Vietnamese beauty: Hoang Yen

Hoang Yen (Photography: Hai Dong)

I found Hoang Yen in Vietnam Airlines inflight magazine: Heritage (Fashion edition, Aug-Sep 2005). What a beauty!

While searching for more info on her on the web I found this page at with some pretty nice nude photography. I am not sure if it's the same girl (Hoang Yen is a common name it seems), but if you look at the eyebrows, nose and lips there sure is a resemblance!

Update: I just noticed that Marco posted some info on Hoang Yen on July 10th. She was Playboy cyber girl of the month in April 2005.

And just added 2 more pictures from the Heritage magazine to make comparison easier. I am still having doubts... Is this really the same girl that posed nude for Playboy?

Hoang Yen (Photography: Hai Dong)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 11, 05 | 5:47 am | Profile


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is as close to perfection as you can get!!! Look at that Butt!!!!!!! DAY-EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: GATOR on Sep 11, 05 | 7:01 am

Looks like she is the same Yen Hoang who posed in Playboy.

she was in PB CC (Cyber Club) girls of the ACC (Athletic Coast Conference) from Maryland. This is a USA collegiate conference.

She was also PB CC girl of the week December 27, 2004. (15 photos)

The photos linked above are from PB CC girl of the month April 2005. (80 photos)

Vital Statistics:
HOMETOWN: Bowie, Maryland
BORN: 5/19/85
HEIGHT: 5'5"

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 05 | 11:25 am

maybe in another week i could post all her PB stuff at the yahoo club.

I currently have posted PB pics of Janis Terrell who's part asian. (Cyber girl of the week 6-6-05)

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 05 | 11:34 am

These are some cyber club quicktime videos that I know of:

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 05 | 11:48 am

anyone could tell me where can i find Yen Hoang other pics?

Posted by: screen on Sep 11, 05 | 1:23 pm

Badboy, what do you think, is the girl in the Heritage magazine the same girl as the Playboy poser?

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 11, 05 | 1:27 pm

each file is about 15mb+
do you have any tips on how to share these large files?

or, you can find them or request them in the newsgroup:

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 05 | 1:54 pm

Robin, it is possible but I agree that the shower pics (as well as others I have in my collection) look different than the fashion ones so it is hard to tell for sure.

Posted by: badboy on Sep 11, 05 | 2:00 pm

Hi Zamscan, the site is really slow loading but supposedly allows up to 1GB files to be "sent".

It basically sends a link to the file in an e-mail that can be accessed a limited number of times for a limited amount of time.

Posted by: badboy on Sep 11, 05 | 2:35 pm


I believe you are right.
I will leave it up until you have all parts and are able to combine them. hope that works. then i can upload another file.

here's a copy of a message i kept on "download limits" from another yahoo group

The following statements are from Yahoo! groups
employee on the "Daily download limits", which are now
imposed on all lists´archives:

"There are two limits. There is a per user limit, which
is on a rolling 4hr and24hr timeline.That is, You have
a max you can download every four hours, and a daily
max as well.

The same applies to a group as well, with both rolling
4hr and 24 hr limits, though the limits are much higher
than for an individual user.

Also, we don`t start counting on the per user limit
until You download from a group that has reached 50%
of its daily limit.

There are various factors that weigh into the daily
max for a group, but I`m not going to disclose them,
for obvious reasons.****
There´s hard max for a group anyway. Note that these
limits apply to all groups on the service.

There´s also the matter of the "access forbidden"
message that some people get. That message is what IE
calls a "friendly HTTP error message". If You want to
see the real message, go to Tools-->Internet Options
-->Advanced. Go to the "Browsing" section and uncheck
"show friendly HTTP error messages."

That will display the correct error message".

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 05 | 5:21 pm

Guys, I think we are getting a bit off-topic here... ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 11, 05 | 5:40 pm

Here's a article from the University of Maryland newspaper. It says that Yen is bisexual.

try these links for video clips:

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 11, 05 | 9:31 pm

I've been trying to get through to for ages without success. Comparing the pics above to the preview pic for the Playboy CyberGirl it doesn't look like the same girl at all to me, but I'd need to see more pics to be sure.

