The All New Asian Sirens Launches Next Week!

This will be the last time I prepare a post on this creaky old CMS, as we will finally be launching the all new Asian Sirens next week. I will be starting the transitional process tomorrow, during which time I cannot guarantee all comments will be preserved - so if you've got something to say, you'd better get it off your chest today. :-) Anyway, before you start to worry, I guarantee that all the things you love about Asian Sirens will continue, only better than ever. It will no longer be necessary to log in to comment, however I am sure many of you will still want to register anyway, to enjoy all the wonderful new features. All will be revealed next week (probably one week from now). In the mean time, I encourage to explore our vast archive of more than 2500 posts.

Update: This site will continue as it is for now - as long as you can still post comments, they should still be preserved. If we can't preserve comments from any point in the future, I will simply disable the comment form first.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 01, 13 | 10:00 pm | Profile


Sounds great, Doc.

A couple questions. Will all of the old archives be assessable after the switchover?

Will our usernames and/or passwords be preserved? I wasn't clear when you say we will want to register. Perhaps I can now get my prefered username, which I screwed up so long ago on this site.

Anyway, thanks for minding the store

Posted by: Bigfoot Dean on May 01, 13 | 11:33 pm

1) The old site will remain fully accessible (there's too much great stuff here to throw away!), but I may be converting it to a static archive.

2) Yes, if you want to be registered for the new site you will have to sign up again - the current usernames/passwords will not be transferred.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 01, 13 | 11:54 pm

Thank you for all your hardwork and dedication in making a site I look forward to visiting everyday!

Posted by: fungusfarm on May 02, 13 | 12:05 am

I might sign up as Arf, he always seems happy ;)

Posted by: Luke72 on May 02, 13 | 3:15 am

Ha Ha? Then I'll go Luke73. That's the year I was born.

Posted by: arf on May 02, 13 | 4:08 am

I wanted just Luke but someone had it, although I never saw them post. I'm a 72 baby Arf so a similar vintage.

Posted by: Luke72 on May 02, 13 | 5:15 am

Looks likes there'll be a rush on usernames next week. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 02, 13 | 5:24 am

hey hey… i’m not so old after all!!! bloody hell, born in 72 and 73??? Are you sure the creaking and worn hearts can take the excitement of these asian sirens pictures??

77 here myself. I wonder what the demographic breakdown is of the readers here. It would be interesting to also hear about the paths that led each of us to "yellow fever".

Myself, I was into blonde and blue-eyed (especially with german accents)…. until i first landed in Korea years ago. And have never looked back.

This is a great site Doc and crew. look forward to the new look.

Posted by: kroos on May 02, 13 | 6:19 am

Crikey hope noone beats me to registering as 'longtack'.

Posted by: longtack on May 02, 13 | 9:01 am

i hope these dots ....... will be allowed as a username...

Posted by: ..... on May 02, 13 | 9:07 am

Kroos: I had a Cambodian baby sitter when growing up. And so the journey began....

Wait Doc! If "anyone" can comment without signing up, what will happen to the "level" of the discussion? I suspect you will have to delete quite a few posts.

fungasfarm: Well said. Ditto!

Posted by: French on May 02, 13 | 11:00 am

All first time posters will be moderated, and virtually all spam will be blocked by my scripts (I know because I've been using them for years on Sachiko's blog - they block more than 100 spammers a day!). Actually, that site will give you a sneak preview of what's to come, as it based on the same software (AS will have a lot more social features though).

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 02, 13 | 11:27 am

And Kroos: I joined the air force and went to Okinawa in Sept, 2000 and Zoiks! here I am with a wife from the philippines and two kids.

Posted by: arf on May 03, 13 | 3:51 am

Off arf went, into the wild blue yonder....

I was at the US Embassy in Tokyo in spring of 2000. While there, I always found myself checking out the 100's of pictures of General MacArthur in the Philippines because in the background there were always a couple of hot 1940's Manila chicks off to the side somewhere- like when he was telling a village that he would save them, or something like that.

Man, what's wrong with me?

By the way, it is true that MacArthur's bedroom in the embassy (he was governor of post-war Japan) was in fact pink. I always found that interesting.

Posted by: French on May 03, 13 | 11:07 am

Mine was mostly homegrown as I studied (Uni) and then worked with a lot of Asians. There are so many in Melbourne. I didn't go to Asia until I went with my future wife.
I think retrospective articles on old Asian Sirens would be interesting as I clearly remember a few that changed my thinking.

Posted by: Luke72 on May 03, 13 | 3:37 pm

And here I am after just viewing this site for what seems like years just now registered and it appears it was all for not. But as for what led me to Asians......ever since I can remember I've found them to be the most beautiful. I was born in 68.... Aigoooo....does that make me elder statesman here?? In Highschool I would clip any pic that I could find in glamour mags of Asian women and tack on my closet door. But Pacific Beauty and Adam Yurman saved my life! Haha
Oh, and I have a korean girlfriend that I hope to marry soon.

