn't noticeable.

I'm pretty sure that's her hairy snatch just begging you to tap her from behind.

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Feb 24, 10 | 11:22 pm

Love that alluring face. Nice post, Travis.

Posted by: knarf on Feb 24, 10 | 11:34 pm

very nice post.

Posted by: AZN Phan on Feb 25, 10 | 12:38 am

I think I now know what everyone means by Japanese surgeons creating the best boob jobs....I really thought they were natural.

This is why I don't mess with hookers- with my luck it will wind up being a dude nick-named "Hulk".

Posted by: French on Feb 25, 10 | 2:02 am

Being a single guy in LA I see a lot of implants.

I checked out every single gallery photo and there is only one that leads me to suspect she might have implants.

There are many others that lead me to go against the flow here and declare that no, she does not have implants.

She has a kind of inverted nipple duct that I've seen on two Japanese -American women before, and she's also got a little assymetry in the placement, which unlike Dr. Lee, I've seen many times before on natural young ladies.

I think she is just a young woman with very taut skin who has low body fat and a little genetic boob.

As for photoshop, I just assume any picture on the web is, especially the ones with blurred out parts. ;-)

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 25, 10 | 2:06 am

You are making the same mistake a lot of Americans make TheCollector - assuming all implants are the same as what you see in the US. They aren't, especially in Japan. And you aren't understanding my comment re nipple placement at all - please go back and re-read what I wrote.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 2:18 am

YEAH! from me :)

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 25, 10 | 3:52 am

Fantastic girl!

And she has been in some good pornos. The first 2 movies from this search look quite excellent:

I'm downloading the 1st now.

Posted by: DrNo on Feb 25, 10 | 4:16 am

Beautiful highly feminine elegance in a diminutive package. A nice example of womanhood in all its glory.

Posted by: Spartan on Feb 25, 10 | 4:47 am

Lips... She has a wonderful mouth. Beautiful.

Posted by: Basho on Feb 25, 10 | 4:59 am

....should definitley have been an "oh yeeeeaaaaahhh...!"

Posted by: badnews on Feb 25, 10 | 7:13 am

She definitely has had a boob job.

Dear French and TheCollector:

This may be useful.

Posted by: knarf on Feb 25, 10 | 7:22 am

...and, if we are lucky, maybe some day we will get "Nose Surgery 101."

Hint, hint. :)

Posted by: knarf on Feb 25, 10 | 7:45 am

One of these days. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 7:59 am

I vote for Nose Surgery 101 too. Still clueless. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 25, 10 | 9:24 am

Well, I guess its a good job if connoiseurs disagree. ;-)

Here's a few add'l photos out of the gallery that support both views.

1. Shoulder back, side profile with almost no overhang.

1. Flattening and elongating of breast with raised arms.

2. Arm flattening breast with no uniform displacmeent or shifting of implant

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 25, 10 | 10:19 am

Ok, Dr. Lee, reread your analysis.

I was thrown by the overlying (vs "underlying") breast tissue description.

I see a future with commenters using a set of agreed upon acronyms.

She's got some ANP(asymmetrical nipple placement) or CMS (Cookie Monster Syndrome), but her SJB (small Japanese boobjob) is still QRS (quality reconstructive surgery).

Or those big stripper boobs (BSB) look fake from fifty yards away (3F).


Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 25, 10 | 10:25 am

those look real and perfect. just this guys opinion.

Posted by: AZN Phan on Feb 25, 10 | 11:45 am

Love her and them sexy legs.

Posted by: arf on Feb 25, 10 | 2:53 pm

i think it may be more apparent that they are unreal in this photo here

Posted by: christine on Feb 25, 10 | 5:49 pm

oops. seems like jjgirls doesn't allow hotlinking. i was linking to one of the photos where she was lying down. seems like thecollector did that as well for one of his pro-implants photos.

