Amara From Asian4You


This sexy young lady is Amara, another popular model featured on the Asian4You web site. As mentioned in a comment in Marco's Petchara posting, Amara has used different last names on different sites. To avoid confusion, we'll just leave it at Amara.

As with many of the Asian4You models, it's difficult to find any detailed information or bios on them. I believe Amara is Thai, but I could be wrong. If anyone can locate a biography of her please post it in the comments.

For a few more sexy pics of Amara, click on






Amara vs. Petchara? Please don't make me choose, I love them both!

Links for Amara

Amara on Asian4You
Amara Links on Asian Thumbs
Amara Google Image Search

Posted by: NorthMan on Nov 03, 05 | 2:31 am | Profile


Now that's a perky pair of breasts! ;-)

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 03, 05 | 3:28 am

Don't like the first picture, but i'm glad I clicked on "more" because I like the rest ;)

Posted by: Pixelchaos on Nov 03, 05 | 5:05 am

The photography here is quite nice too.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 03, 05 | 6:19 am

She's thai. That first picture wasn't too good, but the rest are great.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 03, 05 | 8:42 am

Amara is a popular nick! Tiara also uses it on

Posted by: Robin Hood on Nov 03, 05 | 8:45 am

Oh yes Amara!!!!!!! She is one of my favorite Asian 4 U Girls!! She is just absolutely PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: GATOR on Nov 03, 05 | 9:11 am

more great pics at she's there too. twice ;-) as amara taroon & amara bhunawat.
thai women are such stunners.

Posted by: Nik2 on Nov 03, 05 | 10:06 am

She is one of my favorites too. Her body is perfect. I love thai women. I just wish Amara would pick one name because thai names are long and confusing.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 03, 05 | 12:53 pm

she could put an eye out with those things.

Posted by: air45 on Nov 03, 05 | 2:12 pm

Amara is Thai like all of the gals on A4U. Some of the models have appeared in Thai Penthouse and Cute magazines. In fact, some of the gals can be found working in Massage Parlours in BKK. Adam is one of Thai Penthouse photographers, so he can confirm their nationality.

Posted by: mrhugo on Nov 03, 05 | 6:41 pm

ALL of the A4U girls are Thai? Hmmmm.....I thought for sure some were Chinese and possibly other nationalities as well.

Posted by: NorthMan on Nov 03, 05 | 9:16 pm

Some of their models are chinese, korean, and japanese. I noticed that they have alot of thai models and they are fine, except for Kathy Liu, she's too skinny for my taste. But things would be easier if there was some background information on their models because I want to know their nationality.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 03, 05 | 10:21 pm

Yeah, its always nice to see a bio!

Posted by: NorthMan on Nov 03, 05 | 10:26 pm

They may have Chinese, Korean or Japanese names but trust me most of them are Thai. Pornography is illegal in Thailand is why they have to use those type of names. I'm pretty sure A4U is based in Thailand as well.

Posted by: mrhugo on Nov 04, 05 | 12:10 am

asiannude4u and 88square are using the same Thai girls with different names. I've spent enough time in Thailand the last few years to know.

Posted by: mrhugo on Nov 04, 05 | 12:15 am

I'm convinced that all those models are thai. I thought that 90% of them were thai, but after some research, I'm sure that all the models are thai.

88square has an address in Bangkok. A4U has an address in Australia, but it's safe to say that they also operate out of Bangkok.

Many of the models have fake chinese, korean , or japanese names. I could care less what their names are, but I think that certain names for models are chosen to show some diversity.

Cho Hye Eun is another one of my favorites; her body is smoking. I assumed she was korean, but I'm convinced she is thai too. Oh well. I'm not disappointed because I love thai women.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 04, 05 | 4:45 am

A4U is based here in Australia?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 04, 05 | 5:03 am

I doubt it. They have an address there, but i think that is for admin purposes.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 04, 05 | 7:34 am

Even that is surprising - I wonder why?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 04, 05 | 8:37 am

Cho Hye Eun is a former massage parlor girl in Bangkok. Nowadays, she works maybe once a month in between her modeling shoots.

Posted by: mrhugo on Nov 04, 05 | 5:40 pm

I get confused by these names especially since Tiara Lestar was called Amara on Adam Yurnan's site. I suppose we should just refer to this Amara as A4U Amara to avoid confusion.

She is certainly very cute with a sexy body. Thanks for posting this entry about her NorthMan!

Posted by: badboy on Nov 04, 05 | 6:17 pm

Yes, she is sexy! And as Lee said her breasts are perky! For my personal taste, I love how they are shaped!

