Nicole Oring

Nicole Oring (Photography: Ultimate Poker Babes)

Nicole Oring was born on January 19, 1977 in Seoul, Korea. She was adopted at 4 months old to parents in Southern California. She is a model and actress, a full time student and a small business owner according to her official website. Nicole is 5'3'' tall and her measurements are 32D-23-31. She used to work with, for example, 24mainstreet (photographer Greg Hadel), Marquis Models (content from 24mainstreet?) and Kim Mizuno (e.g. Playboy and East West Calendar).

Via Bikinibrawl I also found her homepage at AOL where she refer to her video work: "I work mostly for Playboy Entertainment/Enterprises but have also done several movies that are on Blockbuster shelves and on Cinemax, Showtime, HBO and DirectTV - and no, they are not pornos....although my acting REALLY sucks!"

True, she didn't say that she never did porno because these videoclips (paysite) suggest she did. Is she moving from soft to hardcore or is it just the other way around and did she hardcore before modelling for Playboy? Whatever, she looks great!

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Some extra Galleries:

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Nicole Oring @ fu-qtoo

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New Nicole Oring @ fu-qtoo 8/2/05

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Thanx Fu-Qtoo. And welcome.

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I took the liberty of adding a 300x38 banner to your site because I am an Asian lover. If you have some galleries for me to plug, I would more than love too! Just send them to me and I will add them to my posts!

Richard A. Luhring III

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Thanks. But where is the banner? Can't find it on your site. Eventually we will make our own banners. But first we are going to do a little bit of re-designing on this site ;-)
Marco is doing the 'marketing' for asian-sirens and he is on vacation now. So I will let him decide on the galleries. Thanks for the offer!

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some more orings

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A clip from Maximum Thrust (2003)
Nicole Oring having sex with a black man
R rated
on a side note, Akira Lane was also in this movie

Size: 46.5 MB
Length: 4:39 min
Type: Mpeg Divx

Posted by: Zamscan on Oct 04, 05 | 9:28 pm

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Posted by: Zamscan on Mar 11, 06 | 4:49 pm

here's 9 animated gifs zipped from the movie "Sapphire Girls"
see caps in above post

here's a sample of 1 of the 9 gifs

Link to Zip file 7.52 MB

Posted by: Zamscan on Apr 01, 06 | 1:49 pm

Love Nicole! Thanks Zamscan!!!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Apr 01, 06 | 3:59 pm

There's a movie currently available on Showtime On Demand (under After Hours) called "Young and Forbidden" that features two sex scenes with Nicole. Good stuff. And her acting really isn't too bad.

Posted by: Curtis G. on Apr 18, 06 | 12:05 am

It looks like Nicole Oring is starting to do hardcore movies

here's a link
porno producer/actor Don Fernando

Posted by: Zamscan on May 28, 06 | 3:43 pm

Wow, that is hot news.

Will contact Don to see when the video will be avialable!

Posted by: thanirz on May 28, 06 | 3:58 pm

Nicole in "Sapphire Girls"
the gifs are in a previous post above


Video Clip 19.26 MB

Posted by: Zamscan on Jul 06, 06 | 10:05 pm

Some clips of Nicole kicking it up a notch on Spice

Clip 1

Link to Clip 1 59.90 MB

Clip 2

Link to Clip 2 78.09 MB

Clip 3

Link to Clip 3 86.18 MB

Posted by: Zamscan on Jul 16, 06 | 2:49 am

Hey thanks Zam! She's a dirty girl!

Posted by: darklighter1 on Jul 16, 06 | 12:03 pm

Nothing wrong with dirty...nothing at all...especially when it's Ms. O!

Posted by: Krazy4Kobe on Aug 10, 06 | 10:02 am

Looks like the DVD is VERY popular

Posted by: Syrus on Aug 24, 06 | 1:32 pm

Please check out this rehearsal footage from a new mainstream film featuring Ms. Oring, entitle COMMUTE. She plays the sexy secretary Doris Dae. The clip is of her answering phones and then jumps to the rehearsal of the "Fantasy Sequence" where she has sex with the Commuter in the car. While the rehearsal was shot in a parking lot, the actual scene was shot on a soundstage and is very sexy. Please visit the following link to see the rehearsal footage:

The film is expected to Premiere in July, 2007. For more info visit (website is still under construction but has basic info)

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very good movies

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some more pics and videos for Nicole Oring here :

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