Tue Oct 18, 2011

Bing Bing


After a reader's request, we've put together this article on Bing Bing. She actually featured back in this article on Yan Feng-Jiao by Travis a while back. I believe Bing Bing to actually be much better looking than the more famous Yan Feng Jiao.

That might be personal opinion but one thing that can't be denied is she's certainly more flexible. Check out some of the moves she's able to pull off! Bing Bing also seems to be one of those models who really loves showing her body off. Her playfulness really shines through in her photos and also the video. More...

Shuai Ge | Oct 18, 11 | 11:28 am | 16 comments | 24630 views

Sun Oct 16, 2011

Melody Quan


Melody Quan is a glamour model from Texas with her own website. She took a break from modeling before coming back and I'm not sure which ones are the before and which are the after, but here some are.


TravisStroup | Oct 16, 11 | 2:52 am | 15 comments | 17743 views

Thu Oct 13, 2011

Celebrity and Model Expo - Sunday, Oct 16, 2011


The following post is a press release, and was not written by Asian Sirens. However, I do think it will be of interest to many of our readers, in case they're bored this Sunday. :-) More...

Dr. Lee | Oct 13, 11 | 10:01 pm | 6 comments | 10979 views

Wed Oct 12, 2011

Erica May


Iím trying to get back into the swing of things and get through this long list that I have of models to write about. Erica May has been on my list of models to write about for almost a month. There are models that have been on my list for several months now, but I got one look at Erica from this photo that was taken by Teban and uploaded to Flickr, and she immediately shot up to the top of my list.

Every once in a while I will see someone whose beauty serves as inspiration for me to stop what write about them, so I hope that you readers like Erica as much as I do.


Candyman | Oct 12, 11 | 4:00 am | 22 comments | 27062 views

Mon Oct 10, 2011

Hou Shi Chen (Mainland Sirens 20)


Bet that picture caught you attention. Hou Shi Chen despite being only 19, has recently been picked up by big name Chinese photographer Nemon who as you can see from the first picture above is really able to do her justice and produce eye catching sexy shots of her that leave you wanting more. More...

Shuai Ge | Oct 10, 11 | 8:52 am | 21 comments | 28392 views

Sat Oct 08, 2011



I don't know if Hu-tieh has the traditional model look and body, but she certainly isn't shy, and these days that's enough to get you far in the industry. I wouldn't be surprised if more photographers started to work with her in the future.


TravisStroup | Oct 08, 11 | 2:41 am | 19 comments | 20137 views

Fri Oct 07, 2011

Michelle Bella

Stripper Exotic Dancer Michelle Bella met Michael Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray at her place of employment, the "social-type club" Speament Rhino in Las Vegas. Michelle was called to testify during Dr. Murray's trial because she was one of the ladies in his harem whom he texted the day he left a drugged-up Jackson alone to die in bed.

As I implied in yesterday's entry, I find nothing humorous about the case of a doctor so derelict in his duties, that it resulted in his patient's death, so I'm not making light of the trial. However, it has turned into quite a media spectacle with an intriguing cast of characters, Miss Bella being one of them, so I am going to place this one under "humor." Oh, yesss.

CEC | Oct 07, 11 | 1:57 am | 13 comments | 6370 views

Thu Oct 06, 2011

Dr. Thao Nguyen

First of all, even though this entry may have a humorus tone, I'm not placing it under the "humor" tag. After all, the reason UCLA Med Center cardiologist, Dr. Thao Nguyen was brought to the media spotlight, was because she testified at the trial of a doctor whose irresponsibility cause the death of his patient, who was one of the greatest entertainers ever.

With that said; I'm not surprised that I'm not the first to have noticed the unique charms and fashion sense of Dr. Nguyen and yes, I'm going to say what I'm sure some of you will be thinking as you watch the above video: It does look like she got that jacket from Michael Jackson's closet.

CEC | Oct 06, 11 | 12:04 am | 6 comments | 4998 views

Tue Oct 04, 2011

Rose Chin (Repost)


Rose Chin is one of those rare models who from the minute of seeing a couple of her photos I was entranced. Trouble being to I found her on Flickr with little more info to go on than her first name. After some detective work however, finally put a full name and background to the face. Only to find she's been posted on before here at AS a few years back!

Unsurprising really that such a beauty wouldn't go unnoticed by the team here, however as she's such a stunner I think she's worth a repost.


Shuai Ge | Oct 04, 11 | 10:58 am | 24 comments | 20101 views

Sun Oct 02, 2011

Danni Davis (?)


So... I have Danni Davis on my list. Now I don't think she's Asian. In fact, I think she may be 100% Caucasian. But I can't tell, and she's a Penthouse model, so I can't put her photos on here. She looks half, and I had to put her on the list for some reason, but for the life of me I can't figure out why. Maybe you can look at the photos in the links below and see what you think. Maybe this is one of those "Jessica Alba" moments.


TravisStroup | Oct 02, 11 | 6:01 pm | 16 comments | 17177 views

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