Stephanie Tran


Stephanie Tran is a cute and very petite model that has dabbled in adult videos under the name of "Julia." She's a mix of ethnicities and appears to have deleted her Facebook Fan Page, but hopefully she hasn't given up on modeling herself.


Age: 20
Height: 5'0
Ethnicity: Laotian, Thai and Vietnamese
Located: ?







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Posted by: TravisStroup on Jun 04, 12 | 10:00 pm | Profile


Very cute, some nakedness.

Posted by: wknight on Jun 04, 12 | 10:22 pm

she's super cute...i liked one of her 'dabbling' videos i've seen. not sure if there are more

Posted by: ..... on Jun 04, 12 | 10:54 pm

Pretty, petite, Vietnamese, naked - what's not to like? :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Jun 04, 12 | 11:44 pm
One of my favorite videos. I think this is she. nice to know more about her.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jun 05, 12 | 12:53 am

eh average everyday asian girl

Posted by: Quyen on Jun 05, 12 | 12:54 am

very innocent looking...she got lotsa guts to do a porno video...yay to another vietnamese porn star after tia tanaka!

Posted by: Quyen on Jun 05, 12 | 1:34 am

Very cute, I love her body especially her legs and butt!!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jun 05, 12 | 3:16 am

Super cutie... love those pert little titties... Please for the love of god do NOT ever get a boob job!!!

Oh and you can keep the tatt on the back (but no more). I'll be too busy holding you upside down from your ankles to even notice....

Posted by: kroos on Jun 05, 12 | 5:02 am

That first photo above is still pretty hot to me. Really love them legs.

Posted by: arf on Jun 05, 12 | 6:38 am

Purrfect! Wow, she reminds me of my current and my ex-girlfriend. I have to second kroos and arf. :)

Posted by: pseacraft on Jun 05, 12 | 7:07 am

She's adorable. Love the first pic that shows off her legs.

Posted by: Candyman on Jun 05, 12 | 8:45 am

Something cute about her even if she isn't a supermodel. Very girl next door type but hot.

Posted by: slackerking on Jun 05, 12 | 2:41 pm

A super-cute Petite. Perfect skin. Guess her boy friend did find out about the video, no more Stephanie for us.... sigh.

Posted by: luvasianwimin on Jun 05, 12 | 8:00 pm

She did adult videos? Would haved loved to see her in video, was it hardcore? girl-girl? or g-b?

Posted by: vargasman on Jun 05, 12 | 8:16 pm

I like her in the video luvjgirls posted. Thanks!

Posted by: fungusfarm on Jun 05, 12 | 8:42 pm

Just read my f'n post and click the link to see her AV.
Were she to have first-class hair/lighting/makeup/photography, all the dismissals of her as "average" or "not hot" would mysteriously fade away.
I hope she doesn't go the vulgar American route of five surgeries, ugly excessive tattoos, and piercings all over the place.

Posted by: luvjgirls on Jun 05, 12 | 11:58 pm

I read ur post and thoroughly enjoyed it. :) Rather nice actually.

Posted by: arf on Jun 06, 12 | 1:15 am

Nice video, although it didn't play very well on my older computer (sloooooooow motion). Think they need a retake though, where the guy doesn't miss her face;-) She still looks like the girl next door in this video, which is cool.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jun 06, 12 | 6:04 am

oooh yeah, awesome.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jun 06, 12 | 7:30 am

it would appear that some of her pictures are taken with a tampon string showing...
while I realize it is a fact of life, and I am a big fan of amateur pornography this tests ruins the mood for me.

Posted by: Luke72 on Jun 06, 12 | 7:42 am

I hereby vote luvjgirls poster of the year!!!

Posted by: kroos on Jun 06, 12 | 9:03 am

Interesting that this young,small bust glam has attraced so many comments from the guy/gal members....likely due to the hot video linked by luvgirls. Steph is well-spoken with perfect SoCal English. I hope she finds a good day-job! =:-P

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Jun 06, 12 | 10:26 am

It's interesting that so many chicks especially in California turn into porn or modeling because of the economy. Like they say SEX sells lol

Posted by: Quyen on Jun 06, 12 | 3:22 pm

OK, "MR.Quyen": Give us three lines as to your qualifications for your judgement of "chicks especially in California"??? Are you a 'California porn-broker??' =:-{ I don't like your summary judgement!

(Yeah..I know...Dr.No...more provacation...but deserved IMO)

Posted by: NIGHTHAWK on Jun 06, 12 | 6:05 pm

I hear you Quyen. She better have a back-up plan - like three of em. While you're playin the game, Stephie, bury the money in assets: gold, rubies, whatever: you might really need it later.

Posted by: jynnlevel on Jun 08, 12 | 11:00 am