Posted by: christine on Feb 25, 10 | 5:52 pm

i think it's also important to keep in mind that this woman has a darker shade of makeup applied to "contour" her breasts, so i don't think any thoughts on shape of the breast will be accurate. in real life, she clearly wouldn't have those tan lines that contour her breasts in the photos. it's entirely possible that the makeup artist made a point of making her breasts seem a lot more perfectly rounded than they are. plus, it's another common photoshop procedure to edit the nipples to make them look symmetric. playboy definitely does this.

Posted by: christine on Feb 25, 10 | 5:55 pm

Okay guys - I was only going by the photos in Travis' post for my analysis, but after looking at all the photos that both Christine and TheCollector link to, as well as going through all the galleries, I think Christine is right - they have used makeup and Photoshop to alter the appearance of her breasts. However, I now draw the opposite conclusion: I actually think she has natural breasts that have been made to look fake! The shots where she's lying on her back (which are the most conclusive) definitely suggest they are natural to me - they way they flatten out strongly indicates this. So I believe my initial conclusion was actually completely wrong.

Photoshop is really becoming a headache for me - this is the second time I've been fooled by it! As Christine says, they've enhanced the contours of her breasts with makeup (which is to make them look larger than they are, but also makes them look more fake), and they've actually moved her nipples around in Photoshop to benefit the photo angle! This is what fooled me in this case. A good example is pic 10: if this were her actual nipple position, it screams fake, but I think they've moved her nipple off to the side so it isn't hidden by her leg!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 7:20 pm

Oh, and thankyou Christine for making me look at these photos more carefully - this is a good example of why I always value your insights!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 7:29 pm

Doc, doesn't she have some weird nipple placement right there in pic #1?

Anyway, I declare it a nice boob 'photoshop' job or whatever. It's still fake lol.

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 25, 10 | 7:49 pm

It is possible that her nipple placement looks weird in pic 1 because of the way they've contoured her breasts with makeup. However, the second pic knarf links to in particular is really starting to make me wonder if they're fake again! They certainly don't look natural here, and they don't look Photoshopped either. The pic where she's lying on her back would normally be the most conclusive, but there is another possibility: they may have Photoshopped them to make them look natural!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 8:07 pm

"...another possibility: they may have Photoshopped them to make them look natural!"

Yes. Since the photoshop business cuts both ways, it may be impossible to tell from pictures. I would vote "fake."

But this speaks again to the quality of Japanese work. Hard to imagine such an analysis of some Vegas specials.

Posted by: knarf on Feb 25, 10 | 8:17 pm

pretty good

Posted by: ..... on Feb 25, 10 | 8:43 pm

Photoshop is scaring me.

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 25, 10 | 8:57 pm

It sure is making my job hard!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 8:58 pm

lol Lee, my comment was just to point out the contouring, but i should've mentioned that i still think they look way fake! imo, real breasts just don't sit like that. i just mentioned the makeup/photoshop stuff to clarify, since i wasn't making any judgments based on nipple placement or their shape or anything. just thought it "too good to be true" for her to move without her boobs moving with her! :)

Posted by: christine on Feb 25, 10 | 9:45 pm

Yeah, I know you still thought they were fake, but those shots where she's lying on her back really gave me pause. But after looking at knarf's links, I'm leaning toward fake again. Damn Photoshop!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 25, 10 | 10:00 pm

in gallery 2 & 3 in a couple of photos where she is reclining the skin between her breasts seems to be a bit rippled, I thought this indicated implants but am no expert. Doc?

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 26, 10 | 12:29 am

Yeah, if there is rippling that is definitely an indicator of implants.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 26, 10 | 1:10 am

Luke, if you see that ripple between breasts at the sternum, its taut skin typically from shoulders thrust back.

Looking in the mirror, I can achieve the same affect, though it hurts a little ;-)

Rippled skin on the underside or side of the breast, particularly with motion, almost always indicates saline implants.

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 26, 10 | 1:13 am

I've returned for a second look now that I have more time, and...Holy Cow! this girl is beautiful. Such an angel and them legs are Hot!