Posted by: Enigmatic on May 03, 13 | 4:44 pm

One would hope not to lose an old friend
When reading a letter they most recently send
I wish only that the letter does not portend
That a terrific site will come to an end.

We here have comforting words from the Doc
That a new Sirens site will soon be on the block
All of us yearn for the new posts to rock
Whence Sirens from Tokyo, Shanghai or Bangkok.

I've not much time recently to view
And worse no chance to write a review
Whether to pan the posts or more likely to coo
"Bout lovely girls I'd really like to woo.

I just saw plenty of lovelies in hot Singapore
Kroos and Longtack would want to know more
But I think not to divulge to not be a bore
About my success rate in trying to score.

Here's hoping I can still be a quipper
And keep my name as the doubledipper
Doc will drive as our quite able skipper
To the first post! I bet it's a gripper!

Posted by: dbldipper on May 03, 13 | 7:38 pm

OK, I'm hugely out of practice. But at least I'm home for a couple of weeks to watch the beginning of hockey playoffs and see the new Asian Sirens.

Posted by: dbldipper on May 03, 13 | 7:40 pm

@dbldipper: Very nice!

As for hockey, I shall raise my glass to the Brothers Hansen.

Posted by: French on May 03, 13 | 8:17 pm

Nice work as always doubledipper. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 03, 13 | 11:58 pm

Will the URL change doc? you are not the eldest here. I was born in 1956.
kroos, I think, is an old codger too.

Nice to see some verse dipper. Missed it of late.

Posted by: longtack on May 04, 13 | 9:25 am

Yes, the URL will change - there will be a very obvious link to the new site at the top of every page here.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 04, 13 | 9:36 am

I was born in '55 then reincarnated in the Philippines in '75 thanks to the US Navy. Been hooked on Asian Ladies ever since, and have lived here 22 years total.

Posted by: Subic Man on May 04, 13 | 11:27 am

That's a nice feel good story Subic Man. Kinda how I wanna end up when I get out of the military. Living on a beautiful beach in the Philippines...happy.

Posted by: arf on May 04, 13 | 9:30 pm

Deep down inside my parents knew I was a WestPac Sailor since I made my appearance in '66. Now here I am Up Country in Thailand trying to keep my neck on straight. The food, the people, I love SEA.

Posted by: pseacraft on May 05, 13 | 3:01 am

Ooooh Thailand! I love it there. Maybe you live near Udon Thani pseacraft? I bought a lot of nice gold there in 2004. Nice town.

Posted by: arf on May 05, 13 | 4:17 am

First time poster on possibly the last day of this "creaky old site" as Dr. Lee said (I don't agree, these pages are great!).
In any case, I think my first Siren was Kiana Tom on ESPN2 mornings while in college. Outside of a couple dark-haired girls it's been predominantly Asian girls ever since for me. Hoping to get out to Japan or Korea and teach ESL in about a year... trouble may ensue.

Posted by: mrk24 on May 05, 13 | 10:58 pm

Let's keep this interesting discussion going - it looks like we won't be going live for a few more days yet.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 05, 13 | 11:11 pm

We're gonna be live? WoW! I'm kinda shy.

Posted by: arf on May 05, 13 | 11:30 pm

OMG! I remember watching Kiana Tom back in the mid 90's. She was so healthy and sweaty and brown. That was the main reason I watched along with some inspiration to workout a little harder. Another hottie was Tia Carrere in Wayne's World. Goodness gracious. I just drooled a little.

Posted by: arf on May 05, 13 | 11:39 pm

Well, it looks like I'm not the oldest here (thanks Subic Man). :-) I had my first assignment in the Air Force in Okinawa, and had many TDY's (temporary duty assignments) to the Philippines and Korea and the women just floored me and of course I married one. I still love women of all races/colors/ethnicities, but Asian women will always be my favorite.

I will forever remain wingsfan19, regardless of the new user names.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 06, 13 | 3:44 am

I agree 100%...the TDY's were the greatest while I was in Okinawa.

Posted by: arf on May 06, 13 | 4:31 am

Starting to think i need to join the airforce. Knowing my luck however they’d post me in Afghanistan. Mind you, I have heard those afghani women have a really sexy eyebrow under those burqas……

Posted by: kroos on May 06, 13 | 7:40 am

Looking forward to the new site.

Posted by: temptations on May 07, 13 | 1:34 pm

It's a bit like waiting for Christmas.

Posted by: Luke72 on May 07, 13 | 2:17 pm

As self-appointed "Second in Command", I appease your wait with two of my recent favorites:

(If you are the Doc and are reading this, I was only kidding about the second in command thing)

Posted by: French on May 07, 13 | 9:18 pm

Actually, sometimes I think I could use a second in command. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 07, 13 | 9:33 pm

Sounds like French has a promotion. Congratulations!
@Kroos, I hear that many ladies in the more well to do Arabian countries are really sexy and have very expensive lingerie on underneath the burqas. If you could confirm that would be handy.
An early favourite of mine was Sammy Stone who was popular in the '90's

Posted by: Luke72 on May 08, 13 | 2:20 am

French can be the "second In Command" if I can be the Treasurer.

