Porn version YouTube: Porno Tube

An American company recently launched a porn version of the popular videosite YouTube. On Porno Tube users can send in their own movies and share them with others.

YouTube, with it's 100 million videoviews a day, is the number one Video Search site on the web. There are many categories, but porn is (officially) not allowed there. So this is where PornoTube steps in!

Both sites have the same functionalities: people can rate the movies, or favourite them. You no longer can leave comments though. So if you are looking for (Asian) porn, head over there right now.

Posted by: Robin Hood on Jul 28, 06 | 7:03 am | Profile


Excellent. Cannot wait till they expand the asian posts more

Posted by: greedisgood on Jul 28, 06 | 9:43 am

Just what I need, another internet-related distraction! hahaha!

Yeah, there are less than 50 postings under an "asian" search. I'm sure that will increase over time.

Posted by: NorthMan on Jul 28, 06 | 11:08 am

I just vitied the site. It actually looks better than youtube.

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Jul 28, 06 | 2:30 pm

Sooner or later, there is gonna be serious backlash against Porno Tube by the news media and probably Congress.

I created an account in less than 4 minutes based on my birthdate claiming I'm over 18. What happens if kids figure this out?

Furthermore, the nature of being able to post video clips smply with embaed commands is going to be a serious problem on myspace since there are lots of trouble makers out there.

I give Porno Tube less than a year before they force you to use a credit card to register.

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Jul 28, 06 | 3:01 pm

Im uploading some Asian porn right now.

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Jul 28, 06 | 4:33 pm

thank you and i will name my first born after you:)

Posted by: LawBoy on Jul 28, 06 | 9:45 pm

Backlash by the media, heck backlash by the property owners.

Anyway while it lasts it gives me something else to brows through and download.

Yes I know the difference between downloading and streaming trust me, I do mean download.

Posted by: bigstusexy on Jul 29, 06 | 4:18 pm

"Im uploading some Asian porn right now."

Bless your heart!

Posted by: Blue Skies on Jul 30, 06 | 12:00 am

Asian AV Idols I'd like to see on PornoTube:

Rei Amami
Misa Nisida
Haruka Morimura
Maria Ozawa

Posted by: Blue Skies on Jul 30, 06 | 12:21 am

I put MIKO LEE on there

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Jul 30, 06 | 2:29 pm

This Pornotube is broken. It has problems uploading files larger than 30 MB.

Posted by: ChineseLoverMan on Jul 31, 06 | 12:07 am

<embed src="" loop="false" quality="high" width="480" height="400" name="pornoPlayer" allowScriptAccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" />

Posted by: kadzluv on Oct 01, 06 | 12:59 am

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Posted by: JeffreySaunders on Nov 12, 06 | 8:27 pm