Sherilynn Macale


Sherilynn Macale was a very popular blogger that looks to have very recently shut down her blog, and all of the photos that went with it. Still, many of the images remain. She was also a dominatrix for a while, and supposedly had some sexy photos that I don't care to look for since they're not easily available. Hopefully she gets back into modeling soon.






Dom Vid

Posted by: TravisStroup on Mar 14, 13 | 11:00 pm | Profile


I'll be the first to say nice legs and nice posterior.

Posted by: arf on Mar 14, 13 | 11:29 pm

Pretty. Seems an unlikely dom but hey. I'll check her vid and see

Posted by: Basho on Mar 15, 13 | 1:28 am

And Iíll be the second. However after the preceding post Iím even more paranoid about the possible presence (or possible post-op past presence) of bulging bits or bollocks in the lady lower-lips location.

Posted by: kroos on Mar 15, 13 | 1:29 am

She could dominate me!! Assuming she is a she, of course:-)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Mar 15, 13 | 4:07 am

Love the picture of her walking on the beach. The others? Not so much--are they even the same person?

I hung out with a woman who practiced as a Dom for a while--before we were together. But even though she was out of the "business" she still had a couple of "slaves" who cleaned her house and did her laundry.

I never really understood the whole Dom/Sub, SM thing. I enjoy relationships and sex between equals. And have always figured if you had to go to bizarre lengths to get off perhaps you weren't doing it properly to begin with. But to each their own, I suppose.

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on Mar 15, 13 | 9:52 am

Here is another girl who has an account on okcupid. Can't say whether the account is real or fake because she admits to modeling around the world, but I won't post it just in case.

Posted by: mcantrell on Mar 15, 13 | 10:20 am

And the domination link doesn't exist for me. Anybody grab it before it went down?

Posted by: mcantrell on Mar 15, 13 | 10:22 am

she is really fucking sexy. something about her is really sizzling. i think its the legs and the face. i usually prefer longer hair though

Posted by: pelicanman on Mar 15, 13 | 3:11 pm

I still think Asian Siren Lucy Lui was hot as a dominatrix in the movie Payback.

I don't get the dominatrix thing either. When you grow up the youngest brother of many AND date pushy American women- you get used to being beat up and talked down to. Why would I PAY someone to do that to me?

Posted by: French on Mar 15, 13 | 4:33 pm

Yeah if I'm paying I would want them to do the cleaning.

Posted by: Luke72 on Mar 15, 13 | 4:39 pm

Luke 79, thatís a very sexist thing to say, and Iím offended.

They should do the cleaning AND take the garbage out.

Posted by: kroos on Mar 15, 13 | 5:17 pm

I included her in this post on Youtube makeup gurus, three years ago:

Posted by: CEC on Mar 15, 13 | 7:08 pm

Bigfoot is right. It doesn't even look like the same person in all the pics. Too bad they took down her domination video. I wouldn't mind watching that.

Posted by: wylde8 on Mar 15, 13 | 9:24 pm

wylde8: Date one of my American ex's....then you can LIVE being dominated rather than watch it in a video. :)

CEC: You have a good memory. That Michelle Phan is still looking hot.

Posted by: French on Mar 16, 13 | 12:08 am

Very pretty gal.

Agree with Bigfoot Dean re: the dom/sub relationships. Abnormal.

Posted by: fungusfarm on Mar 16, 13 | 9:00 am

I need to see more, but she seems nice

Posted by: majiemao on Mar 16, 13 | 5:58 pm

French, I'm in the US too, so I know what you're talking about. That's why I'd rather watch it happen to someone else than experience it first hand!

Posted by: wylde8 on Mar 16, 13 | 9:08 pm

Ha ha ha....THAT makes sense. I may have to try that and thank my lucky stars it's not me.

Posted by: French on Mar 16, 13 | 9:17 pm

Take your domineering aggressive modern American female, cover her in tattoos and put her in mining/oil rig workmanís clothes and feed her up enough so sheís bigger angrier and hairier than a congo Gorilla, and then give her a vocabulary consisting of just a few words and all of them beginning in ďfĒ. Then clone this specimen a few thousand times and set them all loose on the streets with double prams (the spare baby space used for carrying the booze and smokes).

This my friends is Rockhampton. Please for the love of God, more naked asian ladies please!!!

Posted by: kroos on Mar 16, 13 | 10:41 pm

That sounds pretty barf to me. The Gorilla girl that is, the naked asian ladies I can handle.

Posted by: arf on Mar 17, 13 | 1:07 am

sexy girl

Posted by: ..... on Mar 17, 13 | 3:31 pm

Supposedly this is her, and it would be nice if someone had the unedited originals:


Although I suppose since there doens't appear to be any evidence of this stuff online anymore then she must have wanted it all deleted, in which case I don't know.

Posted by: TravisStroup on Mar 18, 13 | 4:44 pm

Things haven't been easy around here lately. First sushi, then girls who get men to clean and do their laundry for free.
Maybe the world is coming to an end!

Posted by: daznlover on Mar 18, 13 | 7:18 pm

Man, I read the gossip link that Travis seems the dominatrix here has a lot of haters.... A LOT of haters. They say she photoshops (her skin color and chin) all her pics and that she is a fake.....This gossip thing is tough- so happy I am a dude and not a chick.

Posted by: French on Mar 18, 13 | 7:47 pm

She apparently started blogging when she was a young teenager. That's a lot of time to make people jealous. I've never heard about Xia Xue having these sorts of problems

Posted by: mcantrell on Mar 18, 13 | 9:33 pm

Her chin is clearly photoshopped....that link Travis provided shows the before and after photos of her walking on the beach. She made her chin pointy, widened her face, altered the shape of her eyes, made herself a couple inches taller, and lightened her skin.

As Bigfoot said at the beginning of the comments: Is this even the same person?

Posted by: French on Mar 18, 13 | 10:24 pm