Posted by: arf on Feb 26, 10 | 3:05 am

Fake or real, they certainly are perky! Very cute.

The jjgirls links aren't working for me:-(

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 26, 10 | 3:48 am

If there has been this much discussion over whether this girl has fake breasts or not I think the surgery should be called an unmitigated success. ^^

If they're not obnoxious, they seem naturally proportional to one's body and there's no obvious signs of surgery (scarring, etc.) then what's there to complain about?

That being said, with the exception of the hair and fake breasts, this girl actually looks stunningly close to my ex-gf. So now I know what she would have looked like had she gotten the surgery she talked about often enough. I was against it when we dated but seeing Saki-chan's pics, well, I think I have reversed my decision. ^^;;

Posted by: sevendeuce on Feb 26, 10 | 7:37 am

I'm still in love :-)

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Feb 26, 10 | 8:16 am

I might also mention that the oddities we see seem to be consistently odd in most of the pictures. I think she does have an odd nipple anatomy and also a firmness under the nipples that can cause (particularly on our right side) the nipple and mound to move up or to the side or simply be displaced when she is in different positions.. I like the foldies though.

I'm an art director and have seen many shoots in which women's breasts do not fall "naturally" yet I know the women and know they are natural. Breasts are not like water balloons, they have different components that often have different firmness. In some positions a nipple will seem to be way out of place and it is because on one side it is being supported buy firm tissue but on the side falling away from gravity, it isn't.

So yeah, I agree that some of the shots were probably worked over, but by and large, I think we are looking at the real thing.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Feb 26, 10 | 8:23 am

Doc: Amazing write up on breast augmentation....thank you and thanks to knarf for the link.

I came across this on MSNBC's website today regarding new enlarging options, including using a woman's own fat...

Posted by: French on Feb 26, 10 | 2:31 pm

Regardless of the enhancements, both digital and medical, she seems like a very attractive young lady. I guess she might look like Broom Hilda in an unedited picture but it is unlikely. :)

Posted by: Lard on Feb 26, 10 | 3:50 pm

@ French: My best friend in Hiroshima had breast cancer three years ago and lost her right breast. Her doctor used cohesive silicon for her implant and it looks completely natural. Unlike most Japanese women, she is naturally busty and they had to match her existing breast. They used fat from her tummy to fill in the "dents", as she called them, to make everything appear even. It was amazing work and she is very satisfied with the result. Fortunately, she's stayed healthy since then.

I learned all about breast cancer while she was going through her ordeal and on this blog, I've learned even more about implants. I enjoy the technical discussions when they do appear so Doc and others, continue with the explanations. They're always interesting, at least to me.

Posted by: Hakka Guy on Feb 26, 10 | 4:24 pm

The problem with redistributed fat is that your body can reabsorb it.

Just like Restylane or Botox, you'll need "touchups".

Plus not everyone reacts the same way to the procedure.

Posted by: The_Collector on Feb 26, 10 | 4:43 pm

Hakka Guy- glad to hear your friend is OK. Was it a Japanese surgeon she had?

My mother went through breast cancer and is thankfully OK. Her surgery involved a lumpectomy though- so she did not lose her breast to the surgery...

I remember reading once that getting implants could (COULD) impair a mammogram (checking for breast cancer)...I wonder if placement of the implant (over or under the muscle) has an effect.

Makes me wonder too if most women get implants in their 20s if the doctor talks about cancer screening- or is it left to her regular doctor?

But, back to Saki...she is gorgeous!

Posted by: French on Feb 26, 10 | 4:51 pm

Doc is it possible to insert implants through the nipples? She seems to have some odd nipples marks. Could that be the incision? Or am I getting carried away? :)

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 26, 10 | 9:12 pm

This is not our regular tits talk among guys. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 26, 10 | 9:13 pm

Nipple insertion is quite common, although in that case you will see scarring around the edge of the areolae, which I don't see here (I think her nipples just look odd because they are inverted).

