Sun Yu Er


I wasnt familiar with Sun Yu Er before writing this article, however I was very familiar with the above photo of her in black underwear which has been circulated around the internet for quite some time now. What I did not have was her name, so Im fortunate that I was able to find that out since shes definitely one of the cutest models currently out of China.

Name: 孫瑜兒, 孙瑜儿
Age: 19
Birthday: March 12
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 88-62-86
Hometown: Changchun, Jilin Province
Location: Dalian, Liaoning Province













Posted by: Candyman on Sep 22, 11 | 4:00 am | Profile


Oh baby!

Cute and sexy!

I am sure the experts can ( and will ) confirm any airbrushing or surgery, but I am going to continue thinking she is the best.

I like her "at home and undressed" look better then the obvious photo shoots... However her lips pressed against that orange drink ( that company should use that in their ads!) is very tantalizing...

Posted by: Wushan on Sep 22, 11 | 4:22 am

Assuming these photos are reasonably accurate (and they don't look too touched up to me), then this one is hard to fault.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 22, 11 | 9:36 am

Adorable, cute like the girl next door but sexy like the woman you want to take home!

Posted by: bearman on Sep 22, 11 | 10:00 am

Digging her Jessica Rabbit figure, which isn't all that common on asian women. Definitely prefer her regular pics over the stylized ads but she looks like a winner and I agree she looks like she can play at cute or sexy which is always nice.

Posted by: slackerking on Sep 22, 11 | 1:07 pm

If only I could see her without her underwear on, I would never leave the house.

Posted by: Strout on Sep 22, 11 | 1:36 pm

While I'm not a big fan of the glamourized shots she's done, I do like some of the more natural looking ones. She's got some nice curves and she's very cute.

Posted by: wylde8 on Sep 22, 11 | 3:15 pm

Wow...yummy! She had me at the first pic.The Chinese "girl next door".

Posted by: STRIPES on Sep 22, 11 | 4:17 pm

nice bum...where you from?

that first pic is ridic hot. Other ones are good but that first one is omg. she has that wow factor for me

Posted by: ..... on Sep 23, 11 | 12:11 am

cute, IMHO, but like a little girl,
I prefer women.

Posted by: sucez on Sep 23, 11 | 12:38 am

Sun Yu Er is a divine human!

Agreed that the first photo is the best; lean AND curvy is a great combination.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Sep 23, 11 | 4:45 am

That first pic has been floating around for ages now on flickr and such places. It's always nice as Candyman says when you can finally match a face to the picture.

IMO the 3rd to last picture is just as good though.

Posted by: Shuai Ge on Sep 23, 11 | 10:18 am

The "regular" pics are a bit more impressive than the professional pics, but she looks great in all of them, IMO.

There is no doubt, Sun Yu Er is a keeper.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Sep 23, 11 | 6:05 pm

I'm with you Shuai Ge; that pic is the best for me. Nice verandah, as my Dad would say. Oh and she looks good in the orange bikini too!
And if 'Er' means 2 in Chinese I am wondering what Sun Yu Yi looks like.

Posted by: longtack on Sep 24, 11 | 1:11 pm

Her "wholesome" girl next door photos are far superior than her "model" photos ..

Posted by: Hidy Ho on Sep 24, 11 | 2:58 pm

Awesome implants, with just a taste of a toned, worked out body. Face is very cute. The pictures with the hat are amazing. Fantastic smile and eyes.

Posted by: WestCoast on Sep 25, 11 | 10:52 am

I think I love her. She's pretty perfect to me.

Posted by: arf on Sep 25, 11 | 6:16 pm

Great body. Like it when she shows attitude. Yeah!

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Sep 26, 11 | 12:11 am

omg she's adorable!

Posted by: Maria Ozawa on Oct 12, 11 | 3:22 pm

Very cute face & body, but the boob job is a bit awkward. Dill a keeper, most def.

Posted by: Td9m on Oct 14, 11 | 1:22 pm

Dill-> still. I have swype's disease.

Posted by: Td9m on Oct 14, 11 | 1:22 pm

bunch of her pics all on same page

Posted by: Maria Ozawa on Nov 04, 11 | 5:08 am