Or better yet, "Chief Siren Inspector" :-)

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on May 08, 13 | 4:29 am

Dunno about Second in Command, but like his taste.

Posted by: kroos on May 08, 13 | 4:53 am

Can we edit our comments in the new Asian Sirens? I’d like to edit mine above and perhaps emphasise “I like his taste IN WOMEN!”. (sorry wings but you’re just not my type…)

Posted by: kroos on May 08, 13 | 4:56 am

Yep, this long awaited and often requested feature will be available for all users, for up to half an hour.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 08, 13 | 4:57 am

ahhh bugger it. I mean FRENCH dammit, I like FRENCH’s taste in women. And I’m all for french kissing… but just not French. Australian kiss is better anyway. Oh never mind. Beer time.

Posted by: kroos on May 08, 13 | 4:58 am

Oh great Doc, you snuck your comment in there quickly. Editing would be great. Can we start now?

Posted by: kroos on May 08, 13 | 4:59 am

@arf - yes, Udorn is 'down' the road from me. '04 you say? Officially moved here in '04. :0

Posted by: pseacraft on May 08, 13 | 11:45 am

Large thanks to the Doc for showing us what these amazing women are up to. Looking forward to the new site.

Posted by: Basho on May 08, 13 | 4:40 pm

How did I never see Sammy Stone before???

Actually, my all time favorites have always been Natasha Yi and Sung Hi Lee. Ohhh those spectacular Koreans!

Posted by: Enigmatic on May 08, 13 | 9:30 pm

That's awesome pseacraft. Is Steve's Bar still there? Really good English food when I ate there nine years ago...scary how time flies.

Posted by: arf on May 09, 13 | 3:09 am

I feel that I would be some sort of sham A-S member if I didn't contribute to the final feed of the site, so:

I have done some research and it turns out that Ms. Macale ( is truly trying to find a relationship on okcupid. She is on other social networking sites, as well, but I just wanted to say that some of these beauties are available and looking. Go find 'em boys!

Disclaimer: I won't post her username, you'll have to find her yourself.

Posted by: mcantrell on May 09, 13 | 6:57 pm

is the new site up yet?

Posted by: luuminate on May 09, 13 | 9:52 pm

I'm just doing some final double checks now. It will be ready to launch by tomorrow, but I'm thinking about having the weekend off and launching on Monday instead. :-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 09, 13 | 11:31 pm

I'm on the edge of my seat!!!
...tick...tock...tick... tock.......waiting....

Posted by: fungusfarm on May 09, 13 | 11:55 pm

@ mcantrell I was reading a whole lot of bad stuff about her when clicking through the links at the time she was posted. It is a part of the internet I don't completely understand, is she mental or are there just a bunch of nasty people she has got offside?
Doc, I can't wait any longer, LAUNCH I say.

Posted by: Luke72 on May 10, 13 | 1:16 am

"It's the final countdown"...old song, nevermind.

Posted by: arf on May 10, 13 | 5:06 am

Yep, we're going live tomorrow - tune in at our usual posting time!

(BTW, the new site will be on UTC, so it will run 2 hours ahead of this one.)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 10, 13 | 9:52 am

Well done Doc!..oh and last one out..turn off the lights please...;-)

Posted by: longtack on May 10, 13 | 10:24 am

waiting waiting….

Posted by: kroos on May 10, 13 | 4:35 pm

What time is that for us Doc? (Australian eastern)

Posted by: Luke72 on May 10, 13 | 6:08 pm

Just curious, I'm east coast of US....where is everyone?????

Posted by: Enigmatic on May 10, 13 | 7:27 pm

UTC is 10 hours behind non-daylight savings time here on the east coast of oz.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 10, 13 | 8:01 pm

Just one more hour to go now...

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 10, 13 | 9:01 pm

Where is the link? I feel like a dumbass. I've checked back several times.

Posted by: Luke72 on May 11, 13 | 6:41 am

I've put it up in a new post! Anyway, here it is again:

Posted by: Dr. Lee on May 11, 13 | 8:47 am

@Luke72: It seems that celebrity breeds jealousy but, judging from her posts, it also breeds vanity and I think the combination has led to the storm you see on the interwebs. I can't explain why so many people have hung on with their anger, but I can only assume that it is associated with the dreaded diseases of "internet courage" and "trollism."

Posted by: mcantrell on May 12, 13 | 9:42 am

yes it is bizarre

Posted by: Luke72 on May 15, 13 | 3:09 am

wow, I get back here and the world is coming to an end! I mean, the old AS world! :)

Ok, 1 second and I'm jumping to the new world.

Posted by: daznlover on May 16, 13 | 8:00 pm