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Brigitte - The Best Tits in Town!

She was subject of a discussion in the Asian Sirens Club recently. She does look Asian, but to be honest I don't think she is. She was born in Spain and is part Spanish and part Brazilian. At the moment she lives in Zürich (Switserland).

Brigitte Photo shoot at Foxes

One day Woody Williams ( received an email with the subject "Interested in new face and body?". Attached to the email were a couple pictures of an awesome-looking blonde with huge breasts. Woody replied back that he was interested but asked where she lived. The blonde emailed back, "Switzerland. Does that matter?". Hell no, she simply went to Arizona on a visit and shoot with Foxes. Currently you will find her in a photo shoot called "Brigitte Naked Leopard".

Brigitte ( Brigitte ( Brigitte (

Busty Brigitte

On December 10, 1999 she launched her official homepage at The website doesn't tell you a lot about Brigitte but one picture says more than thousand words! You will find free photo galleries with great b/w and color photos. On top of that you can watch a 17 secs video clip of a photo shooting. Worth a visit!

Brigitte ( Brigitte ( Brigitte (

How to contact her

You can send Brigitte an email at:

Last Update: January 12, 2000


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Busty Brigitte