Natasha Yi @ Scanlover

Natasha Yi @ Scanlover does it again: a great gallery from one of my favourite Asian models, Natasha Yi. (Actually, she is my number 2 ;-))

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 08, 05 | 3:05 pm | Profile


What the hell did they do with the high quality images of Natasha? Or do I need to clean my screen to see a better picture?

Posted by: thanirz on Dec 08, 05 | 4:07 pm

Curious, who's your number 1??

Posted by: GATOR on Dec 08, 05 | 4:30 pm

oops sorry Robin, I just saw that Sung Hi is your #1.....Wow, Natasha is absolutely PERFECTION!!!

Posted by: GATOR on Dec 08, 05 | 4:32 pm

Marco, Looks like a heavy 'Gaussian Blur' to me! Thought it was kinda arty farty ;-) (I didn't do it!)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 09, 05 | 3:43 am

Yeah GATOR, although she is not as pretty as in her prime time, she still is the girl that got me into this whole Asian model thing back in 1998.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Dec 09, 05 | 3:44 am

Actually, I prefer her more recent look to the older pictures. It seems to me she's more toned, and mature looking now. That's not to say she looked bad in 1998...

Posted by: madtrader on Dec 09, 05 | 9:15 pm

Yeah, I prefer her more toned current look too.

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Dec 10, 05 | 1:17 am