Anna Song


If it's not obvious already, I'm a pretty big fan of The Black Alley. Everything from the models to their photography is perfect, in my opinion, especially for a paysite in a world where everything is free.

That said, I'm also pretty used to their models too, since I have seen them often. Yet somehow I never saw Anna Song until recently, and when I saw her I'm pretty sure I gave an audible "woah."


Age: ?
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Thai
Located: Thailand



















Posted by: TravisStroup on Jan 28, 11 | 12:23 am | Profile


For those who want to see more of her, she did some hc in Fantadream: Pleasure Islands vol. 1.

Posted by: chosun on Jan 28, 11 | 12:31 pm

Kinda cute, nice boobs.

Posted by: Denver11 on Jan 28, 11 | 12:59 pm

I with you Travis, the black alley does some fine work, I just struggle with the idea of paying when there is so much free content available.
I love the fourth pic, nice pose. Denver is right great tits!

Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 28, 11 | 6:32 pm

Ooooooh Nice!...I'm pretty sure I just let out an audible ZoiKs! when I saw her. I like everything about this beauty. Thanks Travis.

Posted by: arf on Jan 28, 11 | 6:48 pm

She ok to me. Cute body w/cute boobs.

Nothing really stands out but her nails...which...I dislike...her nails are a bit too much for me

Posted by: nancybui on Jan 28, 11 | 7:00 pm


Posted by: Gooner on Jan 28, 11 | 8:34 pm


Keep incrementing index1, index2, etc.

Posted by: Gooner on Jan 28, 11 | 8:45 pm

For once, it seems our readers are more fussy than I am! If you ask me, this girl is pretty much flawless, with a very impressive pair of seemingly natural breasts.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 28, 11 | 9:49 pm


> she did some hc in Fantadream: Pleasure Islands vol. 1.


via: ( precise search was: )

Posted by: DrNo on Jan 28, 11 | 9:50 pm

i cannot fault anything at all with Anna Song. i tried to fault something but i honestly can't.
100% of women in the world would kill for perfect breasts like hers. perfect full C cup.

Posted by: DrewII on Jan 28, 11 | 10:33 pm

She's a winner. And those tits are REAL. She'd look a lot closer to badass if that photo with the glass she was holding was red wine and not water. guys? As far as faults go, she's young, but that is relative and time will fix it.

Posted by: jynnlevel on Jan 29, 11 | 12:19 am

No pic is bad in this set. ummm yeah I see your point Nancy (swoon), they look a bit over the top, but I could get highly aroused if they were scratching lightly down my back.

Posted by: longtack on Jan 29, 11 | 3:12 am

Here are some galleries via Asian thumbs...

Posted by: Luke72 on Jan 29, 11 | 6:25 am

She has and incredible body, just a beautiful lady!

Posted by: bearman on Jan 29, 11 | 8:13 am

I could have swore that there was an article about her on here already. I need to keep checking the archives.

I love The Black Alley's quality. I haven't been wowed by the models that they've featured. The only models that I am a fan of are from the Asian4You era which is where Anna Song comes from. She's been one of my personal favorites for a long time.

And I don't know how someone can be picky about Anna. She's pretty much flawless. The only issue is that she rarely smiles in her photos because at the time the photos were taken, she's wearing braces. Other than that, she's amazing.

Posted by: Candyman on Jan 29, 11 | 9:29 am

I have seen so much of Anna, I assumed she was already featured here, too.

And, like Candyman, I prefer the Asiany4You models on that site. Many of the girls are a bit too raw for me on Black Alley.

Anna Song is nice. Great body/decent face. She's not drop-dead gorgeous IMO, but it's had to complain about the whole package.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Jan 29, 11 | 10:18 am

i would say pretty good but not amazing.

Posted by: ..... on Jan 29, 11 | 11:27 am


I'm there, dude.

Posted by: Strout on Jan 29, 11 | 1:06 pm

very nice, and great body. She just needs to relax in front of the camera a little, vary her facial expressions, tease a little...

Posted by: sucez on Jan 29, 11 | 7:21 pm

I came back for more and it's still oh so nice. Perfect!

Posted by: arf on Jan 29, 11 | 9:11 pm

She is one of those young ladies who, if I were to meet them, would cause my IQ to drop by at least 50 points.