Posted by: NorthMan on Nov 04, 05 | 6:22 pm

This babe is smoking HOTT !! hotter than Tiara, more sexual characteristics, sexier breasts and lips , and that curvy ASS !! in terms of the name, Tiara's original name is Ayu Lestari, it is purely Javanese name meaning "beautifully flourish" , she changed her name into Tiara , since her friends refer her to as the original Indo model named Tiara who looks like her so it was never Tiara Amara, Amara can be any nationalities, it's derived from Greek name and it means eternal, immortal, beloved. These models, (She and Tiara) just wanted to use name as it sounds "European".

Posted by: hotbytes2000 on Nov 04, 05 | 7:17 pm

I dont want to say which one is hotter (this Amara or Tiara). They are both sexy in their own ways. There are so many sexy, beautiful asian ladies out there......once you think you have see the best, along come another to top her. Plus, you know how guys are, we like variety! :-)

Posted by: NorthMan on Nov 04, 05 | 7:31 pm

i'm not of fan of hers, so i don't have a lot of her pics

these are for amara fans

set 1

set 2

set 3

set 4

set 5

set 6

Posted by: Zamscan on Nov 04, 05 | 10:57 pm

Amara vs Petchara? I wud prefer Petchara. She got a cuter face... :)

Posted by: luverguy on Nov 04, 05 | 11:03 pm

petchara all the way, no contest

here's samples from her new set

Posted by: Zamscan on Nov 04, 05 | 11:14 pm

You're both wrong - it's Kathy Liu (aka Jang) all the way for me! ;-)

On a more serious note, it seems I'm alone here in not being especially fond of Thai women. They usually look a little too 'primitive' for my tatse - I prefer women who look a little more classy and cultured (as Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese women usually do). I know Kathy/Jang's nationality is Thai, but apparently she is of Chinese descent (confirmed by Adam Yurman). Anybody else feel the same way I do?

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 05, 05 | 12:13 am

Kathy Liu is too skinny for me, but I can't stop looking at her.

I always felt that Japanese women were cute and adorable, Korean women elegant, and Thai and Vietnamese women sexy. I never thought of Japanese women as classy. I never been fond of Filipino women. They don't look that good to me unless they were mixed with a different race like Loni who is Filipino/Chinese and damn sexy.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 05, 05 | 6:08 am

Petchara is definitely my number one at A4U, Amara second. Kathy Liu is okay but not my favorite (sorry Lee).

Posted by: thanirz on Nov 05, 05 | 6:59 am

I agree that Japanese women usually aren't especially classy in absolute terms (I agree they are more cute and adorable), but relative to most Thais and Filipinas they certainly are classy IMHO. Interestingly, I don't find Vietnamese women especially sexy - for me they are simply the ultimate beauties (although I have to say the Vietnamese American models are not representative of them at all). For me Koreans are the sexiest Asian women.

As for Petchara, I'm still trying to figure out what all the fuss is about - she's certainly cute and pretty, but for me she just isn't especially remarkable. Whether you like Kathy or not you can't deny she stands out amongst the A4U models, but for me Petchara is just another pretty Asian girl.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Nov 05, 05 | 8:28 am

Yes Petchara may not be the 1 gal, but she seemed to be the best gal in a4u to me. Nice nipple, good figure, cute face, perhaps it's a good combination eh.. And she's a quite a diva in giving something different over the many sets of photos she did. She looks like a cute little gal in 88square, a very chinese-like gal in an4u, ever changing diva in a4u... what more can u ask for right?

Posted by: luverguy on Nov 06, 05 | 1:27 am

I lived in Japan for a while, and I never considered Japanese classy. Compared to Thai or Filipino, they would be because most Japanese people have money and most Thais and Filipinos are dirt poor which is why so many are in the sex industry to make ends meet. I think they would look classier if they had some money.

As for me, I'm going to stop trying to classify an entire nationality or just love one type of Asian women because they are all beautiful to me. I wish I was in Vietnam to see how beautiful the women are. I haven't seen a Vietnamese woman yet that was so beautiful that it made me hate Vietnamese American women. If there is someone like that then let me know.

I don't know what the fuss about Petchara is either. She's hot, but she is 3rd on my list of A4U models. Amara is my favorite, I love asians with darker skin. And Cho Hye Eun is second.

Posted by: Candyman on Nov 06, 05 | 4:45 am

Hmmm, quite perky! But I can do without the tatoos.

