Thu Jun 22, 2006

Pizza Hut campaign

Pizza Hut campaign

Found this campaign by Pizza Hut (for Asia) on Twenty Four. It's telling its customers to wash their hands before a meal. The other two ads (unfortunately with men) are in More...

Robin Hood | Jun 22, 06 | 4:19 am | 7 comments | 8073 views

Thai hottie Jeet


The number 21 sexiest woman in the world, according to FHM Thai edition readers, is Saengthong Gate-Uthong (also written as Kadeuthong, or Ket-oo-thong), nickname Jeet.

You will find a gallery at

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Wed Jun 21, 2006

It's Right Here in Black and White

black and white asian nude

I was surfing Chinese sites for new material to introduce to you and got a little preoccupied and forgot to share. I am back to my senses (as far as that goes) and want to share the wealth.

I found ten or more postings worth of great pictures on Even without knowledge of Chinese you can easily naviagte your way through enough amateur, artistic and professional shots to make you late for work.

I am especially fond of black and white photography if it is done well. And I found a few photos I hope you like... More...

santini47 | Jun 21, 06 | 8:51 am | 16 comments | 13102 views

Tue Jun 20, 2006

Customize your Virtual Girl

This is a screencast of the Japanese 3D erotic life/simulation game 'Artificial Girl 2' in which you can fully customize the girl that accompanies you in the game. Breasts, hair, face, tone and much, much more can be adjusted to your liking. During the game the girl "provides a number of different social and increasingly erotic actions for the player". The game is developed by Illusion. Spotted on FreshCreation.

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Mon Jun 19, 2006

Faline Song

Faline Song

It's unusual to start an Asian-Sirens feature with a face shot. But with Faline's pretty face, exceptions can be made. Sexy Faline, age 21, is a model and college student based in Southern California. She admits to being short, 152cm (5'0"), but makes up for it with her hot looks and fun-loving personality. At first I wasn't sure of Faline's ethnicity, but her web site,, reveals she is Taiwanese. Oh, she's good friends with our girl Charisse Kailyn too!

You can visit Faline on MySpace and Yahoo Groups as well. More pics of Faline, click More...

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Sun Jun 18, 2006

Ultimate Asian Hotties List?

Panward Hemmanee think of theirselves as 'the authority of Asian hotties' and therefore they created the 'Ultimate Asian Hotties List'. It's broken down by ethnicity. Each ethnicity list is exclusive to the five hottest girls of all time.

We at Asian-Sirens agree with We also think that this list of Asian models really can't be the 'ultimate' one: after all, it only includes seventeen models from eight countries, and we all know there are a hell of a lot more hotties out there than that. Just browse our archives! ;-)

But hey, every list that features Asian hotties is a good list! So check out the girls at!


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Sachiko McLean Interviewed By

Sachiko McLean

Hi everybody. I thought you might like to know that I've just been interviewed by, a site with a long and passionate dedication to women's rights, especially as it relates to the freedom to express their own beauty in the face of conservatism. My own views on my right to show my body freely - even in contexts that are normally considered to be too 'respectable' for this, such as performing classical music - are well known. I do not consider playing piano or singing in the nude is anything wrong or unnatural - indeed, for me it actually feels very right and natural. Read more about why I feel this why in my interview!

Oh yeah, and don't forget to visit my web site too!

Sachiko | Jun 18, 06 | 4:30 am | 35 comments | 30024 views

Fri Jun 16, 2006

10 Questions for Photographer Ed Morawski

Ange Maya photographed by Ed Morawski

When I wrote about new model Ange Maya recently, I was not only impressed with her fantastic body and astonishing hair, but I was also impressed with a lot of her costumes and the artistic quality of many of her photos. Well it turns out that many of her best photos were taken by Ed Morawski, who not only shares my interests in photography and beautiful women but also high end hi-fi as well (he shot Ange for his Olympic Audio ads). We're also both fans of the music of Loreena McKennitt. So as he's photographed several other Asian models as well (as you can see in his gallery), it only seemed natural that I should interview him for our "10 questions for" series. More...

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Thu Jun 15, 2006

I'll Have a Mai Tai, Sex on the Beach, and Xin Xin

Nude Asian

China's Web Portal is, as W.C. Fields might have said, a "veritable cornucopia" of treasures. One of them is lovely Xin Xin She is one of dozens of amazing Chinese models that are slowly cyber-immigrating West thanks to Flikr and other image storage services.

Without knowing any Chinese you can search for images on by a simple cut and paste of characters. I am sure many of you already manage this just fine: More...

santini47 | Jun 15, 06 | 11:44 am | 7 comments | 16005 views

Asian Soccerbabes!


On I found this great series by Steven Young (although I am not sure Steven actually is the photographer, he may just be placing ad-campaigns!), a team of gorgeous Asian women playing soccer. And the photography/artwork is just stunning! I hope the photographer doesn't mind me placing (almost) the whole set in More, because Flickr seems to be offline a lot lately ('having a massage' as they prefer to call it ;-)) and I wouldn't want you to miss this! I should recommend of course that you visit Steven Young's flickr pages and enjoy all of the great photo's. There is a lot more there!

Ohw, can anyone stranslate the Chinese (or Japanese?) text on the photo's? Maybe it will shed some light on this photoshoot.

UPDATE: These photo's bacame very hot in just a few days! Numerous blogs mentioned them but according to Santini it all started here on this Chinese Esquire blog. More...

Robin Hood | Jun 15, 06 | 3:00 am | 40 comments | 108951 views

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