Erena Pine


Erena Pine is the newest model from The Black Alley. She has several galleries as noted below and it appears as if she may be one of the newest Black Alley stars, since she's had a new gallery every week or two since she first appeared on the site.














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Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 06, 11 | 5:20 pm | Profile


I would not throw her out but what is up with her right boob. Looks like a triangular implant? Still I won't fault her for it.

Posted by: wknight on Dec 06, 11 | 6:28 pm

Bad boob job. @wknight - they're too far apart in addition to the strange shape of the right one. Too bad. Nice face.

Posted by: WestCoast on Dec 06, 11 | 6:52 pm

bad boob job but doesnt bother me too much. still hot

Posted by: ..... on Dec 06, 11 | 8:14 pm

I have to agree with the general consensus so far on this one - I recommend a visit to my surgery to see if they can be redone. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 06, 11 | 9:16 pm

In general I like the Black Alley girls and this one is no exception, bad boob job or not. I think she looks like a fun girl too.

Posted by: wylde8 on Dec 06, 11 | 9:31 pm

She makes her money from modelling. And to maximise her chances and income, she needs to look her best. So, hopefully she has sued the surgeon for doing such a bad job on the right one (was it a trial and he/she got better with the 2nd one?) and it's been rectified. But she is pretty and so damn sexy in glasses!

Posted by: longtack on Dec 06, 11 | 9:44 pm

Those Black Alley Girls are always rather nice. All Thai girls aren't they?

Posted by: Shuai Ge on Dec 06, 11 | 11:39 pm

Yep, in spite of the names.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 07, 11 | 12:28 am

Yeah...the bags have'nt settled just yet.I think they'll be just fine in 6 months.She at least succeeded in giving herself some curvy

Posted by: STRIPES on Dec 07, 11 | 1:11 am

It's a damn shame about her right boob, because at first glance I thought her breasts were Sora Aoi like in their magnificence. By all means she should get it fixed, she would then be the total package.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 07, 11 | 2:31 am

Hoping dipper's working on a poem to Ms Pine.
There's a field day there,
so many words that rhyme
Like fine and mine
and time and wine
and line and sign
and dine and nine.
How about in about a month
We can sing a new verse in Auld Lang Syne?

Posted by: longtack on Dec 07, 11 | 6:10 am

Slightly less shopped

Posted by: TravisStroup on Dec 07, 11 | 8:12 pm

The less shopped photos show without a doubt that she is truly beautiful despite the awkward breast enhancement. This is particularly true when she smiles. Thanks Travis!

Posted by: salmo on Dec 07, 11 | 10:43 pm

ogod she has a funny tit!
well, I could live with it.

Posted by: jynnlevel on Dec 07, 11 | 11:08 pm

It's too bad my son is the artist in the family, I'd love to try my hand at body painting Ms. Pine. I do love that set, thanks Travis.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Dec 08, 11 | 4:30 am

It looks as though she has a nasty surgical scar under her right areola - a shame, as she is very pretty indeed.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 08, 11 | 8:43 am

...and I will second Wingsfan19's comments - a lovely set - nice arse!
I wanna be the painter!
You just noticed that now Doc? ;-)

Posted by: longtack on Dec 08, 11 | 9:59 am

I had some doubts about her skin in the first photoshopped pics. But in the less shopped ones, she really proves how beautiful she is. Love the face and shaw lines...

Such a shame that right boob job. Doc can it be corrected, including that ugly scar? Would you do it pro bono? :-P

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 08, 11 | 1:09 pm

I'd do it pro boner. :-)

In theory, she could get her implants replaced, but I definitely wouldn't use an areola incision again. As for the scar (to answer longtack's question - this was Photoshopped out in her other pics), this can in theory be treated with lasers, but I doubt it would be successful in this case. It will of course fade with time, however.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 08, 11 | 9:24 pm

I like her...she's pretty hot.

Posted by: arf on Dec 08, 11 | 9:47 pm

My current Black Alley favorite. By far. I like her darker skin.

Posted by: Nik2 on Dec 09, 11 | 8:20 pm

Another cute girl, odd boob job but her face is quite pleasant.

Posted by: slackerking on Dec 09, 11 | 9:55 pm

Pro boner sounds just as good in this case. lol

Posted by: daznlover on Dec 11, 11 | 12:57 pm

I have to give credit to lawboy for that one - I wonder where he is?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 11, 11 | 7:24 pm

In the US there's a Republican named Newt
About whom I give not a hoot.
'Cause all would be fine
If Erena were mine
Then the whole '12 election would be moot.

LT is right - there's a plethora of possibilities on Ms. Pine, including the stupid one above. Maybe something for the new year.

I feel sorry for her. Plopped down some cash for a better look and ended up with an "unbalanced line" (American football term) I've downloaded a bunch of her photos and she goes out of her way to hide that poor right breast. Wouldn't stop Mr. Mojo risin' though.

Posted by: dbldipper on Dec 30, 11 | 6:09 pm