Lauren Sugihara


Lauren Sugihara is a half Asian Muay Thai fighter and DJ. She also posed for Playboy. You can see those photos here. Her nude body is excellent.



Posted by: TravisStroup on Feb 03, 13 | 10:00 pm | Profile


Excellent is surely an understatement, and she might be able to kick my butt, I'm in love.

Posted by: majiemao on Feb 03, 13 | 10:57 pm

thai fighter and dj? multi talented and sexy!

Posted by: ..... on Feb 03, 13 | 11:12 pm

killer body. strong legs are always nice on an asian girl.

Posted by: redlaw on Feb 03, 13 | 11:14 pm

What was the ethnicity? Sugihara would make me think Japanese but I might have guessed Thai. Nice to see tastefully sized implants.

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 03, 13 | 11:41 pm

Very pretty and pretty perfect. I just love a healthy woman.

Posted by: arf on Feb 04, 13 | 12:20 am

I prefer only fully shaved ladies and she is one of 'em. Beautiful lady.

Her augmentation/enhancements are proportioned and not overdone and I appreciate that.

Posted by: fungusfarm on Feb 04, 13 | 12:32 am

Fighting with breast implants seems a bit dangerous to me.

Posted by: George_Pooney on Feb 04, 13 | 1:01 am

I wouldn't mind fighting with them, her's that is.

Posted by: Luke72 on Feb 04, 13 | 2:10 am

Judging by her clothes in the second pic, she goes all Incredible Hulk when in the ring……

Posted by: kroos on Feb 04, 13 | 2:18 am

Ah Travis, the master of understatement. Her nude body is excellent, indeed!

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Feb 04, 13 | 7:10 am

Um. Where are all the pictures? I'll have some more, please.

Posted by: slackerking on Feb 04, 13 | 3:11 pm

How have I not seen this girl before? There's really nothing I don't like about her.

Posted by: wylde8 on Feb 04, 13 | 7:38 pm

I can't stand Playboy's "airbrushed to hell" photography. It's like a box of assorted never know what it really is until you taste it, then it is too late.

The sets are ridiculous and redundant, and serve to make every "model" interchangeable. Really, look at her photos. Is she a DJ? A waitress? A rocket scientist? Who knows- because there is nothing in their "artistic" photography to set her apart.

I can't believe I used to subscribe to them. They use the same photographers, the same sets, the same poses, and the same high heels for every model.

She would look ten times hotter in person, or by pics taken with a common Sony point and shoot camera by a regular guy (ME!!!)

Posted by: French on Feb 04, 13 | 7:45 pm

I have to agree with French. I'm really not sure whether I'd find this girl attractive in real life or not - her photos don't tell me.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Feb 04, 13 | 9:38 pm