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Error in Judgement

Error in Judgement The tense psychological thriller, directed by Scott Levy, Error in Judgement (with stars Joe Mantegna, Kate Jackson, and Sung Hi Lee) has been released on video and has recently be broadcasted in France (TF1), Germany (ARD), and the US.


Psychologist, Dr. Liz Harper (Joanna Pacula) is presented with a convenient opportunity when a new patient, Toni (Sung Hi Lee), is also an exceptionally talented artist. Eager to help her husband, Eric (Joe Mantegna), and their deteriorating marriage, Liz refers her patient to Eric's struggling art gallery. Before long, Toni becomes the gallery's greatest discovery.

The referral is soon regretted by Liz, when during a therapy session, Toni reveals she is having an affair with Eric, and that he plans to murder his wife - Liz! Although comforting herself by concentrating on Toni's warped imagination, Liz hires a private detective to investigate her husband and his supposed mistress. When the detective is brutally murdered, Liz realises she has made an error in judgment, and is forced to fight for survival, and the truth.

Error in Judgment Error in Judgment Error in Judgment

Toni (Sung Hi Lee) in Error in Judgment


This film features a competent cast: Joe Mantegna as an apparent nice-guy art dealer with a shadowy past; the rangy, smoky-eyed Joanna Pacula as a soft-voiced psychotherapist; and hardbody Sung Hi Lee as a struggling, possibly disturbed young artist. The movie is shot like an erotic thriller, but there is essentially no sex (although Lee has a prolonged solo nude scene). ERROR IN JUDGMENT is really more of psycho-thriller, with much of the action related in third person by Lee to Pacula. The buildup is rather slow, but the writer does successfully keep you guessing until the final few minutes. After all that the resolution is somewhat rushed and cursory, but most will find the ending satisfying. The film would have benefited by more heat between Pacula and Mantegna, who seem a little mismatched romantically, she an exotic, distant persona, and he more of an affable everyman.

Ed Uthman

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Error in Judgement Error in Judgement Error in Judgement

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