Asian Sex Gazette

On my journey to find the latest news on asian models, I just found Asian Sex Gazette, an online magazine with news and analysis of human sexuality in Asia. Nice format but I noticed that they copied a lot of stuff from Asian Sirens. Just have a look, for example, at my review of Playboy's Asian Beauties and the article at Asian Sex Gazette.

Posted by: thanirz on Jul 11, 05 | 5:23 pm | Profile


What?! Not mentioning their source and then put their Copyright remarks under the article!? Sue them! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jul 11, 05 | 6:31 pm

Ohw, by the way; where can I get a copy of that Playboy special??? ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jul 11, 05 | 6:32 pm

YIKES! You're right of course Marco there are some pieces that are poached of of your earlier site without citation. We will make corrections.

We purchased about 1,000 archive items from what we have since learned to be a dodgy clipping service.

I always said I knew your work. :) No hard feelings I hope...?

Posted by: William Sparrow on Aug 31, 05 | 1:12 pm

No problem at all Bill, we are not Playboy ;-)

Posted by: thanirz on Aug 31, 05 | 1:50 pm