Taffana Dewi - Indonesian Model

Taffana Dewi

As this is my very first posting occasion here at Asian-Sirens I wanted to feature someone nice and 'real' Indonesian. I decided to introduce Taffana as she happens to be this month's cover girl for Popular Magazine.

Taffana Dewi has been around for quite sometime in the Indonesian modeling world. She was born in Bandung (the city with a nick name "city of flowers" given by the Dutch) on July 31, 1979. Taffana made her mark back in her teenage years when she appeared in a local tabloid posing in sexy outfits; it was then quite "daring" by Indonesian standards.

Early this year Taffana hit the headlines again in Indonesia. She was part of a tv sit-com type of thing and it was in a "LIVE" performance that she accidently exposed her breasts during an act. The following day clips of the "welcome" accident was all over the internet for all to see.

Nice (self)marketing job Taffana. Even Tiara Lestari doesn't dare showing her assets live on national tv!

www.popular-maj.com (to see all photos you have to be a member though, or you can always ask for my help :-)

Taffana Dewi

Taffana Dewi

Taffana Dewi

Taffana Dewi

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