Holly Lee


Holly Lee is an import model from San Jose. She’s still relatively new as she’s only been modeling for a few months now, but I am sure you’ll see more of her in the months to come. Overall, Holly is very cute. Plus she has a nice smile and nice boobs. I can’t wait to see more of her in the months to come. Check after the break for plenty of photos.

Age: 20
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 112 lbs
Measurements: 34-25-36
Ethnicity: Chinese/Japanese
Location: San Jose, California












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Posted by: Candyman on Oct 20, 11 | 4:00 am | Profile


She's half Chinese and half Japanese. It's on her tumblr on the bottom right. Interestingly I thought she was Hmong, so I found that information searching for "Holly Lee Hmong" and someone else apparently thought the same thing.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Oct 20, 11 | 4:08 am

I do love an upside down woman......

Posted by: kroos on Oct 20, 11 | 6:28 am

Oh wow, really nice. Keep the import model recommendations coming Candyman. In past months we've had some really excellent stuff here.

Posted by: Shuai Ge on Oct 20, 11 | 7:37 am

Thanks Travis for pointing that out.

@Shuai Ge: thanks. It's been a while since I've seen so many amazing import models come onto the scene and are worth mentioning. Wait until the next article.

Posted by: Candyman on Oct 20, 11 | 8:21 am

Also added a gallery link which contains 117 photos.

Posted by: Candyman on Oct 20, 11 | 8:37 am

This girl must be the hottest import model I've seen in ages - very pretty, a good body (at least from the waist up - her legs aren't great) and sexy too.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 20, 11 | 9:57 am

While she is a strange mix, given the often stated animosity between Chinese and Japanese, the result is quite mmmm delicious.
Related to you Doc btw?

Posted by: longtack on Oct 20, 11 | 10:07 am

Not sure what you mean by your question longtack, but Sachiko is a mix of Chinese and Japanese as well. There's actually plenty of them from when Japan occupied China and Taiwan, but they rarely admit to it.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 20, 11 | 10:32 am

Sexy and sweet, a great combo, she is hot!

Posted by: bearman on Oct 20, 11 | 11:19 am


Posted by: itaba on Oct 20, 11 | 1:26 pm

Like this one.The white sundress pic.#8 kinda' got me.

Posted by: STRIPES on Oct 20, 11 | 2:02 pm

Pretty cute. Definitely looks Hmong though, wonder if she really is and just doesn't admit it. If she really is Japanese and Chinese, they should all start humping like rabbits

Posted by: slackerking on Oct 20, 11 | 3:40 pm

Oh Holly Holly Holly...she certainly is something else.

Posted by: arf on Oct 20, 11 | 9:10 pm

Doc, just passing an idle comment on the name 'Lee'.
And yes, the idea of not admitting to it brushes up against what I was inferring.
An example of that animosity: I know of one Chinese restaurant in a Shandong city that on its door, blatantly refuses to serve Japanese tourists, possibly as a result of the atrocities committed by Japanese in that province during their occupation.

Posted by: longtack on Oct 20, 11 | 10:45 pm

@longtack: oh, of course. :-) I guess I'm just so accustomed to seeing the surname Lee for Chinese (and Korean) that I fail to make the link back to my own given name!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 20, 11 | 11:40 pm

Oh, and I'm not seeing the supposed Hmong in this girl - her features are too delicate. She looks like what she claims to be to me.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 20, 11 | 11:43 pm

Holly Lee looks great to me
Alas, no nudity
Related to the Doc?
Probably a crock

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Oct 21, 11 | 6:13 am

beautiful smile and very sexy overall.

Posted by: ..... on Oct 21, 11 | 8:33 am

Must... see... those... boobs!

Posted by: TX ///M on Oct 21, 11 | 10:34 am

hmm, i don't think her features are delicate at all, but I will say that when I looked at all her posted galleries she looked much more Chinese in many of the shots that weren't used here. Pretty girl wherever she's from...

Posted by: slackerking on Oct 21, 11 | 2:38 pm

She's quite beautiful but also hot. Very nice for an import model.

Posted by: wylde8 on Oct 22, 11 | 4:21 pm

carwash and behind the sceen pictures


thank me later lol

Posted by: kilasting777 on Oct 22, 11 | 6:12 pm

Hmmm... Judging from that video I take back my comments about her body - she's a little too thick for my taste, as with most import models these days it seems. Very nice (apparently natural) boobs though, and she's still very cute and pretty, with a seemingly nice personality.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Oct 22, 11 | 10:56 pm

Yummmm!...thanks kilasting777.

Posted by: arf on Jan 19, 12 | 11:02 pm

Where can I find her nude pics?

Posted by: roysauce on Jul 07, 13 | 6:35 pm