Ameri Ichinose


This is Ameri Ichinose. She's a JAV model. She's pretty and I don't have interesting things to say about her. However, I did notice that for an adult site, we rarely use many dirty words - at least when compared to other adult sites. So I'm going to put a lot of random words. Toy poodle monkey donkey fun tall short big rope burn baby trampoline weights coffee soda bike TV puppet sock.


Age: 23
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan











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Posted by: TravisStroup on Jan 29, 11 | 11:43 pm | Profile


This girl is my favourite new JAV girl in ages - such a pretty face, with such a beautiful, slender yet busty body, and long, slim legs. I was going to do a much more detailed article on her myself, but haven't had the time. Here's some links I prepared for it:

Here's a list of her videos:

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 30, 11 | 1:07 am

Pronounced 'itchy nose' right? Oh well it could have been in "we wish you Ameri.."

@Nancy(swoon) about them nails baby?

Second @ 3rd last pics show her pretty face and delicious body best to me. Gotta love those long chewy nipples too!

Posted by: longtack on Jan 30, 11 | 1:38 am

The pics you have posted from are some of her older pics and imo she looked way better in them. In her more recent ones, she's starting to look way too skinny, almost druggy-like. Shame really, coz she was smokin' and, like Doc, was also a new fav of mine for a while.

Posted by: Gooner on Jan 30, 11 | 1:39 am

Can you point me to what you're talking about Gooner? She looks pretty much the same in all the pics I've seen.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 30, 11 | 1:47 am

Ameri Ichinose aka Chris Erika/Erika Kurisu & Ayaka Misora

Blood type: O type
Height: 167cm
Size: B88cm W56cm H83cm
Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture
Hobbies: Shopping
Special skill: Badminton

One of my favorite as well, and a MILF!!! She also reminds me of Taiwanese actress Joe Chen.

Posted by: kevguud on Jan 30, 11 | 1:48 am

This is a cover of her Dec. 2010 JAV release. She still looks very fine to me.

Posted by: kevguud on Jan 30, 11 | 1:52 am


Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 30, 11 | 3:58 am

wow this girl is smokin hot. what a body! anyone got links to any movies?

Posted by: DrewII on Jan 30, 11 | 4:13 am

pict 7, YES! I know she wants me...

Posted by: sucez on Jan 30, 11 | 4:24 am

smoking hot but i don't like how all her movies are censored...can't watch that stuff lol

Posted by: ..... on Jan 30, 11 | 12:20 pm

Pretty hot, but I'm not a fan of the fake tits. They are oversized relative to her frame, and too perfectly round. Not at all lifelike.

Probably pronounced "itchy no say".

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jan 30, 11 | 2:08 pm

I didn't used to like censored, but have gotten used to it. Especially if the girl is overly hot!

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jan 30, 11 | 2:08 pm

This girl is also my new favorite also. I wanted to write about her but got caught up. As for her tits, they look fine to me. As for looking like a druggy, she looked great in that Dec 2010 JAV release. If there's some more recent photos where she looks too skinny, post them. Other than that, I am in love.

Posted by: Candyman on Jan 30, 11 | 2:36 pm

I'm with Luke on this one. WOW indeed.

Yes, please.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Jan 30, 11 | 4:03 pm

WoW!...I love everything about this girl, including her furry Toy poodle monkey.

Posted by: arf on Jan 30, 11 | 6:53 pm

I find ZERO flaws. I'll take two.

Posted by: STRIPES on Jan 30, 11 | 7:04 pm

Another winner. She looks hot in all the shots posted above, but I have no doubt she would look even hotter in real life.

Posted by: wylde8 on Jan 30, 11 | 7:06 pm

A reason I have always liked this girl is because of the great body and lovely face. Then after seeing her in AV I really liked her. Only Japanese AV girls cry and fight while having sex. She is an exception as she is enjoying it and seems to be having fun. Almost seems as if she is told while filming that she has to stop enjoying it so much and show she is being dominated by the man. That is what the Japanese men who buy these videos want to see. Many short videos here.

Posted by: Tom on Jan 30, 11 | 7:19 pm

Miss Ameri, nice collection
Pix here, for inspection.
Downloaded a selection
Of flix for projection.

Yes, indeed, good complexion
In spite of pixel, good detection
Of men with injection
Of their erection.

Your breasts, near perfection
I have, virtually no objection
But your nipples, on reflection
Couldn’t they point the same direction?

Posted by: dbldipper on Jan 30, 11 | 10:18 pm

I think the difference in the direction her nipples are pointing is very well within the normal range - natural breasts are never perfectly symmetrical, and if you ask me, I love the perkiness that normally only implants can provide (especially as their owner gets a little older). I have no problem with her boob job at all, and I love how they contrast with her stunningly trim and slender (yet IMHO not too skinny) body.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 30, 11 | 10:32 pm

Oh yes: and I agree those nipples do look very tasty. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 30, 11 | 10:33 pm

She's a cutie! Her boobs fit her.


Lmao! I don't want her to prepare my food..I feel like her nails will easily break off! Lol.

Posted by: nancybui on Jan 31, 11 | 12:37 am

If all boob jobs were done this tastefully I don't think anyone would have a problem with them. A mould should be taken of them and put in every plastic surgeons office as a guide, and I volunteer to make it :)

Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 31, 11 | 1:59 am

I think that's a job best left to the experts Luke72. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 31, 11 | 7:30 am

On a scale of 1-10, her breasts rate about a 42. Guilty, as charged, of poetic license.

