Kwan Ka Po - adult model (aka Petchara)

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Okay, don't get me wrong! I am not into this kind of thing! But while I was looking fot the AKASI magazine on the web for my previous postng, I literally stumbled over this site and thought I might as well take the free tour! ;-) What I found was some beautiful young Asian models! There are many free samples of the girls, but one girl I would like to share with you. 20 year old (Chinese?) Kwan Ka Po looks very cute. Too bad she is into the peeing-thing :-( But hey, to each his own.

When Googling for Kwan Ka Po I found more photo's of the same series.
Another gallery with photo's (some very explicit!) can be found at

Zamscan was kind enough to inform me that this lady is no one less then the famous Petchara (aka Vivian Lin, Wong Sze Ka, Chutima Loedpipatwong, Ploy Chalita) allready featured on this site a few weeks ago while I was on vacation. (Why can't these girls just use one name! ;-))

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 24, 05 | 6:01 am | Profile


//Had to edit this comment, messed up lay-out.


how's your memory?

more here

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 24, 05 | 11:28 am

wow she's cute, can you post her nude ?

Posted by: chrisu on Sep 24, 05 | 12:11 pm

Zamscan, ever since I came back from 'Nam it's not been the same! ;-)

So, same girl, different name? ("Same same, but different" they say in Vietnam ;-))

Must admit, I did not really read the other posting, as I had just arrived back in Amsterdam. Still have a lot of catching up to do...

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 24, 05 | 1:06 pm


I forgot you have been away for a awhile.

anyway, forgot to mention, good find Robin!

Posted by: Zamscan on Sep 24, 05 | 1:20 pm

Well. I did look at the photo's in the Yahoo group... But I guess I was distracted too much by the 'not so subtle' photography used there! ;-)

Thinking about changing the entry title... Suggestions?

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 24, 05 | 1:25 pm

That's Petchara.

Posted by: GrandPoobah on Sep 24, 05 | 7:38 pm

Yes, I know that now, but I don't think that is a good alternative title fot this entry though... ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 24, 05 | 8:08 pm

i found this link with her pix from HK Nude. far from the glossy, heavily PSed stuff from A4U, those are sometime brutal close-ups of a very beautiful woman.

i guess life wasn't easy on her - long scar on right arm, even bigger one on left shoulder, yet another one on left knee & a healed wound on her back.

Posted by: Nik2 on Sep 25, 05 | 10:34 pm

Yeah, and still I think she looks beautiful. I think I like these better then the heavily PSed stuff. Good find Nik2.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Sep 26, 05 | 5:26 am

She is quite cute and pretty (especially in the less airbrushed shots), but I still don't understand why everyone's so crazy about her. There's a lot of other cute and pretty Asian girls (as this site will show you!), but I just don't see what's so special about this one. Can anyone enlighten me?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Sep 26, 05 | 5:43 am

to make the aka's complete, this girls real name is :

(yes, the real pro's know already )

Vivian Lin, and she is THAI

Posted by: omega on Oct 09, 05 | 5:08 pm

(aka Vivian Lin, Wong Sze Ka, Chutima Loedpipatwong, Ploy Chalita)
她来自中国大连,叫王佳萍!She`s from Dalian ,China.In 2007,I fucked her in a ,she is hot.

Posted by: kason on Nov 21, 08 | 9:56 pm