Yen and Hoang are both relatively common names in Vietnam.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 11, 05 | 10:24 pm

I am taking down the link I posted because Yen Hoang doesn't seem to appreciate the attention. Here is what she wrote:

"As a Request: If you don't know me. Please dont message me asking me questions. Please don't message me pretending you know so and so.. and you go to the mansion parties.. and whatnot. Please get a life. For those of you who who've tracked down my personal page in order to contact me for whatever reason.. Please leave me the fuck alone. No More Stalking Losers."

Posted by: badboy on Sep 11, 05 | 11:23 pm

Badboy, the my space refers to Yennie Emster!?

Zam, thanks for the video. I'm just watching now ;-)

Some additional links to Yen Hoang:

As for the last link, it's definitely worth to subscribe as the Scanlover forum has tons of scans (of various models).

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 12, 05 | 3:08 am

Damn, didn't check Yennie Emster's Companies but you are right!

Posted by: thanirz on Sep 12, 05 | 3:27 am

Here is a link to another article about Playboy model Yen Hoang: Playboy chooses Asian co-ed for college girls edition.

Posted by: badboy on Sep 12, 05 | 3:18 pm


"Is one of the video clips the same as the one you posted on the Yahoo Group? I am just wondering if I should continue trying to download the rest of that."

the clip i posted is the same as the link.
you can tell by the file name BTS1 (behind the scenes video 1)

I think what i'll do is delete those files and since yahoo has group download limits which can be problematic with such large files. I will replace them with all of my Yen Hoang photos that i have.

i will post a message when i do that. maybe in about 6 hours from now.

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 12, 05 | 3:38 pm

Would never want to split hairs with you guys, but the (member's only) story on Yahoo Groups is actually freely available on Asian Sex Gazette (as we picked it up via wire).

I am not sure what version the Yahoo Groups is using (might be ASG's) but I am not a member of Yahoo...

Spose sooner or later I will have to join...

Cheers all,


Posted by: William Sparrow on Sep 13, 05 | 1:42 pm

Bill, I suppose you are right that if you are not a member of Yahoo that you can't view the link I posted since it is an adult Yahoo Group but you don't actually have to join the group itself. I checked and it looks like the same article but that makes sense given the matching titles.

Posted by: badboy on Sep 13, 05 | 6:20 pm

Well, no worries of course, as I said I think I will have to just go ahead and join sooner or later anyway... :)

Posted by: William Sparrow on Sep 13, 05 | 10:18 pm

She 's absolutely Vietnamese
I told you guys the truth that:
If you guys find any Vietnamese girl in here, she is sure to rock the world!

Posted by: Link1n. on Sep 20, 05 | 7:57 pm

wow!!! lok at her body, no implant...right? not like other short body big implant breast nude vietnamese model......

Posted by: komanz on Sep 23, 05 | 10:28 pm

zamscan : thanks for the rapidshare video link, but do you have another movie of yen hoang? please post it also on rapidshare

Posted by: komanz on Oct 28, 05 | 12:40 am

// had to edit this because of lay-out problems!

Posted by: Zamscan on Feb 04, 06 | 3:48 pm

Some extra movies at Babes@theGoose!

Posted by: thanirz on Jan 07, 07 | 2:43 am

Yen Hoang
pbcc daily double 9-08-07

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 09, 07 | 11:26 pm

Yen Hoang
pbcc daily double 12-03-07

Posted by: Zamscan on Dec 04, 07 | 12:32 am

pbcc daily double

Posted by: Zamscan on Jan 25, 08 | 9:26 pm

PB Student Bodies

Set 1

Set 2

Posted by: Zamscan on Jul 12, 08 | 2:29 pm

sample of this photoshoot is
posted above
pink top pbcc daily double 12-03-07

17 pics 5mb

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 17, 08 | 11:31 am

set 1

set 2

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 22, 08 | 3:58 pm

women of pb interview video 18mb

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 23, 08 | 1:06 am

women of pb photoshoot video 85mb

Posted by: Zamscan on Aug 23, 08 | 4:51 pm