Posted by: asiansweetheart on Nov 07, 05 | 4:17 am

My fav. model is …are ….
Since 1 year i track a porn model who know under differents names in differents sites.
Names knows (in order of date ):
Chan Ka Ki - HK Nudes
Cindy (Cindy Chan at the beginning) - A4Y
Orn Ornicha - 88Squares
recently Oh Lai Ping - Pee Asians & AN4Y
All this sites owned by JAV or Japan Adult Video.( ).
JAV is a big family of porn sites. Including the main free gate
So, head office locate in Japan, affiliates in Hong-Kong and may by in Thailand.
In 2004 a putch at the HK division, local chineese (mafia??) try to take control of the site ( ). Head office change the name of the site for .
Models from all aroud asia mostly Japan, HK and Thai. Natives from Singapor, Taiwan uselly move in H-K and from VN in Thai.

Posted by: drag99 on Nov 07, 05 | 9:19 pm

if you like cho hye eun as much as I do, you might want to gaze and amaze at her pics and videos in my groups:

for more diverse taste:

Posted by: alanjayh on Nov 22, 05 | 4:34 pm

Haven't checked the zips as suggested by Zam but does anyone know from which site this picture of Amara is taken? It looks like a photo shoot of A4U but as far as I know they don't have this kind of hardcore stuff:

click for image

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 10, 05 | 9:43 am

Just checked zam's zips, the picture is from the hard series he posted!

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 10, 05 | 10:02 am

I feel the image above does not belong here! We are not a hardcore site!

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 11, 05 | 8:14 am

We feature many models here that do hardcore stuff so it is a little bit naive to close our eyes for it don't you think? On the other hand I agree that we don't need to publish these images here. So please feel free to put the image behind a link.

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 11, 05 | 8:32 am

I don't think Robin's saying we should close our eyes to this stuff, just that we shouldn't publish these sorts of images here. I agreee with him.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 11, 05 | 8:37 am

That's what I mean. Porn is okay with me, but let's keep it where it belongs: on other websites ;-)

(put the image behind a link)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 11, 05 | 8:45 am

Hey, you are in charge now so I have to accept your decision ;-)

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 11, 05 | 8:49 am


Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 11, 05 | 9:54 am

Personnaly my own favourite from A4Y is Paris.

Anyone have any information on her?

Posted by: Arnold on Jan 05, 06 | 7:54 am

Well Amara, Nancy Ho and many of the other Asian4You models are back along with fresh faces. Amara of The Black Alley is freshly featured here. It was pretty much garanteed the A4Y content would not stay out of circulation long.

I won't go into great detail here about how The Black Alley came into being. If the editors are interested, drop me an email for the story.

The site is pretty much like Asian4You was except with a different color mix and art. Not only will the A4Y ladies be featured, but many fresh new faces shot high quailty for the site (Hint - Must be the photographer). Anyhow they opened May 29th and will be updating weekly. It's $24.94 a month and will be worth it.


Posted by: ALOTI on May 30, 07 | 6:45 am

I hope that sample gallery of Amara is not going to be the standard way they prepare images. It's way over-processed with too much contrast and blooming color. I've seen that style on other sits and it looks terrible. The A4Y site generally did not do that with their images.

Posted by: NorthMan on May 30, 07 | 11:19 am

The photographer that shot this set also shot for A4Y and had a history of over-processing the images. I tend to think this may have been an unreleased set. Other sets are much better.

In 2002-03 A4Y had a serious problem with this over doing images. It was a shame as many potentially great sets were mediochre. The vids look good. Scroll down this page and check the sample of Feng Mei Zhe.


Posted by: ALOTI on May 30, 07 | 4:36 pm

very very nice:)

Posted by: LawBoy on May 30, 07 | 11:08 pm

What i would do if only.

Posted by: asnlvr1 on Aug 12, 07 | 12:07 am

you may find this helpful :O)

Posted by: jonesyxx7 on Mar 15, 08 | 6:17 pm

I always thought this photographer did justice to Amara:

Posted by: Turk on May 13, 08 | 4:07 am

Here are Amara's stats, at least a year old.

Posted by: vetonow on Jun 28, 09 | 7:40 pm

Sorry, forgot to post link for Amara's stats:

Posted by: vetonow on Jun 28, 09 | 7:44 pm

How come so many of the Thai girls seem to like it doggy style? Not that that is a bad thing, mind you.

Posted by: Wingsfan19 on Jun 29, 09 | 3:43 am

I stumbled on Amara after finding links to the A4U sets. Wow. Ponied up the 35 bucks to join hotfile so I could download all of the files. I don't know if this is the complete catalog, but here is the link.

Posted by: dbldipper on Mar 04, 12 | 6:20 am