Fri Aug 27, 2010

Korean Baseball Cheerleaders

Kang Ye-jin

Unlike professional baseball teams in the US, all of the teams in the Korea Baseball Organization have professional cheerleaders stirring up the fans on both sides of the park during games. Above is the captain of the LG Twins squad, Kang Ye-jin, who's currently the best-known baseball cheerleader in Korea and is expected to branch out to other avenues of show biz.

Oh, and despite what Ye-jin's banner reads, her team didn't even make the playoffs last year and are currently in 6th place out of only 8 teams in the KBO, which means at every Twins game she has her work cut out for her. More...

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Wed Aug 25, 2010

Miss Universe 2010


I had no idea that the Miss Universe pageant was being televised on Monday night here in the states. Usually, I donít find out about it until the very last minute and end up missing most of the telecast. This year, I was able to watch a good amount of the pageant and check out the Asian contestants to write this article.


Candyman | Aug 25, 10 | 8:00 am | 37 comments | 26690 views

Sun Aug 22, 2010

Ladie K


Ladie K is an aspiring actress. Based on that one photo above it appears she has a very nice smile, but unfortunately I do not see her use it. Hopefully in her acting career she will use it as a weapon.


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Sat Aug 21, 2010

Kathy Cheow


Kathy Cheow is a model from the Black Alley. She's one of the only models I've seen on the website that the photographer actively tries to make "cute." She doesn't look Thai in my opinion, but apparently she is.


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Wed Aug 18, 2010

Jade Vixen


This quite striking model's name is Jade Vixen, winner of Howard Stern's strongest naked woman contest. I'm not sure what her exact ethnicity is (Taiwanese perhaps?), but I do know that I share her birthday (the 25th of September); unfortunately however, I do not share her taste in music at all (techno, electronic dance music). As as is often the case with fetish models, she has a wide variety of often quite arty photos (this particular image is probably my favourite), many of which I've posted after the jump. More...

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Sat Aug 14, 2010

Asian Cheerleaders of the NFL

Duyen - Houston Texans

The National Football League Kickoff game next month will mark the beginning of the 2010 NFL season, so after checking some of the teams' player rosters for this upcoming season, I decided to check all of the the teams' cheerleader rosters.

Of the 25 NFL teams that have official cheerleading squads (7 teams don't), I did find several Asian ladies among the members, one being Duyen (above), who proudly high kicks and shakes her pom poms for the Houston Texans. More...

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Fri Aug 13, 2010



Although we've featured her before, I thought it would be worth doing this quick post, as she has changed her name from Davon Kim to just the initials DK, and changed her web site as well. Oh, and she's also quite possibly the hottest Filipina I've ever seen (with the possible exception of Lelani Vecina). Her profile has been updated with her new name as well.

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Tue Aug 10, 2010

Teban - Asian Impressions


A while ago while preparing an article for Kitty Cee, I took notice to Teban's work. Teban is the photographer who took one of my favorite photographs of her. As I started to look more into his work, not only was I amazed at the quality of his photography, but also the beauty of the Asian models that he has worked with. Naturally, I wanted to learn more as well as bring some attention to his work, so I am appreciative that he took the time to answer some questions that I had for him.


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Sun Aug 08, 2010

Na Ha-na

Na Ha-na

Unlike most of the top models in Korea these days, 26 year-old Na Ha-na did not gain her popularity from appearing at racing events and car shows. She made her debut three years ago when her mobile photo sets were downloaded to thousands of cell phones and computers across Korea. More...

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Fri Aug 06, 2010

Abby Diaz


Abby Diaz is a professional model from the Philippines. Her photos are unique and interesting, and she stands at a surprising 5'6. She also has a website if you are interested in seeing more.


TravisStroup | Aug 06, 10 | 4:44 am | 18 comments | 16859 views

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