Posted by: dbldipper on Jan 31, 11 | 4:15 pm

I've got a fine art degree, it may finally be useful for something ;)

Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 31, 11 | 11:59 pm

Men die over women like this. 5'8" and like that. Think of the loot tossed for the honor of placing seed on her toe! um um!

Posted by: jynnlevel on Feb 01, 11 | 12:32 am

Ameri is very pretty, but in some of the photos she does seem a bit too skinny (especially her arms).

I love pics 4 and 7 the best, she just looks radiant and her body seems better proportioned overall.

@kevguud: MILF? She's 23 for chrissakes! She's a bit younger than my daughter! How old are you?

Can't be a MILF until they're at least 30, I would think.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 01, 11 | 2:19 am

@Luke72: Ain't no finer art than this!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 01, 11 | 2:19 am

Yeah kevgud: if you think a 23 year old is a MILF, then I think you're too young to be visiting this site. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 01, 11 | 3:00 am

MILF: Mother I'd Like to Fuck. At 23, she could already have been a mother. At 30, where I'm living (Northeastern Thailand), many women are already GILF (Grannies I'd Lick to Fuck)! LOL! Just (half) kidding here, of course: Ameri does not look like a mother. While I am not a big fan of fake tits, her boob job is indeed well done and I could live with it (on her)!

Posted by: Paul Hisson on Feb 01, 11 | 12:31 pm

My kind of girl for great sex play!

Posted by: Spartan on Feb 01, 11 | 3:22 pm

A Long Time Favorite.
This girl is smoking hot !!! And those nipples...

Posted by: MetallicKO on Feb 01, 11 | 3:35 pm

Hmm maybe I jumped to the conclusion prematurely. She had a lactating/rape video around 2009 and people were suggesting she gave birth during 2008 - 2009, a period when she left her previous studio. Here is the cover, [img=]

Ahh, so there is an age limit to be considered a milf. I just learned something today XD

Posted by: kevguud on Feb 01, 11 | 3:51 pm

Nose job?

Posted by: chookpea on Feb 01, 11 | 6:20 pm

Wow incredible body. I'm inlove with her tummy. Gotta go see the movies. She seems pretty fun to be with. Breasts are just fantastic.

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 01, 11 | 7:04 pm

Although that is the technically correct definition of MILF, I think it is more meaningfully translated as "mature I'd like to fuck" - no web site that features MILFs will have women under 30, and many of the models won't actually be mothers. It really means "hot mature woman who wants it".

Still, if Ameri is a mum, that only makes her body as it is now even more extraordinary!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 01, 11 | 9:40 pm

@chookpea: very likely - it's pretty much par for the course these days. But I don't see any obvious evidence of one either, so if it is it's a good job.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 01, 11 | 9:43 pm

Kinda digging that flat on her back pics. Yum.

Posted by: slackerking on Feb 01, 11 | 10:06 pm

I just realized that I typed "lick" instead of "like" (in "Grannies I'd Like to Fuck") in my previous post! Nice Freudian slip!

Posted by: Paul Hisson on Feb 01, 11 | 11:48 pm

Dr Lee, this particular photo screamed nose job to me.

She is very beautiful, not sure if it's natural though (not counting the boobies).

Posted by: chookpea on Feb 02, 11 | 1:19 am

The Doc is exactly correct with his explanation of MILF. Otherwise, any girl who's reached puberty could be considered a MILF, and then the only criterion would be the ILF part, the M would be irrelevant. Also, for the record, we here would only focus on AMILFs, or APIMILFs.

I think I need to tab over to and search for Asian MILFs now:-)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 02, 11 | 3:53 am

By the way, does Ameri's last name (not real of course) mean she only has one nose, or that her nose is Number One?

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 02, 11 | 3:54 am

here is a bunch of pictures:

Posted by: climber44 on Feb 02, 11 | 4:57 am

Yep chookpea, I think you're right. However, for me her nose isn't distracting at all - I actually think it's very tasteful, unlike so many nose jobs on Asian girls these days sadly.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 02, 11 | 7:28 am

I had to come back and check all the pics again. Ameri is so friggin hot.

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 02, 11 | 11:06 pm

Almost stairways to heaven, except for gravity defying man made enhancements ..

Fantastic small yet curvy waist line!!!

Posted by: Hidy Ho on Feb 03, 11 | 12:47 am

This is pretty close to perfection. She's just so beautiful.

Posted by: arf on Feb 03, 11 | 3:50 am

Seems like she signs with SOD instead. Her Feb. release. [img=]
She looks different, perhaps the makeup, but very cute still.

Posted by: kevguud on Feb 04, 11 | 5:22 am

1 of my all time favs, i wish she did more work

Posted by: Maria Ozawa on Feb 04, 11 | 7:34 am

love those long nips, shes hot

Posted by: vadha1 on Aug 24, 11 | 8:04 pm

Nude airline hostess, maybe?

Posted by: Gooner on Jan 16, 13 | 2:27 am

Hey guys i find this gallery set of ameri ichinose in school uniform. She's damn hot. Woots!

Posted by: Hotschoolgirls on Jul 25, 13 | 1:59 pm

srry the link is here

Posted by: Hotschoolgirls on Jul 25, 13 | 2:01 pm

Wow, she looks so different in this shoot!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jul 25, 13 | 9:41 pm