Japanese surgeons prefer submuscular placement, which will normally mean they use an underarm incision (you can't use submuscular placement with a nipple incision). Oh, and submuscular placement is better for mammograms.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 26, 10 | 9:18 pm

Okay thanks, I get it. Underarm, that's smart, no visible scars. And better results too.

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 27, 10 | 2:33 pm

ok, so, here is some evidence for the fake case:

here (1), here (2), here (3), here (4).

i think 1 and 2 are the most convincing. 3 and 4 less so, but i definitely think her boobs are not real. it doesn't matter anyway, because they look good and the surgeon did a good job. but, just saying.

Posted by: christine on Feb 27, 10 | 3:04 pm

Hi French~ the surgeon was from Hiroshima. Japanese national health insurance covered all the costs for the cancer treatments (6 chemo) and masectomy on her right breast, and she had to shell out the money for the implant. I seem to remember it costing somewhere in the neighborhood of $5K US but it's been a few years so I might be a little off on that. She's a natural D cup (Japan) so matching her existing breast was a bit tricky but he did a great job of it.

How long has it been since your mom went through her ordeal? I seem to remember a stat saying that the first five years after recovery are the most critical.

Posted by: Hakka Guy on Feb 27, 10 | 6:23 pm

Actually Hakka Guy, you've given me some very useful information. My info on Japanese breast surgery is actually somewhat out of date - they used to always use saline, but with recent models, more and more of them are looking like they have silicone implants to me, and you've just confirmed my suspicion! I take it by "cohesive" silicone, you mean silicone gel? Your story is a good example of the extraordinary lengths Japanese surgeons go to to produce a natural looking result - unlike the US!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 27, 10 | 8:13 pm

I spent a while downloading one of her videos and what a disappointment. Her money would have been better spent on her teeth than her boobs. It's like there is an extra tooth in front of her two front teeth and I can't enjoy her boobs while noticing her teeth, it makes her look like a inbred hick :( Why would she make her boobs bigger before taking care of her face?

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Feb 28, 10 | 10:29 am


1) Japanese do not care about crooked teeth - it is a common problem amongst Japanese models for western viewers, but the Japanese themselves consider it kind of cute.

2) Saying somebody looks like "a inbred hick" (sic) is serious breach of our posting guidelines.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 28, 10 | 10:50 am

Hakka Guy- she went through breast cancer ten years ago...thankfully, everything is OK. But for the following five years immediately after she was on edge- every common cold or body pain would make her anxious.

With 1,000 American women a day getting implants, I wonder how long it will be until there is a class-action lawsuit here in the US because implant doctors did not adequately warn recipients about the possibility of NOT detecting breast cancer early enough when having implants.

Posted by: French on Feb 28, 10 | 11:54 am

Sorry, I don't usually have anything really bad to say about the girls, and crooked teeth in many cases can be kind of cute, like Reon Kadena, but in this case...

Posted by: AlienOverlord on Feb 28, 10 | 7:18 pm

christine, you really went out of your way this time to get those proofs. Nice detailed job. You have the profile of a FBI agent lol.

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 28, 10 | 7:21 pm

The "A" (for Asian) files....

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Mar 01, 10 | 5:43 am

I like her, no matter she has implant or not.
She is cute.

Posted by: Niners on Mar 02, 10 | 1:42 am

Yeah, I'm still in love :-) One of the prettiest women I have seen in some time.

Anybody who can't appreciate a woman or think she is pretty unless she has no flaws is going to spend life disappointed. Most people also at some point realize that "perfection" is its own type of boredom. A little character (alteration, imperfection, oddity) is sometimes just the touch needed to make the beauty real and reachable...

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Mar 03, 10 | 9:44 pm

If they are fake the surgeon was excellent.
Anyway found her stats here
and here
I don't quite feel the accuracy of the D cup... maybe a C though.

Posted by: Rocky1 on May 10, 10 | 12:31 pm