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I don't usually do news posts, so bear with me because I'm barely doing one now. Most people on this site are familiar with KT So. According to the grapevine, KT So has finally started posting nude (at least topless), and is selling it in Zipset format separately on her site in the members section. Now, there's word that she may stop doing them or may have stopped already due to someone taking them to file sharing forums, but hey - semi-news is semi-news. So if you're a big fan like many people seem to be, you may be able to find what you were looking for.

I haven't found any of the zipsets, but even if I did I probably wouldn't post them here because of all of the models in the world, KT So has earned her living off being mysterious, and posting links to the photos would be like posting trade secrets. Also, for all I know they're gone. But hey - the rumor-mill has KT So nude, finally, and that makes it news, and there you go. I'm not really wild about doing news posts but Robin used to do them and he once challenged me to catch up to him in posts. What now, Robin? In Yo Face!

Made you look! No photos here. Okay, I'll throw in one.



Scroll Down for Examples

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 08, 11 | 4:06 am | Profile


Love KT's sweet looking cameltoe. Who needs to see more?
But yeah, I did scroll that site mmmm!

Posted by: longtack on Nov 08, 11 | 11:13 am

If you are looking for full topless do not bother. She is not nude, I have all 3 zip-sets. But she does have nipple slips, but she is not topless. So if you like the slip thing then by all means, join her site and purchase the zip-sets.

I like them, because I have been a fan of hers since she came into the scene.

Posted by: Phil2869 on Nov 08, 11 | 3:15 pm

Forgot to add, the sets are similar to her VIP shows, they are all in shear and fishnet.

Posted by: Phil2869 on Nov 08, 11 | 3:17 pm

Hey, any news about KT So showing more skin is good news to me.

Posted by: wylde8 on Nov 08, 11 | 9:57 pm

Nice boob job (if you like the perfectly fake look), but I still just can't get past her nose job. It seems her lower body has gotten a little bigger over the years too (as it often does for Asian girls in their 20s sadly), so I don't find her body quite as hot as it used to be (enhancements aside).

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 08, 11 | 10:19 pm

she is very sexy naked or not

Posted by: ..... on Nov 08, 11 | 11:38 pm

Very hot. But does look lean in the top pic and a little soft in the butt/hips in the 2nd. But sure some guy is very happy.

Posted by: WestCoast on Nov 09, 11 | 5:44 pm

Yeah - she used to be lean all over, but now she has this slightly odd combination of lean on top and soft on the bottom. She still has a far better body than most current import models though. But her face...

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 10, 11 | 12:43 am

Gotta say that from the rib cage down she is fantastic...but those gloves are too fake looking for me and she ALWAYS has a totally ridiculous look on her face. ;-P

Posted by: raconnection on Nov 12, 11 | 5:08 am

@raconnection, LOL! You must be young if you don't know what that look is...

Posted by: WestCoast on Nov 13, 11 | 1:32 pm

Title should be .... KT So rumoured to be nude. :-P
It's all rumours and not facts, in this thread. Travis, now you starting to write like a bad journalist. lol

Posted by: daznlover on Nov 13, 11 | 5:52 pm

I linked to photo evidence, ergo it's not a rumor. The rumor is whether or not it is still available and how it can be purchased. She has clearly done them already.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 13, 11 | 8:59 pm

Gloves? Maybe he meant globes?

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Nov 14, 11 | 1:55 am

I'm fond of this photo (found in the linked website above):

Way to go KT.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Nov 15, 11 | 4:22 am

Now that one doesn't leave much to the imagination! Interestingly, her face doesn't look as odd as it usually does in this shot.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 15, 11 | 4:39 am

This is the first time I've seen her and was enticed at first, but I was left disappointed after more fapp...research.

Posted by: Japanese Girls on Nov 15, 11 | 8:21 am

Not really digging her face in that photo, Travis.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Nov 16, 11 | 4:32 am

please try not to link to anonib, that thread is gone now =(

Posted by: tekryder on Nov 23, 11 | 11:16 pm

I've had a membership to her site and i kept it for a few months to see if it was any good and honestly.... i was disappointed. It wasnt worth the money i spent even on her zipsets. Even her so called nude ones. my $0.02

Posted by: socali79 on Dec 04, 11 | 5:47 am

I have a 4 min video of her using a vibrator and sucking on it like and afile with nudes but has clothes on very flimsey. i found on a site

Posted by: kbck on Dec 20, 11 | 11:41 pm

I saw the video for a quick second and then it got deleted... please send!

Posted by: badxandy on Mar 30, 12 | 8:17 pm

Vibrator video:

Posted by: Esporro on Apr 24, 12 | 2:11 pm

Re-up: http://depositfiles.com/files/vfiqmpwv6

Posted by: Esporro on Jun 29, 12 | 2:16 pm