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Sakura Sena Sakura Sena - The Japanese Bomb!

Finally I found the Japanese equivalent of Francine Dee. Her name is Sakura Sena. With her blonde hair and measurements (bra size 32FF) she comes close to Francine (33DD-23-33; 5'3"). She is 3 years older but what the heck, she is still young with her 24 years!

Who is Sakura Sena?

Japan has its own big boob cult and Sakura Sena is one of their local babes holding the flag in the boob-job parade. Better late than never, right? For years, the Japanese bust magazines Bachelor and DCup have published photo sets of the American and European big tit models. Of late, Sakura's been making waves, tsunami level waves, of her own in Japan, and the boys over at Tokyo Topless, Asia's #1 adult website, are ga-ga over her.

Sakura Sena was born in Tokyo on January 31, 1975. At the age of 13 years she saw her first foreign adult video and this rocked her world!

Name Sakura Kena
Also known as Shiho Fujiwara, Misaki Karan
Miho Kanda, Miki Kagawa
Date of Birth Januari 31, 1975
Place of Birth Tokyo, Japan
Ethnicity Japanese
Measurements 39(32FF)-23-34"; 5'4"; 108 lbs
In October of 1994, she made her video debut in Kaikin as Shiho Fujiwara. Shiho's style was innocent, shy but lusty! In May 1995, Shiho Fujiwara exploded onto the stage in her strip debut. In October 1995, she started posing as Shiho Fujiwara for the SM magazine Bishojo SM Sashinsu. From October to December 1998, she also worked under the name of Misaki Karan. In May of 1999 she decided to stop her SM career as Shiho Fujiwara. Till that time she performed in 69 videos as Shiho Fujiwara (you might also find some videos wherein she is credit as Miho Kanda or Miki Kagawa.

Sena Sakura will entering the new millennium under her new name. I truly believe that her name will rise up like a phoenix and burn forever more. Watch out for this Japanese bomb!!!


Bishojo SM Sashinshu (Japan), October 1995 (aka Shiho Fujiwara)
Bachelor (Japan), November 1999
Bachelor (Japan), December 1999
Score (USA), December 1999

Shukan Taishu (Japan), (soon to be released)
Top Video (Japan), (soon to be released)
Takarajima (Japan), (soon to be released)

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Selected Pictorial

Shiho Fujiwara (photography: unknown)

Sakura Sena (photography: Takao Kudo)

Please send an e-mail to ThaNirz if you can tell me something more about Sakura Sena, thanks!

Last Update: September 25, 2002


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Sakura Sena