Posted by: HammockGuru on Jan 29, 11 | 11:16 pm

Anna Song
Can’t go wrong.
To the Sirens club
You belong.

Ah, Nancy (swoon from Longtack)
What you fancy
Men don’t care jack
Til’ they’re digging
In our back.

I think she’s hot.
Satisfied? Not.
She’ll hit the spot
When I see something stiff
In her slot.

Posted by: dbldipper on Jan 30, 11 | 3:33 pm

Makes me tingly all over!

Posted by: AmericanArsenal on Jan 30, 11 | 4:36 pm

Oh how I love the Black Alley girls, and Anna is no exception. Simply beautiful.

She even wears a belly chain in some shots which I'm a huge fan of.

Posted by: wylde8 on Jan 30, 11 | 7:03 pm

Great tits matching a very sexy body.

She just needs a bit more personality, some smiling or anything that makes her more special. But she's about anything I look for in a thai babe.

Posted by: daznlover on Jan 30, 11 | 7:12 pm

Welcome back dbldipper! :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jan 30, 11 | 8:34 pm

This lady was worthy of my first post!!

Posted by: raconnection on Jan 31, 11 | 8:28 pm

For once I agree with Dr. Lee. She is flawless, very nice everywhere! Nice natural breast! Pretty face, everything is nice!

Posted by: WerewolfVm on Jan 31, 11 | 9:46 pm

Anna was by far my favorite among A4U girls. Amara & Petchara were perhaps hotter, but Anna gave a quiet girl vibe. Nice cheek bones & a pair of perfect boobies. Was it really that far back? 2002-2004?

Posted by: Nik2 on Jan 31, 11 | 11:08 pm

@Luke72, thanks for stealing my thunder with that link wot

I absolutely love this girl, my only nits to pick would be to smile more and she could a little more definition in her arm and legs.

I'm no dbldipper, but here goes nothing:

Anna Song
makes my @#$^&%ng
stand straight up
must be her perfect C cup

BTW, beware that there is another Anna Song out there, who isn't Asian and has HUGE (but droopy) boobs.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 01, 11 | 2:09 am

Terribly sorry Sir, I couldn't help but do some research and felt compelled to share. Perhaps you could post a link to those droopy boobs you spoke of, it is sort of on topic and they sound intriguing.

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 01, 11 | 5:12 am

Well I just had to look up the other Anna Song, and wow! She's far more voluptuous than we're used to seeing around here, but her apparently all-natural breasts are indeed huge, and she's quite pretty too. She looks mixed, but the only info I can find about her ethnicity is that she was born in Russia. They do breed 'em big up there. :-)

If somebody can find some info that says she has some Asian blood, I'll feature her.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 01, 11 | 6:45 am

Doc, lets just focus on the girl in this post, shall we? :-P

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 01, 11 | 6:54 pm

Doc, if you want to see a voluptious Asian, google for Sharon Lee. She's a French porn star, of unknown Asian heritage, working for Explicite website. Not the model material, but she has something, "je ne se qua" . ;-)

Posted by: Nik2 on Feb 01, 11 | 8:47 pm

@dazn: actually, with my last sentence, I meant to suggest: "if she's Asian, I'll give her her own post, and if she isn't, we shouldn't discuss her here anyway". :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 01, 11 | 9:46 pm

Not a huge fan of Black Alley, but Anna is right up my alley. Really cute.

Posted by: slackerking on Feb 01, 11 | 10:05 pm

@Doc: I was just kinda impersonating you... ok, good excuse. :)

Posted by: daznlover on Feb 02, 11 | 11:02 pm

I sure would love to be the long cylindrical pillow she's sitting on in the first picture above...and the cushion in the eighth pic down. Lucky couch.

Posted by: arf on Feb 03, 11 | 3:22 am

@arf .. Oh look

The side bar is featuring Anna with that cylindrical pillow, of which you are so jealous.
And the sofa she loves to straddle is just behind her...hehe ;-)

Posted by: longtack on Feb 04, 11 | 4:51 am

Nice!'s probably my favorite couch right at the moment thanks to Anna.

Posted by: arf on Feb 04, 11 | 4:24 pm