Asianology - The Study of Fine Asian Women

Asianology - The Study of Fine Asian Women

Found this site with a funny title: "Asianology - The Study of Fine Asian Women". IMHO it should be called "The Study of Fine Asian, but Mostly Japanese Women" ;-) A lot of galleries, but I really like the introduction text:

Congratulations on finding the school of Asianology! You will be expected to undergo extensive studies in the field of "FINE" asian women. We have many subjects for you to enlighten your knowledge of this privileged field. I know you can't wait to jump right in to your studies so I'll cut this introduction here and let you begin your education. - The Dean

Posted by: Robin Hood on Apr 14, 06 | 1:16 am | Profile


A really great collection, but watch out for those pop-ups!

Posted by: Dr. Lee on Apr 14, 06 | 2:13 am

My vote goes to Ayumi Hamasaki.. always been a fan of her beauty and music. However, did she have enlarged eye surgery? I notice that her old pictures always seem to look so different...

Posted by: Amoura on Apr 14, 06 | 6:27 am

Man... that's not fair... as much as I LOVE Asian chicks, I want one of those Caucasianology sites just to balance things out...

Posted by: cosmos on Apr 14, 06 | 6:48 am

The introduction is cute, but where is the diversity? Maybe I start a site for the study of Asian asses. I have a Ph.D in bootyology.

Posted by: Candyman on Apr 14, 06 | 4:32 pm

a study of fine asian women? hmm... i agree with Robin-- mostly Japanese. but if there were a degree in the study of fine asian women... then a-s would definitely be a required course.

Posted by: apprenticekim on Apr 15, 06 | 3:02 am

thanks apprenticekim! that's quite a compliment! :-)

ohw, candyman; looking forward to your asian-asses site! ;-)

Posted by: Robin Hood on Apr 15, 06 | 5:37 am

Putting this on my curriculum.

Posted by: Mike Abundo on Apr 15, 06 | 11:06 am

does that make me a Asianologist

Posted by: SherBo on Oct 01, 07 | 12:39 am